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Books printed and fold by J. J. THURNEISEN.

Bolingbroke's Letters on the Study of Hiftory, r vol. Gibbon's Hiftory of the Roman Empire, his mifcellaneous Works, with his life written by himself, 21 vol. Robertfon's Hiftory of the Emperor Charles Vth., 4 vol. Kippis's Life of Captain James Cook, 2 vol.

Hume's Hiftory of England, 12 vol.

Gillie's Hiftory of Ancient Greece, 5 vol.
Middleton's Life of Cicero, 4 vol.

Ferguson's Effay on the Hiftory of Civil Society, 1 vol.
Keate's Account of the Pelew-Iflands, 1 vol.

Delolme's Conftitution of England, 1 vol.

Robertfon's Hiftory of Scotland, 3 vol.


Difquifition concerning India, 1 vol.

Burke's Inquiry into the Sublime, 1 vol.
Watson's Hiftory of Philip IId., 3 vol.

- Hiftory of Philip IIId., 2 vol.

Berrington's Hiftory of Abeilard and Heloifa, 2 vol.

of Henry IId. of England, 3 vol.

Hume's Effays and Treatifes, 4 vol.

Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments, 2 vol.

Junius's Lettres, 1 vol.

Smollet's Continuation of Hume's Hiftory of England, 8 vol.

Montague's Ancient Republics, 1 vol.

Millar's Diftinction of Ranks, I vol.

Home's Sketches of Man, 4 vol.

-- Elements of Criticism, 3 vol.

Bolingbroke's Remarks on the Hiftory of England, 1 vol.
Blackwell's Memoirs of the Court of Auguftus, 7 vol.
Theory ofagreeable Senfations, In the Price of half a vol.
Hiftory of Mifs Clariffa Harlowe, by Richardfon, 8 vol.
Hiftory of Tom Jones, by Fielding, 4 vol.
The Life and Opinions of Triftram Shandy, 2 vol.
Yorick's Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, 1 vol.
Anderfon's Narrative of the British Embafly to and from

China in the years 1792, 1793 et 1794; with a defcription of the country, the cuftoms, manners, &c., I vol. Stewart's Political Economy, 5 vol.

Gibbon's miscellaneous Works, with his Life written by himfelf, 7 vol.

Gaft's Hiftory of Greece, from the acceffion of Alexander till its final Subjection to the Roman Power; 2 vol.


Stuart's View of Society in Europe, in its progress from
Rudeness to Refinement, 1 vol.

Clarendon's Hiftory of the civil Wars in England, 12 vol.
Life of Clarendon, 5 vol.

The Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the magnificent by
William Rofcoe, comprising fome account of the political

State of Italy, and of the rife of letters and of arts in
Europe in the fifteenth Century, 4 vol.

Account of the Rife and progrefs of the English Stage; by
Malone. I vol.

Effay on the Learning of Shakspeare, by R. Farmer, 8. In the
price of 1/3 a vol.

Smith's pofthumous Works; containing: Effays on philofophical fubje&s, with his life, i vol.

Hume's Effays on Suicide and the immortality of the soul, 8. in the price of a vol. 13.

/ Robertfon's Suppl. to his Hift. of America, containing the
Hift. of Virginia, to the year 1688; and the Hift. of new
England to the year 1652. in the price of half a vol.

Hailey's Life of Milton, with conje&ures on the origine of
Paradife loft, 1 vol.

Knox's Effays, moral and literary, 3 vol.

Lowth's English Grammar, 1 vol, In the price of half a vol.

In the Prefs, and Speedely will be published,

Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric and belles-lettres: a new Edition in 4 vol.

Shaftesbury's Characteristics, 3 vol.

Smith's Wealth of Nations, 4 vol.

Robertfon's Hiftory of America, 4 vol.

Ferguson's Hiftory of the Roman Republic, 6 vol.

Fieldings, Hiftory of Jofeph Andrews and his Friend Abraham
Adams, 2 vol.

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