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throngh EUROPE and the EAST, during the years 1824 to 1840. By P. D'. Holthaux, from Werdohl in Westphalia. Translated from the Third German Edition, by William Howitt, author of "The Rural and Social Life of Germany," etc. Foolscap óvo. with Portrait of


From the Unpublished MS. of Dr. Cornelius. By William Howitt. 8vo. with 24 Wood

Engravings, and 7 Steel Plates, 218. cloth.

A Popular History of the Treatment of the Natives, in all their Colonies, by the Europeans.

By William Howitt. Post 8vo. 105.6d, cloth. HOWITT.-THE BOY'S COUNTRY BOOK:

Being the real Life of a Country Boy, written by Himself; exhibiting all the Amusements, Pleasures, and Pursuits of Children in the Country. Edited by William Howitt, author of

The Rural Life of England," etc. 2d Edition. Fcap. 8vo. with 40 Woodcuts, 88. cloth. HOWITT (RICHARD).--IMPRESSIONS OF AUSTRALIA FELIX,

During a Four Years' Residence in that Colony: with particular reference to the Prospects of Emigrants. With Notes of a Voyage round the World, Australian Poems, etc. By

Richard Howitt. Foolscap 8vo 78. cloth.

Or, Guide to the choice of Professions, Employments, and Situations, containing useful and practical information on the subject of placing out Young Men, and of obtaining their Education with a view to particular occupations. By J. C. Hudson, Esq., author of "Plain

Directions for Making Wills.” Fcap. 8vo. 58. cloth.

In Conformity with the Law, and particularly with reference to the Act 7 Wm. IV. and 1 Vict. c. 26. To which is added, a clear Exposition of the Law relating to the Distribution of Personal Estate in the case of Intestacy; with two Forms of Wills, and much useful Information, etc. By J. C. Hudson, Esq. 13th Edition, corrected, with Notes of Cases judicially decided

since the above Act came into operation. Fcap. 8vo. 29. 6d. HUDSON.- THE EXECUTOR'S GUIDE.

By J. C. Hudson, Esq., of the Legacy Duty Office, London: author of “Plain Directions for Making Wills,” and “The Parent's Hand-Book.” 4th Edition. Foolscap 8vo.5s.cloth.

.* The above two works may be had in One volume, price 78. cloth. HUMPHREYS.-THE ILLUMINATED BOOKS OF THE MIDDLE ACES.

A History of Illuminated Books, from the IVth to the XVIIth Century. By Henry Noel Humphreys. Illustrated by a Series of Specimens, consisting of an entire Page, of the exact size of the Original, from the most celebrated and splendid MSS. in the Imperial and Royal Libraries of Vienna, Moscow, Paris, Naples, Copenhagen, and Madrid ;-- from the Vatican, Escurial, Ambrosian, and other great Libraries of the Continent;- and from the rich Public, Collegiate, and Private Libraries of Great Britain ; superbly printed in Gold,

Silver, and Colours. In course of publication, in Parts. Parts 1 and 2, cach containing Three Plates, with Descrip

tions, Imperial Quarto, splendidly printed, in gold, silver, and colours, in imitation of the

originals, as accurate as can be produced by mechanical means, price 128. Large Paper, on Half Imperial (21 in. by 15), to prevent

folding the large Plates, 21s. Śix Parts to form a Volume, Four Volumes completing the work. HUNT.-RESEARCHES ON LICHT:

An Examination of all the Phenomena connected with the Chemical and Molecular Changes produced by the Influence of the Solar Rays; embracing all the known Photographic Processes, and new Discoveries in the Art. By Robert Hunt, Secretary of the Royal Cornwall

Polytechnic Society. 8vo. with Plate and Woodcuts, 108.6d. cloth. ILLUMINATED CALENDAR (TKE).-THE ILLUMINATED CALENDAR and HOME

DIARY for 1846; containing 12 pages of fac-simile from the Calendar of the rich Missal of the Duke of Anjou, styled King of Sicily and Jerusalem ; also 24 pages of Diary, each illuminated with an elaborate Border taken from the same MS.; and an illuminated Title. The binding designed from the framework of one of the miniature pictures of the same MS.

Imperial 8vo. 428. bound in an appropriate ornamental cover.- In the press. ** The elaborate Got traceries of this MS. form one of the finest monuments of the art of illuminating. It was executed towards the close of the fourteenth century, more than a century earlier than the Hours of Anne of Brittany," which formed the subject of the Calendar for 1844; and in style and execution it exhibits a totally different style of art from that work.

