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we look for guidance. New ideas of the significance of democracy, of the subordination of the will of the individual, of man as the chief end of creation, arise to perplex us. The Divine Guide alone can help us to see clearly through the engulfing fog of evil. The philosopher and scientist Emanuel Swedenborg has comforted and inspired thousands by his book " Divine Love and Wisdom." Endowed for that purpose, this Society offers to send you a copy without cost or obligation other than 5 cents for mailing.


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CONTRACTORS, MATERIAL, MEN. BUILDERS, MANUFACTURERS. in fact. ANYBODY interested in Construction Now KČ S kinds, obtain from our daily reports QUICK, RELIABLE INFORMATION. Our special correspondents all over the country enable us to gre z patrons the news in advance of their competitors and before it has become common property.

Let us know what you want and we will send you samples and quote you prices.

PRESS CLIPPINGS on any subject from all the leading current newspapers, magazines, trade and technical journals of the United States and Canada. PUBLIC SPEAKERS, WRITERS, STUDENTS, CLUB WOMEN can secure reliable data for speeches, essays, debates, etc. Speca facilities for serving Trade and Class Journals, Railroads and large industrial corporations.

WE READ, through our staff of skilled readers, a more comprehensive and better selected list of publications than any other Bureau.
WE AIM to give prompt and intelligent service at the lowest price consistent with good work.

about it Send stamp for booklet.

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New Founders Hall



An endowed school offering progressive studies preparatory to agricultural, business, scientific and academic colleges, with practical work for pupils who do not intend to enter college. The provision of one instructor to every ten pupils insures individual attention. All pupils share in the useful labor of the school. Careful attention is given to personal habits, good manners and the spirit of hospitality. Much of the management of the school is in the hands of a Student Council, elected entirely by the pupils, and every effort is made to cultivate self-reliance and individual initiative. The near vicinity of Hartford affords rare advantages in medical attendance and opportunities to hear good music.

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Dormitories and Dining Hall

The school buildings are all new and fireproof. Founders Hall, completed in 1916, contains chapel with three-manual organ, library, study, laboratories, class-rooms, music studio and offices. It has indirect electric light, steam heat and modern ventilating system. Large, airy gymnasium, two athletic fields, hockey pond and Farmington river afford facilities for all sports. The school farm of 175 acres provides a laboratory for agricultural work, and milk and cream produced under ideal conditions. The investment in buildings and grounds is upward of $750,000, yet an endowment of $2,500,000 permits a rate of $500 a year. Several scholarships are available for especially deserving pupils.

N. H. BATCHELDER, A. M., Headmaster, Loomis Institute Windsor, Conn.

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Situated in a famous New England town. Campus of 23 acres, with grove, tennis courts and athletic fields. Modern buildings containing studios, laboratories, library, art gallery, audience hall gymnasium and infirinary. Established reputation in educational circles for scholarship and character Long, successful history. Modern spirit and methods.

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