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The First PART.

What Confirmation was in the days

of the Apostles.


"HAP. I. The Occasion of this Discourse.

The Division of it. A brief Account of

the Apoftolick Confirmation, and of its being Ordaind of God.

II. The Apostolick Confirmation more Distincta ly consider'd. The Form or Manner of it.

III. The Grace given by the Apostolick Confirmation.

IV. The End for which the Grace of Confirmation

was given. The Neceffty of it. V. Who were to be Confirm'd. The want of Confirmation not supplied by the Lord's Supper. The Confirmation of Hypocrites and Ignorant

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VI. The Sum of the First Part.


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The Second PART.

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That the same Confirmation that was

in the days of the Apostles, is Ordain'd of God to Continue to the End of the world.

cil THAP. I. The Design and Need of Confirmation never Ceases

. II. Confirmation one of the First Fundamental Principles that continue for ever.

III. The Grace of. Confirmation Promisod to all Christians to the End of the World; and declar'd in the Scripture to be Given (in the Ordinary way) only in Confirmation by Laying on of hands.

IV. Confirmation Commanded.

V. The Doctrine of the Primitive Church concerning Confirmation.

VI. The Sum of the Primitive Doctrine.

VII. The Doctrine of the Church of England concerning Confirmation.

VIII. Calvin's Confeffion concerning Confirmation.

IX. Confirmation no Sacrament,


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The Third PART. The Honour due to Confirmation. YHAP. I. Conßderations to move us to give

a due Honour to Confirmation. II. The Honour to be paid to Confirmation by those that Receive it; and First, in their Preparation of Knowledge and Pračtice.

III. The Immediate Preparation.

IV. The Behaviour of Persons Confirm'd in their Confirmation.

V. The Diligent Care after.

VI. The Honour due to Confirmation from those that are to Prepare for it the Souls committed to their Charge. And First, the Duty of Parents and Masters in Instruction. The Necessity of the Strict Observation of the Lord's Day, and other Holy Days for the fame InstruEtión. The Duty of School-masters.

VII. The Duty of Ministers in Instruction. The Necessity of their Catechizing every Sunday and other Holy Day, and also Every day.

VIII. The Duty of Godfathers and Godmothers in Instruktion. Of the Means of bringing all to do their Duty therein.

IX. The Honour due to Confirmation, in Presenting to the Bishop those that are Prepard for it. None to be admitted to the Holy Communion, that refuse to be Confirm’d.

X. The

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The First PART.

What Confirmation was in the days of

the Apostles.

CHAP. I. The Occasion of this Discourse. The Division of it:

A brief Account of the Apostolick Confirmation, and of its being Ordain'd of God.

Ltho' nothing is more Evident in the Holy
Scriptures, than that Confirmation is the Ore

dinary Means, whereby God gives to all A

Christians to the End of the world, their Share of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, which was given to the Apostles on the Day of

Pentecuft: Yet this the Means of fo Inestima, ble a Grace, a Grace reserv'd for the Honour of Christ's Kings dom *, ever since the Fall of mankind, is lightly efteem'd; and either wholly neglected and despis'd, as an indifferent thing ordain'd only by man; or usd in such manner, as rather Grieves the Holy Spirit, than obtains any Benefit from him.

It shall therefore be the business of this Discourse, with God's assistance, to endeavour to vindicate the High and Holy Dignity of this Ordinance, from the mean opinion and contempt that are cast upon it; by shewing

First, What it was in the days of the Apostles:

Secondly, That the Same is Ordaind of God to continue to the End of the world: and

Thirdly, What is the Honour due to it.

What it was in the time of the Apostles, is thew'd Afts 8. 14, &c. When the Apostles which were at Jerusalem, heard that Samaria bad received the word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John. Who when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost. (For as yet he was fallen

John 7. 39. Soe Ch. 4 of this part,

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