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FROM NOVEMBER 22, 1861, TO NOVEMBER 14, 1862.










No. 470.





Journal of the Society of Arts. be desired. The fifty feet girders and ridge

forward with a rapidity which leaves nothing to




roof have been fixed over the whole of the south-eastern court, and are carried on over the intervening gallery into the south central court. The same operation has commenced in the courts on the northern side of the nave.

The Picture Galleries along the Cromwell-road The Council beg to announce that the Guar-front are in a very forward condition, that on antee Deed is now lying at the Society's House the east being floored, and its walls boarded for signature, and they will be much obliged if throughout. The towers at the eastern end are those gentlemen who have given in their names as Guarantors, as well as others interested in the Exhibition, will make it convenient to call there and attach their signatures to the Document. Signatures for sums amounting in the aggregate to £438,800, have been attached to the Deed.

having their top lights fixed, and the roofing of the corresponding ones at the other extremity is nearly completed; the roof also over the central entrance, which will here form an attic story, has been begun.

The success of the British portion of the Exhibition, and the favourable influence which it is to be hoped it will exercise on our commerce and manufactures, depend now to a great extent on

WEEKLY PROGRESS OF THE INTER-the manner in which the different committees NATIONAL EXHIBITION.

sub-allot the space placed at their disposal. As there is great reason to suppose that continental nations are making earnest efforts to rival or even outvie us in our staple manufactures (especially machinery and metal work), it is of the

in mind the necessity of making such a show in their respective classes as shall adequately represent, not only the progress of the last ten years, but also the superiority of those manufactures in which we particularly claim the preeminence over foreign productions.

In considering the probability of the building being ready by the stipulated time, the only part of the work which at all occasions anxiety is the domes. A very great portion of the rest of the building depends for its completion on utmost importance that committees should bear that of the domes; the scaffolding used for their erection must be taken down before the work in the vicinity can be proceeded with, and its removal will occupy some time. It seems to be imperative that both domes should be finished early in January. The Thames Iron Company, who have taken the sub-contract as well for the supply of the iron as for the erection, seem to be not quite sufficiently impressed with the argency of the case. Doubtless, when they take into consideration the magnitude and importance of the undertaking, and the serious manner in which delay is likely to affect the national character for promptitude and punctuality, they will use every exertion to accomplish the task according to their engagement. At the same time it is satisfactory to learn that the contractors, alarmed at the probable consequences of failure in this respect, have themselves commenced the erection of the western dome, and the progress already made contrasts very favourably with the corresponding work at the other end of the nave. Meanwhile the other portions of the building which are not dependent for their advancement It is to be hoped, therefore, that committees on the erection of the domes, are being pushed will deal with applications for space in the spirit

It is, perhaps, to be regretted that some of the Committees, especially those which are national and represent the whole country, consisting rather of scientific men than of exhibitors, or persons practically interested in the commercial result of the Exhibition, seem to be inclined to look more to the educational element, and to make such a selection as shall display, in a graduated series, a popular and instructive idea of our manufactures. Of course the adoption of such a course rests ultimately with exhibitors themselves, and, if it can be made to combine the more practical view, would be no doubt of great advantage; but it seems hardly wise that such a proceeding should be pushed to any length to the detriment of the benefits which our manufacturers and tradespeople hope to derive from the Exhibition.


of the following extracts from the circular addressed to Local and Metropolitan Committees: "I am directed by Her Majesty's Commissioners to transmit to you the accompanying printed applications for space which have been made by proposed exhibitors, and to request that your Committee will forthwith proceed to investigate them, with the view to such a treatment of the demands as shall do credit to the present state of National and Local Industry, and bring them within the total amount of floor space assigned to your Committee. "The Commissioners desire to observe that the mere application for space confers no right whatever on the claimant to be admitted at all, or to have any particular amount assigned to him. The Committee have the power of rejecting applications altogether which seem to them to be worthless, and considerably reducing any claims, as they may think fit. The Committee will, therefore, be under no rule as to the division of the allotted to them, and it is not necessary to allot to each exhibitor in proportion to his demand."


[blocks in formation]

The following additional arrangements have Booth, Edwin.......... been made :


The following gentlemen have been appointed Commissioners in Spain for selecting and forwarding the various articles intended to be exhibited in the Spanish Department of the coming_Exhibition :-His Excellency the Duke of Veragua, President. Their Excellencies the Marquis de Percoles, and Don Alesandro Olivan, Vice Presidents. Their Excellencies Don Francisco de Luxan, Don Pascuel Madoz, Don Jose Caveda, Don Augusto Ulloa, Don Jose de Ybarra, Don Isidero Dias de Arguelles, Don Augustin Pascual, Don Rafael Amar de la Torre, Don Antonio Arriete, Don Fernando Bocherini, Don Valentin Carderera, Don Jose Piquez, Don Trutos Saavedra y Meneses, and Don Jose Godoy Alcantara, Secretary.

FIRST ORDINARY MEETING. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20тн, 1861. The First Ordinary Meeting of the One Hundred and Eighth Session was held on Wednesday, the 20th inst., Sir Thomas Phillips, F.G.S., Chairman of the Council, in the chair.

The following candidates were proposed for election as members of the Society :


Adams, Thomas............ Lenton Firs, near Nottingham.
Adcock, Wm. Thompson.
Ainslie, Wm. George
Alcock, Henry

Ford House, Ulverston. 36, Stockwell-park-road, S.

[blocks in formation]

Appley Hall, near Nottingham.

Seedley, Pendleton, Manches. ter.

72A, Old Broad-street, E.C. 1A, Berners-street, W.

44, Minories, E.C.

714, Upper Hyde-park-gardens.

7, Greville-road, Kilburn,

Boreham, Wm. Wakeling,} Haverhill, Newmarket.


