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A joyous exuberance is the dominating become widely known. "The Little Lady quality; the tragic note, the eccentric, the of the Sea," purchased by Robert Huntpessimistic, is seldom the inspiration of ington for his Pasadena estate, is a really their modeling. Instead, the outcome of delightful conception. It is a fountainwoman's mental emancipation is expressed figure, standing with dripping seaweed in figures dancing with joy in new-found held high above her head, reveling in freedom, piping in sheltered nooks of a the glistening water that streams upon shady garden, or, stretched in quiet con- her lithe body. So lovely is this little lady tentment, musing with an unwonted se- that Mr. Trask, the art director of the riousness. The subjects are nearly always Panama-Pacific Exposition, requested the of youth; they are creatures of joyous loan of it, together with a group of sevimagination and superb vitality. Women eral others of Miss Scudder's fountainare growing out of their somewhat re- figures and terra-cotta heads, to fill an stricted preoccupation with sweet domestic entire room in the Fine Arts Building at cares, childhood and its innocent happen- San Francisco. Perhaps never before had ings, and are reaching forward to a differ- the sculpture of one woman been accorded ent point of vision, from which they see so much space in an exposition. It was an that new worlds await them-worlds of unusual honor, and came unsought. exhilarating atmosphere, of beauty of a Miss Scudder is an Indiana woman rarer order, and of a serenity that comes who, after receiving her preliminary trainnot from sheltered protection, but from ing in this country, studied for several a vigorous spirit that has dared venture years in Paris under MacMonnies. She forth into the unknown, and has con- has been living in Ville-d'Avray, near quered by its own strength.

Paris, where she has a studio. Out in the The fountains of Janet Scudder have walled garden, in the brilliant sunlight,

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Detail from “ Arabian Nights Fountain,” by Edith Woodman Burroughs


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The Titanic Memorial, by Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney. (To be erected in Washington)

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the models are posed, so that the artist tion. One, “The Fountain of Youth,” may work in the surroundings in which which was in the Court of Flowers, shows the sculpture will be placed when the a figure of a young girl treated with the fountain is completed. Miss Scudder's utmost simplicity and sympathy. The enfountains are filled with the pagan joy of tire architectural arrangement - the founlife; her children and young maidens are tain is a mural one-is happy, and oversylvan spirits that overflow with joy and flows with the spirit of youth. "The Aravitality

bian Nights Fountain" is redolent with Edith

Woodman Burroughs has imagination of “The Thousand and One achieved distinction in her two large Nights." There are fancy, humor, naïveté, fountains for the Panama-Pacific Exposi- and the youthful love of story-telling,

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CULPTURE has never been thought changes that are taking place in ideals, in

a medium particularly feminine; that thought, and in mode of living are being so many women should recently have reflected in the quality of work accomchosen it for their own is significant. plished by women. As surely as the old Form, the chief appeal of sculpture, has shackles are being cast off, a new creativeformerly been considered the weakest ness is to be discerned in their artistic part of woman's artistic equipment; while work. Freedom, the creative impulse, and she has been accorded a feeling for color, joy are always of divine heritage; they the most emotional element in art, her are the essentials of great art. That feeling for form has previously lain in women sculptors are now blazing this abeyance. But it now seems that the vital path can clearly be seen, I think.

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