Puslapio vaizdai

As the foam in the moonlight

The two hands were fair,
And they put by the tangles

Of seaweed and hair.

He knew the pale forehead

A spell to his ear
Was the voice that repeated,

The sea-wolf is here!'

'I come, Love,' he answered

At sunrise next day
A fisherman wakened

The Priest in the Bay.

For the soul of a sinner

Let masses be said-
The sin shall be nameless,

And nameless the dead."

Enter the GREAT CHAMBERLAIN with the Horse-Thane and

other Officers of the Household.


His Majesty! Make way. His Majesty!
Sound trumpets !

(A flourish of trumpets.) The King, wearing his Crown and leading in the QUEEN

MOTHER, passes across the back-scene, and is followed by Earl Athulf leading in Ethilda, by Odo and DUNSTAN with Sigeric and BRIDFERTH, by HarCATHER, CEOLWULF, ÆTHELRIC, EADBALD, IDA, BRAND, ECFRID, GORF, and Tosty, all military leaders on the Monastic side ; and by CLARENBALD, Earl Sidroc, the Bishop of ROCHESTER, and divers great Officers of State and Nobles of the King's party. The Procession, when it passes off, enters the Banqueting Hall.

[blocks in formation]

What, can this be he
That looks so fierce and haughty ? Once before
I saw him, when a cripple asked for alms ;
So lowly of demeanour was his Grace,
I had not known, but for the mitred head,
Which was the beggar, which the Lord Archbishop.


He's humble to the poor to spite the rich.
Give me the man that 's humble to his peers.


There's Dunstan.


What, is yonder thing alive? GRIMBALD (the Jester, who has come up behind). Sir, he's above ground.


So we see, my friend.

For this occasion, sir. A hole i'the earth
Is where he lives, sir, mostly : yea his life
Is of the earth, sir, earthy.


It was there

That he encountered Sathanas.


'Twas there.

The Devil, sir, one day, grubbing for earth-nuts-
A simple fare you'll say, but for his ends
The Devil, you'll find, can be a very hermit-
Digging and grubbing—what should his old claws clutch
But Father Dunstan's skull ! ‘Ho, ho!' cried he,
A bigger one than ever ;' but thereat


Oh mercy! here is Gurmo! Sirs, I say,
The feasting and the singing and the dancing
Should carry us to midnight_Cockadoodle !

A 'song will I sing

Of an excellent king
That carried his crown where a bee has her sting.

Enter from the Banqueting Hall Two USHERS.


The third cup has gone round. You're welcome now To take your places at the lower board.

In, tag-rag—enter, rabblement-in all !

And to him the Queen said,

Sure your senses are fled, Put your boots in that place and your crown on your head!

In, dregs ; in, scum ; in, commonalty, in!
In, many fools by nature, one by name !

Exeunt into the Banqueting Hall, all but the Ushers

and the SCHOLAR.


The Princess and a certain Earl sit close.


Ah! she is peerless! Happy were that man
That should enthrall her though she were a peasant !
What in another might have seemed amiss
In her was but a freshness and new charm
Loosed from the graceful nakedness of Nature.
She ate but half a pigeon, and did you

How with her tiny fingers and her teeth
She gnawed and tore the bones, talking 'twixt whiles,
With such a lively and a pretty action,
That appetite itself and all its ways
Seemed mainly spiritual.


Hush ! Hark to that! (A flourish of trumpets.)


The ladies leave the board.


I'll see her go.
She ever moves as if she moved to music.
Are ye not wanted ? Oh! what's like to her!


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