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Kent. I have a journey, fir, fhortly to go; My mafter calls, and I must not say, noi.


Alb. The weight of this fad time we must obey,
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to fay.
The oldest hath born most; we that are young,
Shall never fee fo much, nor live fo long.

"[Exeunt with a dead march.

h So the qu's; the reft calls me, I must not, &c.

i Here all but the qu's and H. make Kent die. But this direction is juftly left out; for Kent only declines the share in the government offered him by Albany, on account of his age: how unexpectedly and aukwardly would he die, after faying only, he had a journey shortly to go, and without bidding farewel, or discovering any symptoms of death.

k The fo's and R. give this fpeech to Edgar.

1 The two laft lines, as they stand, are filly and falfe; and are only inferted that any one may alter them for the better if he can. H. has not made them a jot better by the following alteration,

The oldest bath born moft; we that are young

Shall never fee fo much, live c'er fo long.

The qu's read have for bath.

This direction is not in the qu's.


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