*.* The Illuminated Calendar and Home Diary, for 1845; copied from the Manuscript of the Hours of Anne of Brittany." Imp. 8vo. in emblazoned printing and binding, 428. JACKSON-PICTORIAL FLORA;

Or, British Botany Delineated, in 1500 Lithographic Drawings of all the Species of Flowering Plants indigenous to Great Britain ; illustrating the descriptive works on English Botany of Hooker, Lindley, Smith, etc. By Miss Jackson. 8vo. 158. cloth.


and of various Events connected therewith, which occurred during the Reign of Edward III.

King of England. By G. P. R. James, Esq. 2d Edition. 2 vols. foolscap 8vo.with Map, 158. cl. JAMES. -LIVES OF THE MOST EMINENT FOREIGN STATESMEN.

By G.P. R. James, Esq., and E. E. Crowe, Esq. 5 vols.foolscap 8vo. with Vignette Titles.


Comprising Discourses on the Liturgy and Principles of the United Church of England and Ireland ; Critical and other Tracts; and a Speech delivered in the House of Peers in 1824. By John Jebb, D.D.F.R S., Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe. 2d Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 248. cloth.

By the same Author, PASTORAL INSTRUCTIONS, on the Character and Principles of the Church of England.

Selected from his former Publications. A New Edition. Foolscap 8vo. 68. cloth. JEBB (BISHOP) AND KNOX (ALEXANDER).-THIRTY YEARS' COR

RESPONDENCE between John Jebb, D.D.F.R.S., Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert, Aghadoe and Alexander Knox, Esq., M.R.I.A. Edited by the Rev. Charles Forster, B.D. Rector of Stisted, Essex, and one of the Six Preachers in the Cathedral of Christ, Canterbury, formerly

Domestic Chaplain to Bishop Jebb. 2d Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 288. cloth. LORD JEFFREY.- CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE EDINBURGH REVIEW.

By Francis Jeffrey, now one of the Judges in the Court of Session in Scotland. 4 vols. 8vo.


And DICTIONARY of RURAL AFFAIRS: embracing all the recent Discoveries in Agricultural Chemistry; adapted to the comprehension of unscientific Readers. By Cuthbert W. Johnson, Esq., F.R.S. Barrister-at-Law, Corresponding Member of the Agricultural Society of Königsberg, and of the Maryland Horticultural Society, author of several of the Prize Essays of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, and other Agricultural Works; Editor of the "Farmer's Almanack," etc. I thick vol. 8vo. illustrated by Wood Engravings

of the best and most improved Agricultural Implements. 21. 108.cloth. KANE.-THE INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES OF IRELAND.

By Robert Kane, M.D. Secretary to the Council of the Royal Irish Academy, Professor of Natural Philosophy to the Royal Dublin Society, and of Chemistry to the Apothecaries'

Hall of Ireland. 2d Edition, Post 8vo. 78 cloth. KANE.-ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY;

Including the most Recent Discoveries and Applications of the Science to Medicine and Pharmacy, and to the Arts. By Robert Kane, M.D.M.R.I.A. Professor of Natural Philosophy

to the Royal Dublin Society. 8vo. with 236 Woodcuts, 248. cloth. KATER AND LARDNER.-A TREATISE ON MECHANICS.

By Captain Kater and Dr. Lardner. New Edition. Foolscap 8vo. Vignette Title, and

19 Plates, comprising 224 distinct figures, 68. cloth. KEIGHTLEY.-OUTLINES OF HISTORY,

From the Earliest Period. By Thomas Keightley, Esq. New Edition, corrected and con

siderably improved. Foolscap 8vo., 68. cloth; or 68. 6d. bound. KEON (M. G.)-A HISTORY OF THE JESUITS,

Literary, Social, and Political, from the Birth of Ignatius Loyola to the present time, By

Miles Gerald Keon. 8vo.- Preparing for publication. KIRBY AND SPENCE.-AN INTRODUCTION TO ENTOMOLOGY;

Or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects: comprising an account of noxious and useful Insects, of their Metamorphoses, Food, Stratagems, Habitations, Societies, Motions, Noises, Hybernation, Instinct, etc. By W. Kirby, M.A.F.R.S. & L.S. Rector of Barham and w. Spence, Esq., F.R.S. & L.S. 6th Edition, corrected and considerably enlarged.

