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2. THE FATHER AND DAUGHTER; a Tale, by Mrs. OPIE. The Second Edition, with a Frontifpiece. Price 4s. 6d. boards.

"The pleasures of melancholy are fuited only to minds of uncommon fufceptibility,-to thofe perfons who may be faid to have a fympathetic tafte for diftrefs; and from readers of this clafs, the tale of woe now before us will meet with peculiar acceptance. For ourselves, we own that we have been truly affected by the perufal of it, fince it is replete with intereft, and poffeffes pathos enough to affe&t the heart of the most callous of critical readers." Monthly Rev. June 1801.

"We are by no means furprised that this work should have paffed through the first edition, before we had an opportunity of ftating our opinion of its merits. Seldom have we met with any combination of incidents, real or imaginary, which poffeffed more of the deeply pathetic. The moral inculcated by this tale is feriously impreffive, It exhibits, in the most affecting point of view, the mifery confequent upon the illicit indulgence of the paffions; and the effect of the awful leffon which it teaches, is not impaired by any intermixture of levity of dialogue, or pruriency of description. The ftyle of the Authorefs is elegant and correct; free from ambitious ornament, and never degenerating into colloquial negligence."

Critical Review, May 1802,

3. LETITIA; or, a CASTLE without a SPECTRE. By Mrs. HUNTER of NORWICH. 4 vols. Price 11. is. boards.

"The author poffeffes confiderable merit as a writer, as well as an obferver of human life and manners. Her difcriminations are just and accurate." Britife Critic, Dec. 1801. "This is one of the very few novels which, in point of moral and religious tendency, demand from us an unqualified recommendation to every clafs of readers."

Anti-Jacobin Rev. Jan. 1802.

4. THE HISTORY of the GRUBTHORPE FAMILY, or, the Old Bachelor and his Sifter Penelope. By the Author of LETITIA. 3 vele. 12mo. Price 13s. 6d. boards.

5. A SERIES of NOVELS, from the French of Madame de GENLIS, in 4 vols. 12mo. Price 185. boards.

"Thefe volumes are felected from the Bibliothèque des Ro. mans, and contain fuch of that collection as were contributeld by Madame de Genlis. That much adimired author is too well known, and has been too much praised, to require another teftimony from us. If the tribe of novelifts would be careful to write after nature, and keep her and fome other excellent models in their eye, we fhould not be reduced to the unpleafant neceffity of condemning, as we are now forced to do, nineteen in twenty of the books that go under the title of novels." Crit. Rev.

6. The RIVAL MOTHERS; or, CALUMNY: a Novel, tranflated from the French of Madame de GENLIS, in 4 large vols. 12mo. Price 18s. fewed.

"The literary reputation of Madame de Genlis is fo well eftablished, that the public are readily difpcfed to anticipate pleafure from every new production of her cultivated mind; and we have fatisfaction in acknowledging, after having perused the volume before us, that disappointment has not superfeded expectation.

The narrative of the novel is pleasing and interefting, the ftyle of these letters is sprightly and animated, bidding defiance to the foul fiend Ennui." Monthly Rev. 08, 1801.

7. FOLLIES of FASHION; a Dramatic Novel, 3 vols. Price 13s. 6d. boards.


9 The HISTORY of RINALDO RINALDINI, CAPTAIN of BANDITTI; tranflated from the German of VULVIUS, by J. HINCKLEY, Efq. In 3 vols. Price 10s. 6d. boards.

"This celebrated history had an unexampled fale throughout Germany, where many large editions were printed in the

cow fe

courfe of a few months. The Adventures of Rinaldini, a real character, who lived in the early part of the prefent century, are truly furprifing, and almost incredible. The author poffeffes all the fire and fpirit of the German writers, and if we are now and then struck with improbabilities, bordering on fiction, we are often delighted with deeds of heroifm and courage, not unworthy of a greater name than this daring Captain of Banditti." Monthly Mirror, Nov. 1800.

10. RIMUALDO; or, the CASTLE of BADAJos; a Romance, by W. H. IRELAND. 4 vo's. 14s.


"This is by no means an uninteresting story, nor ill told; and if its author, quitting the path of literary deception, can con tent himself with the humble fame of a novel writer, his inv、n. tion and industry will entitle him to a refpectable rank.”

European Mag 02. 1800.

11. ASTONISHMENT! a ROMANCE of A CENTURY AGO. By FRANCIS LATHOM, Efq. Author of "Men and Manners,” “ Mystery," Midnight Bell," &c. In 2 volumes, 12mo. Price 9s. boards.

12. MEMOIRS of a FAMILY in SWISSERLAND, founded on Facts. In 4 volumes, Price 148. boards.

This story has a claim to much more praife than it is in our power to beflow on the greater part of the novels that come before us. There is a great deal of virtuous fentiment breathed throughout the work; and the youth.ful Gertrude is an amiable character." Critical Rev. 08, 1802.

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