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humours foothed by feminine foftnefs, than of offering at the fhrine of feminine fufceptibility thofe attentions which fit the bridal ftate.

The fenfibility of lady Monteith's difpofition prevented her from viewing the defects in her lord with the indif ference which a mind of common refinement would have experienced. But to the qualities of refinement and fenfibility, fo generally fatal to female peace, Geraldine united a strong attachment to her husband, natural sweetness of temper, and correct notions of the human character, derived from her early intimacy with Mrs. Evans. The precepts of that excellent monitrefs, now ftrengthened by conviction of their propriety, frequently recurred to her mind, prevented her from adopting the language of complaint, opened her eyes to the agreeable part of her fituation,

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and transferred her attention to what her own duty required from her, till native complacency and habitual affection reftored all the fprightly energies of her mind.

Under her prefiding influence Monteith caftle realized to the idea of every beholder the delightful vifion of Spenfer's Bower of Blifs, governed by a Una inftead of an Acrafia. Magnificence was united with urbanity, hofpitality was gilded by elegance, while the prefiding enchantrefs foftened her enviable fuperiority in beauty, wealth, wit, and talents, by the inoft unaffecting condefcenfion, and amiable attention to the accommodation of her guests. If her tafte in drawing extorted admiration from those young ladies who were just trying to acquire the rudiments of the fcience, the pain of that fentiment was immediately foftened by her ready offer


of furnishing them with crayons, pencils, fubjects to copy fuperior to what the country afforded, or affiftance from the mafter who occafionally attended her. Her tuneful voice and magic touch could not be imparted; but fhe had fongs and mufic books at every one's fervice, and she was very willing to affift in affording all the mechanical aid which that enchanting fcience admits, She had acquired a knowledge of all fashionable works, and here again instruction and materials only waited to be required. Her library, her confervatory, and her hot-houfe attracted general attention, and transfufed general pleafure, because their refpe&ive treafures were not kept merely to gratify the oftentation of the poffeffor, but were permitted to impart their mental riches and odoriferous fweets to any who wished to read a book or cultivate

an off-fet. Adhering to the rule, that beauty is best attired when robed by fimple elegance, fhe had no temptation to be guilty of the temerity of attracting envy by the fplendor of her ornaments; and the expence fpared from her own drefs was employed in judicious presents to thofe of her young friends whofe circumstances would ill fupport the coft of genteel appearance. To crown this fair affemblage of complacent graces, her exquifitely playful wit, while it dazzled by its brilliancy, prevented by its inoffenfive fweetnefs the moft irritable mind from charging it with farcaftic feverity.

Her village flourished. She had named it James-town, in honour of her lord, to whofe liberality fhe properly referred every improvement of which she was the directing foul. The neighbouring peafantry were emulous

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to become inhabitants of a spot which poffeffed fo many local advantages; and a fpirit of order and improvement was gradually introduced. The melancholy highlander no longer watched his fewftarved sheep on the bleak mountain, and for want of occupation foothed his forrows with a bagpipe. One of his younger boys perfor medthat offi ce, while he earned bread for his infants. and health for himself," in shaping the green alleys of Monteith, covering the bleak mountains with plantations of Scotch pine and American oak, or digging the foundations of the new buildings, which were continually added to James-town. Beside a neat edifice appropriated to divine worship, it poffeffed a carpet-manufactory, a spinning-room, a village-school, and a market-house. Perfons properly qualified were placed at the head of each inftitution, and the taste


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