2 vols. 8vo. ll. lls.6d. cloth. The first two volumes of the Introduction to Entomology" are now published as a separate work, distinct from the third and fourth volumes, and, though much enlarged, at a considerable reduction of price, in order that the numerous class of readers who confine their study of insects to that of their manners and economy, need not be burthened with the cost of the technical portion of the work relating to their anatomy, physiology, etc. KNAPP.-CRAMINA BRITANNICA;

Or, Representations of the British Grasses: with Remarks and occasional Descriptions. By I; L. Knapp, Esq. F.L.S. & A.S. 2d Edition. 4to. with 118 Plates, beautifully coloured,


Of Dublin, M.R.1.A.; containing Essays, chiefly explanatory, of Christian Doctrine; and Confidential Letters, with Private Papers, illustrative of the Writer's Character, Sentiments,

and Life. 3d Edition. 4 vols. 8vo. 21. gs. cloth. LAING.--NOTES ON THE SCHISM FROM THE CHURCH OF ROME,

called the GERMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, instituted by J. Ronge and I. Czerzki, in October 1844, on occasion of the Pilgrimage to the Holy Coat at Treves. By S. Laing, Esq., author of “Notes of a Traveller,” “ The Chronicles of the Kings of Norway," etc. Fcap. 8vo. 58. cloth.

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From the Earliest Period of the History of the Northern Sea Kings to the Middle of the Twelfth Century, commonly called the 'Heimskringla. Translated from the Icelandic of Snorro Sturleson, with Notes, and a Preliminary Discourse, by Samuel Laing, author of

“Notes of a Traveller,” etc. 3 vols. 8vo. 368. cloth. LAING.-A TOUR IN SWEDEN

In 1838; comprising Observations on the Moral, Political and Economical State of the Swedish

Nation. By Samuel Laing, Esq. 8vo. 12s. cloth. LAING.-NOTES OF A TRAVELLER

On the Social and Political State of France, Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of

Europe, during the present Century. By Samuel Laing, Esq. 2d Édition. 8vo. 168. cloth. LAING.—JOURNAL OF A RESIDENCE IN NORWAY

During the years 1834, 1835, and 1836; made with a view to inquire into the Rural and Political Economy of that Country, and the Condition of its Inhabitants. By Samuel Laing, Esq.

2d Edition. 8vo. 14s. cloth. LARDNER'S CABINET CYCLOPÆDIA;

Comprising a Series of Original Works on History, Biography, Literature, the Sciences, Arts,

and Manufactures. Conducted and edited by Dr. Lardner. The Series complete in One Hundred and Thirty-three Volumes, 391. 188. (One Volume

remains to be published.) The Works separate, 66. per volume. LARDNER.-A TREATISE ON ARITHMETIC.

By Dr. Lardner, LL.D.F.R.S. Foolscap 8vo. with Vignette Title, 6s. cloth. LARDNER AND WALKER.-A MANUAL ON ELECTRICITY, MAG

NETISM, and METEOROLOGY. By Dr. Lardner, LL.D. F.R.S., and C. V. Walker,

Secretary of the Electrical Society. 2 vols. foolscap 8vo., with Vignette Titles, 128. cloth. LARDNER.-A TREATISE ON GEOMETRY,

And its Application to the Arts. By Dr. Lardner. Foolscap 8vo. with Vignette Title, and

upwards of 200 figures, 68. cloth. LARDNER.-ARTRÉATISE ON HEAT.

By Dr. Laraner, LL.D. etc. Fcap. 8vo. with Vignette Title and Woodcuts, 6s.cloth. LARDNER.-A TREATISE ON HYDROSTATICS AND PNEUMATICS.

By Dr. Lardner. New Edition. Foolscap oro. 68. cloth. LECTURES ON POLARISED LIGHT,

Delivered by Dr. Pereira, before the Pharmaceutical Society, and in the Medical School of

the London Hospital. 8vo. illustrated by above 50 Woodcuti, 5s.6d. cloth. L. E. L.—THE POETICAL WORKS OF LETITIA ELIZABETH LANDON.

New Edition, 4 vols. foolscap 8vo. with Illustrations by Howard, etc. 285. cloth; or bound in morocco, with gilt edges, 21. 48.

