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Knygos Knygos
" But I have sinuous shells, of pearly hue Within, and they that lustre have imbibed In the sun's palace porch; where when unyoked His chariot wheel stands midway in the wave. Shake one, and it awakens, then apply Its polished lips to your attentive ear,... "
The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine - 612 psl.
redagavo - 1892
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Etruscan Roman Remains

Charles Godfrey Leland - 2007 - 400 psl.
...appearance which is supposed to bewilder the evil eye.1 THE SPELL OF THE SHELL AND THE TONE OF THE STONE " Shake one and it awakens, then apply Its polished...august abodes, And murmurs as the ocean murmurs there." ' This chapter on tie salagrana, somewhat extended, was read as a paper before the Oriental Congress...
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