Bradley, John........
Brakell, Thos........
Breffit, Edgar
Brogden, John

Brooke, Thos........
Brown, M. L................
Brownfield, Wm.

Browning, Thomas.........
Brunswick, Myrthil
Burt, Stephen John
Candy, Charles
Carstairs, Peter

The Park, Nottingham.
Cook-street, Liverpool.

61, King William-street, E. C. 4, Highbury-park North, N.

{Northgate Mount, Hudders

47, St. Martin's-lane, W.C.

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{26, Newman-street, Oxford

26, Farringdon-street, E.C.

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[ocr errors][merged small][ocr errors]

Clennell, John Edward... Clifford, Charles.........

Upper Homerton, N.E. 17, Red-cross-square, E.C. Nottingham.

50, New Bond-street, W.
The Grove, Lee, Kent

{Royal College of Surgeons,

[blocks in formation]

Atkin, Harry Wright ...{39, Fly-place, Holborn, E.C., Cobden, George Long ...{13, Leonard-place, Kensing

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121, Drury-lane, W.C.

20, Moor-street, Soho, W. Manor - house, Bushy, and

{160, New Bond-street, W. Shortwood-lodge, near Bristol Elm-cottage, Lee road, S.E.

Cowtan, Maiver............ {23, Sheffield-terrace, Camp

Collett, Charles............


90, Cannon-street, E.C.

Delahay-street, Westmin- Cory, William, jun..... {* Coal Exeplace, WC., and

ster, S.W.

28, Grosvenor-street, W.

Cox, Wm. Thos.
Crawley, Charles Edward

{They Cedars, Laurie-park, Cullingford, W. H.

Sydenham, S.E.

Alan Charles 10, Cornhill, E.C., and Streat- Curtis, Thomas

[ocr errors]

ham, S.

[ocr errors]

Darton, J. M..............

E.C. Spondon Hall, near Derby. 17, Gracechurch-street, E.C.

{pimore-gardens, Ken


The Hall, Berkhampstead. 58, Holborn-hill, E.Ċ.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Duncan, James

[ocr errors]

The British Linen Company

{Bank, Nairn.


21, Duncan-ter., Islington, N. Gwynne House, Woodford Bridge, and 100, Upper Thames-street, E.C. New Park-road, Clapham park, S. Northam Iron Works, Southampton.

451, Oxford-street, W.C. Nottingham.

5, Clarendon-terrace, Bow1 road, E.


7, and 57, St. John's-square, E.C.

22, Tavistock-square, W.C. Cambridge Lodge, Penge-rd., Sydenham, S.E., and 98, Blackman-st., Borough, S. 69, Regent-street, W.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Hester, John Cooks

Hewett, Henry John
Hill, James Duke

Hill, Thomas Rowley ...{

{14, Bexley-place, Greenwich, Hindley, Chas. Hugh

455, Strand, W.C.



[ocr errors]

Hinstin, Ernest
Hitchcock, Frs. Maunder.
Hodge, Charles............
Hunt, Richard

[ocr errors]

14, Little Tower-street, E.C. 19, Alexander-square, Brompton, S.W.

25, Coal Exchange, E.C. Catherine-hill House, Worcester.

134, Oxford-street, W. 22, Milk-st., Cheapside, E.C. Southmolton, Devon. Oak-lane, Limehouse, E. Scarborough, Yorks.

Dunsford, Wm. James... {1squaviton street, Gordon- Hutchinson, John Henry. 19, Little Pulteney-street, W.

Durlacher, Alex.

Eborall, Cornelius Willes. Espin, John

Evans, E. Bickerton


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[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Cripplegate buildings,
Wood-street, E.C.
Radford Works, near Not-
The Five Ways, Walsall.
Lovell-hill, Windsor.

J Grimstone-cottage, Wolverhampton.

34, Duke-st., St. James, S.W.
11, Warnford-court, E.C.
24, Somerset-street, Kings-
down, Bristol.

19, South Audley-street, W.

Goodwyn, Major-Gen. H. {4, Blomfield-terr., Harrow

Graham, Alexander

Graham, William
Grant, George
Grew, Frederick

[ocr errors]

Gunter, Richard............

Guy, George

Hallett, George............ Hallilay, Richard

[ocr errors]

road, W.

Jellicoe, Charles

Jenkins, Chas. Fredk.

[ocr errors]



[ocr errors]

Joel, Joseph
Johnson, Charles
Jonas, Samuel Adolph
Jones, Edward
Jones, Frederick John
Joske, Paul............................
Kennedy, Chas. Burton...
Kennedy, Myles


[ocr errors]
[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

South - fields, Wandsworth, Loam, Matthew......

[blocks in formation]

Loam, Michael, jun.
Lock, Sam. Robt.
Lucas, Alfred ...............
Lucas, James J. H.

52, Broad-wall, Blackfriars, S. Maclaren, George

[merged small][ocr errors]



2, Bow-lane, E.C.

The Larches, Handsworth, Birmingham.

10, Aldermanbury, E.C.
Baron House, Mitcham, S.
Fairview, Ulverston.
Burton-cottage, near Ulvcr.

Mordon-rd., Blackheath, S.E.
Bogle-street, Greenock.
Oakhill - park,



73, Warwick-square, S.W.

{21, Queen's road West, Re

gent's-park, N.W.

51, Portland-place, W.
25, Abingdon-street, S.W.
23, Fenchurch-street, E.C.

{46, Guildford-street, Russell


Liskeard, Cornwall.
Liskeard, Cornwall.

{9, Beward-st., Primrose-hill,

Luton Bank, Luton.

Tavistock-square, W.C.

{5, Cursitor-street, Chancery

5, Sergeant's Inn, Temple, E.C. McCorquodale, George... Newton, near Warrington.

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