The following Works separately:The IMPROVISATRICE

. 108. 6d. The GOLDEN VIOLET . 108. 6d. The VENETIAN BRACELET : |

108. 6d. LEE.-TAXIDERMY;

Or, the Art of Collecting, Preparing, and Mounting Objects of Natural History. For the use of Museums and Travellers. By Mrs. R. Lee (formerly Mrs. T. E. Bowdich), author of Memoirs of Cuvier," etc. 6th Edition, improved, with an account of a Visit to Walton Hall, and Mr. Waterton's method of Preserving Animals. Fcap. 8vo. with Wood Engravings,


For the Use of Schools and Young Persons: comprising the Principles of Classification, interspersed with amusing and instructive original Accounts of the most remarkable Animals By Mrs. R. Lee (formerly Mrs. T. E. Bowdich), author of “Taxidermy," "Memoirs of

Cuvier," etc. 12mo. with 55 Woodcuts, 7s.6d. bound.

Or, their Importance and Influence in Health and Disease. By Sir George Lefevre, M.D.
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, late Physician to the British Embassy at the
Court of St. Petersburgh, etc.; author of “The Life of a Travelling Physician," "Thermal

Comfort," etc. Post Svo. 98. cloth.

Containing a copious Account of all the Proper Names mentioned in Ancient Authors; with the Value of Coins, Weights, and Measures, used amongst the Greeks and Romans; and a

Chronological Table. By T. Lemprière, D.D. 20th Edition, corrected. 8vo. 9s. cloth. LESLIE(C.R.)-MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF JOHN CONSTABLE, ESQ.

R.A. Composed chiefly of his Letters. By C.R. Leslie, R. A. Second Edition, with further Extracts from his Correspondence. Small 4to. with two Portraits (one from a new Sketch,

by Mr. Leslie, and a plate of“ Spring," engraved by Lucas). 218. cloth. "Got up in a peculiar, antique, and handsome munner, congenial to, and worthy of, the subject. The world at large will find much to entertain and instruct in this interesting biography; artists and amateurs in particular will derive great instruction, and every class of readers useful intelligence and agreeable amusement. Mr. Leslie has performed his task with infinite taste and discrimination; giving the opinions of a competent authority upon the productions of his contemporary and friend, and bringing out the remarkable qualities and estimable points of poor Constable's amiable private character in every relation of life with unaffected simplicity and consequent effect."--Literary Gazette.



From his first Introduction to Practice ; including Twenty Years' Wanderings throughout

the greater part of Europe. 3 vols. post 8vo. with coloured Frontispieces, 31s. 6d. cloth. LINDLEY. INTRODUCTION TO BOTANY.

By Prof.J. Lindley, Ph.D.F.R.S.L.S. etc. 3d Edition (1839), with Corrections and consider

able Additions, 8vo. with Six Plates and numerous Woodcuts, 188. cloth. LINDLEY.-FLORA MEDICA ;

A Botanical Account of all the most important Plants used in Medicine in different Parts of

the World. By John Lindley, Ph.D.F.R.S. etc. 8vo. 188. cloth. LINDLEY.-A SYNOPSIS OF THE BRITISH FLORA,

Arranged according to the Natural Orders. By Professor John Lindley, Ph. D., F.R.S., etc. Third Edition, with numerous Additions, Corrections, and Improvements. 12mo. 10s. 6d.


Or, an Attempt to Explain the Principal Operations of Gardening upon Physiological Principles. By John Lindley, Ph.D.F.R.S. 8vo. with Nlustrations on Wood, 123. cloth. This book is written in the hope of providing the intelligent gardener, and the scientific amateur, correctly, with the rationalia of the more important operations of Horticnlture; and the author has endeavoured to preseni to his readers an intelligible explanation, founded upon well ascertained facts, which they can judge of by their own means of observation, of ihe general nature of vegetable actions, and of the

causes which, while

they control the powers of life in plants, are capable of being regulated by themselves. The possession of such knowledge will necessarily teach them how to improve their methods of cultivation, and lead them to the discovery of new and better modes. LINDLEY.-GUIDE TO THE ORCHARD AND KITCHEN GARDEN;

Or, an Account of the most valuable Fruits and Vegetables cultivated in Great Britain : with Kalendars of the Work required in the Orchard and Kitchen Garden during every month in

the Year. By George Lindley, C.M.H.S. Edited by Professor Lindley. 8vo. 168. boards. LLOYD.-A TREATISE ON LIGHT AND VISION,

