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Knygos Knygos
" Doth close behind him tread. But soon there breathed a wind on me, Nor sound nor motion made: Its path was not upon the sea, In ripple or in shade. It raised my hair, it fanned my cheek Like a meadow-gale of spring — It mingled strangely with my fears,... "
The Boy's Second Help to Reading– A Selection of Choice Passages from ... - 177 psl.
autoriai: Theodore Alors W. Buckley - 1854 - 312 psl.
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Coleridge, Form and Symbol, Or The Ascertaining Vision

Nicholas Reid - 2006 - 216 psl.
...inspiration, it is also the wind which returns the ship and the Mariner to the community from which he fell: Oh! dream of joy! is this indeed The light-house top...hill? is this the kirk? Is this mine own countree? (1.464). Restored to the borders of community and kirk, it is in the harbour that the Mariner has the...
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