By the Rev. H. Lloyd, M.A., Fellow of Trin. Coll. Dublin. 8vo. 58. boards. LORIMER.- LETTERS TO A YOUNG MASTER MARINER,

On some Subjects connected with his Calling. By Charles Lorimer. 3d edition. 12mo.

with an Appendix, 5s.6d. cloth. LOUDON (MRS.)-THE LADY'S COUNTRY COMPANION;

Or, How to Enjoy a Country Life Rationally. By Mrs. Loudon, author of "Gardening for

Ladies," etc. Foolscap 8vo., with an Engraving on Steel, and Illustrations on Wood, 78.63.cl. A more intelligent and pleasant Country Companion than Mrs. London's lives not even in these days of perpetual instruction and guides to every thing. For a stroll in the fields, for a walk in the garden, for managing the dairy or poultry-yard, for raising the finest flowers and the best fruits, for rural amusements, and for all useful employments to occupy time and produce profitable results, we cordially recommend this excellent work to be taken as a constant companion." --Literary Gazette. LOUDON (J. C.SELF INSTRUCTION

For Young Gardeners, Foresters, Bailiffs, Land Stewards, and Farmers; in Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Geometry, Mensuration, Practical Trigonometry, Mechanics, Land-Surveying, Leveling, Planning and Mapping, Architectural Drawing, and Isometrical Projection and Perspective; with Examples shewing their applications to Horticultural and Agricultural Purposes. By the late J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. H.S. etc. With a Portrait of Mr. Loudon, and a Memoir by Mrs. Loudon. 8vo. а


Being the " Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum" abridged: containing the Hardy Trees and Shrubs of Great Britain, Native and Foreign, scientifically and popularly described : with their Propagation, Culture, and Uses in the Arts; and with Engravings of nearly all the Species. For the use of Nurserymen, Gardeners, and Foresters. By J.C. Loudon, F.L.S.etc. 1 large vol. 8vo. with upwards of 2000 Engravings on Wood, 21. 108. cloth. The Original Work may be had in 8 vols. 8vo. with above 400 8vo. Plates of 'Trees, and upwards

of 2500 Woodcuts, 101.cloth. LOUDON.-AN ENCYCLOPÆDIA OF GARDENING;

Presenting in one systematic view, the History and Present State of Gardening in all Coun.
tries, and its Theory and Practice in Great Britain: with the Management of the Kitchen
Garden, the Flower Garden, Laying-out Grounds, etc. By J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. etc. A new
Edition, enlarged and much improved. 1 large vol. 8vo. with nearly 1000 Engravings on

Wood, 21. 108. cloth.

Comprising the Theory and Practice of the Valuation, Transfer, Laying-out, Improvement, and Management of Landed Property, and of the cultivation and economy of the Animal and Vegetable productions of Agriculture, including all the latest improvements; a general History of Agriculture in all countries; a Statistical view of its present state, with suggestions for its future progress in the British Isles; and Supplements, bringing down the work to the year 1844. By J. C. Loudon, F.L.G.Z. and H.S.etc. Fifth Edition. 8vo. illustrated with upwards of 1100 Engravings on Wood, by Branston. 21.

108. cloth. The Supplement, bringing down Improvements in the art of Field-Culture from 1831 to 1844

inclusive, comprising all the previous Supplements, and illustrated with 65 Engravings on Wood, may be had separately, 58. sewed.


Including all the Plants which are now found in, or have been introduced into, Great Britain; giving their Natural History, accompanied by such Descriptions, Engraved Figures, and Elementary Details, as may enable a beginner, who is a mere English reader, to discover the name of every Plant which he may find in flower, and acquire all the information respecting it which is useful and interestingThe Specific Characters by an Eminent Botanist; the Drawings by J. D. C. Sowerby, F.L.S. A new Edition (1841), with a new Supplement, comprising every desirable particular respecting all the Plants originated in, or introduced into, Britain between the first publication of the work, in 1829, and January 1840: with a new General Index to the whole work. Edited by J. C. Loudon, prepared by W. H. Baxter, Jun., and revised by George Don, F.L.S.; and 800 new Figures of Plants, on Wood, from Drawings by J. D. C. Sowerby, F.L.S. I very large vol. 8vo. with nearly 10,000 Wood Engravings, 31. 138. 6d. cloth.

*. The last Supplement, separately, 8vo. 158. cloth. LOUDON.- AN ENCYCLOPÆDIA OF COTTACE, FARM, AND VILLA

ARCHITECTURE and FURNITURE. Containing Designs for Cottages, Villas, Farm Houses, Farmeries, Country Inns, Public Houses, Parochial Schools, etc., with the requisite Fittings-up, Fixtures, and Furniture, and appropriate Offices, Gardens, and Garden Scenery: each Design accompanied by Analytical and Critical Remarks illustrative of the Principles of Architectural Science and Taste on which it is composed, and General Estimates of the Expense. By J.C. Loudon, F.L.S. etc. New Edition, corrected, with a Supplement containing 160 additional pages of letter-press, and nearly 300 new engravings. I very thick vol. 8vo. with more than 2000 Engravings on Wood, 638. cloth.

... The Supplement, separately, 8vo. 78. 6d. sewed. LOUDON.-HORTUS BRITANNICUS :

A Catalogue of all the Plants indigenous to or introduced into Britain. The 3d Edition (1832), with a New Supplement, prepared, under the direction of J. C. Loudon, by W. H. Baxter, and revised by George Don, P.L.S. 8vo. 313.6d. cloth.

The Supplement separately, 8vo. 2s.6d. sewed.

The later Supplement separately, 8vo. 88. sewed.

Comprising the Choice of a Villa or Suburban Residence, or of a situation on which to form
one; the Arrangement and Furnishing of the House; and the Laying-ont, Planting, and
general Management of the Garden and Grounds; the whole adapted for svunds from one
perch to fifty acres and upwards in extent; intended for the instructio of those who know
little of Gardening or Rural Affairs, and more particularly for the use of Ladies. By J. C.

Loudon, F.L.S., etc. 8vo. with above 300 Wood Eugravings, 20s. cloth.

Or, a Catalogue of all the Ligneous Plants cultivated in the neighbourhood of London. To

which are added their usual Prices in Nurseries. By J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. etc. 8vo. 78. 6d. LOW.-ON LANDED PROPERTY, AND THE MANAGEMENT OF ESTATES;

Comprehending the Relations between Landlord and Tenant, and the Principles avd Forms of Leases; of Farm-buildings, Enclosures, Drains, Embankments, Roads, and other Rural Works, Minerals, and Woods. By David Low, Esq. F.R.S.E. etc., author of “ Elements

of Practical Agriculture," etc. 8vo. with numerous Engravings, 21s. cloth. LOW.--ON THE DOMESTICATED ANIMALS OF GREAT BRITAIN,

comprehending the Natural and Economical History of the Species and Breeds; Illustrations of the Properties of External Form; and Observations on the Principles and Practice of Breeding. 'By David Low, Esq., F.R.S.E. Professor of Agriculture in the University of Edinburgh; Member of the Royal Academy of Agricultura of Sweden; Corresponding Member of the Conseil Royal d'Agriculture de France, of the Société Royal et centrale, etc.; author of “ Elements of Practical Agriculture,

“Illustrations of the Breeds of the Domesticated Animals of the British Islands," "On Landed Property and the Economy of Estates," etc. 8vo. with Engravings on Wood.


BRITAIN described. By David Low, Esq. F.R.S.E., Professor of Agriculture in the University of Edinburgh ; Member of the Royal Academy of Agriculture of Sweden ; Corresponding Member of the Conseil Royal d'Agriculture de France, of the Société

Royal et Centrale, etc. etc. The Plates from drawings by W. Nicholson, R.S.A., reduced from a Series of Oil Paintings, executed for the Agricultural Museum of the University of Edinburgh by W. Shiels, R.S.A. "In 2 vols.atlas quarto, with 56 plates of Animals, beautifully coloured after Nature, 161. 16.. half-bound in morocco.

Or in four separate portions, as follow:The OX. I vol. atlas quarto, with 22 Plates, The HORSE. 1 vol. atlas quarto, with 8 Plates, price 61. 169. 60. half-bound morocco.

price 31. half-bound morocco.
The SHEEP. 1 vol. atlas quarto, with 21 The HOG. I vol. atlas quarto, with 5 Plates,

Plates, price 61. 16s.6d. half-bound morocco. price 21. 28. half-bound morocco.

Comprehending the Cultivation of Plants, the Husbandry of the Domestic Animals, and the
Economy of the Farm. By David Low, Esq.F.R.S.E., Professor of Agriculture in the Uni-
versity of Edinburgh. 4th Edition, with Alterations and Additions, and above 200 Woodcuts.
8vo. 213. cloth.


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