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HE young editor turned in his chair “But that is n't it,” grinned

and looked back into the printing- “That is only the prelude." He shop. Instead of the click of type had several pages of penciled items come the sound of a chuckle. The red- barn, Cy Todd's broken-legged calf headed printer sat on the stool, leaning on

away, lightning shocking eavesdrop the type-case, reading copy.

the party telephone-line- until he It was the Rock Hill correspondence, the last page. "Listen to this: which had just come in on the noon mail. The “Wahoo Sun” circulated over most

Lots of young folks think all th of the county, and at a number of points

are in the city. But they ain't. I had regular correspondents who sent in

a mighty poor place to live: no pu weekly letters of local news-items.

plum-blossoms, nor fresh eggs a "What is it, Beets?” asked Simpson, the And there ain't so awful much m editor.

either, when you come to pay “Just found out who she is.”

The and car-fare. And


don't have printer chuckled.

—that is, no true friends,-that “Who who is ?”

you are sick or broke. And the “ Bashful Bob's girl.” “Bashful Bob" wickedness in the city, and dan was the name signed to the Rock Hill let- stay on the old farm, boys and g ters. He was one of several correspondents that they had never met personally. "That settles it." Beets All they knew of him they had learned He had reached the mature as from his news-items and comments.

four, and had considerable “Read it.” The editor and his red- draw conclusions from. "I headed foreman got a great deal of amuse- for some time that Bashful ment piecing together neighborhood rela- love. When a fellow notices tions from the personal items in the news- wood is in blossom, and som letters.

plum, and talks about the li

leaves on the hill, and he Miss Ida Lane, who took a course in the sheep are in the green pastu Quill City Business College last fall, has your last week's laundry-bi accepted a position as stenographer for the love. But never before h Gross Grain Lumber Co. of Kansas City. to lay my finger on the girl Miss Ida has a host of friends around Rock

"I 've got it all fixed Hill who will sadly miss her.

red-headed printer was

orator-especially when "Nothing suspicious about that,” said in love himself. "As th Simpson. "Similar items every week. see them in my mind's e Bashful Bob always sends them off with a


brown eyes, and a smile that rucks you in
have a fine drive

. About every three hun-
dred yards he says something real interest-
ing, and the rest of the time makes you feel
like you are.

He went through the public schools, and had one year in the academs, intending to teach. But his father gave him the

was ler school-tom to harvest other people's wild the whez RESPOND , de setled down to raise corn and and that ses

ping off the
There are forty auues tur pain in the
branet bottum, and furty on the hill hear from
where he has built a five-rom outrage and
planted a fine orchard

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Drawn by F. R. Gruger



from Rock Hill. Bashful Bob merely Monday the mining expert from Joplin, wrote, “Nothing worth mentioning this who first discovered that lead ore was being week.”

thrown out at every blast in the well, of"It is too bad.” The red-headed fore- fered Jerry Coleman ten thousand dollars man shook his head with a sympathetic for his eighty acres. We understand Mr. sigh. “He is simply worrying himself to Coleman has agreed to sell. No doubt he death over that girl.”

is foolish, for the land will probably be Next Wednesday Simpson was looking worth three or four times that; but he has over the mail. “What in the world !” He been anxious to get away for some time, and exclaimed, picking up a thick letter from thinks a bird in the hand is better than lead Rock Hill. The printer slipped off his in the ground. stool and came to the desk eager and excited.

"He is going to the city," said Beets. "What do you suppose has happened?“He has figured that he can have a better Reckon she has come back?"

show with her if he can move to the city.” The editor glanced rapidly down the Simpson thought of Jerry Coleman's first page. "Struck lead!” he exclaimed. good fortune many times during the day; "Lead on Bashful Bob's farm! Was but the oftener he thought of it, the less digging a well-wild excitement-land sure he felt. A shade of doubt crept in. doubled in value all over the neighborhood And as further details of the discovery in twenty-four hours."

reached the county-seat from the Rock How does he know it is lead?" Beets

Beets Hill vicinity, the doubt in his mind deepwas always skeptical of financial good for- ened, and with it came a vague uneasiness tune.

that Coleman was in some way being de“Here is the proof." Simpson read ceived. from the news-article:

He was pretty sure that Bashful Bob

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would come to Wahoo City before the way, and that shark will likely come to deal was closed, and asked the landlord at meet him." the hotel and the liveryman to let him Simpson got central, and asked for know when Coleman came.

somebody-anybody about ten miles down Monday afternoon, as the editor passed the Rock Hill road. He was connected the livery-barn, Dawkins called to him: with a farm-house.

“Say, Simpson, that fellow Coleman “Who is this?” he called hurriedly. you were inquiring about was here this “Mason? Well, say, Mr. Mason, have morning; but I clear forgot that you you seen Jerry Coleman go by on his way wanted to see him."

home? How long ago? Whose is the “Has he gone?”

next 'phone down the road ?" “Yes. Left about noon."

“Passed about ten minutes ago," the “Do you happen to know what he came editor explained to Beets as he rang off for?"

and called to central for another connec“Why, yes.” Dawkins laughed. “He tion. was so full of it, and feeling so good, he The line was busy, and it was nearly had to tell somebody, so he told me. Не five minutes before he got the farm-house came in to get some money to put that he wanted. trade through.”

“Is this Johnson's? Has Jerry Cole“Money?" Simpson was suddenly man passed ?" alarmed. “What . did he want with There was a moment's wait while the money? I thought he was selling." farmer inquired of his family.

“He is; but, you see, he agreed to sell “He's just gone by," the farmer said. to that first fellow for ten thousand. But “He is still in the lane, but too far to be since the excitement got so high, another called back. Who is it wants him?" mining-man came along, and has offered “The editor of the 'Wahoo Sun,' him thirty thousand. But the first fellow called back Simpson. did not want to let him off; he finally "Oh, I thought maybe it was the man agreed, however, to release Coleman from that called awhile ago-some one down his agreement for two thousand. And the at Warren's who is waiting for him young fellow came in to get it. He had 'phoned a few minutes ago to know if he five hundred in the bank, he said, and was had passed.” going to borrow the rest."

“How far is it from your place to War“Hitch the fastest team you have, and ren's?" Simpson was shifting from foot hurry!" ordered Simpson, and turned back to foot. to the office almost on a run.

“Just a mile down the road." “They are skinning Jerry Coleman," The editor rang off with a jerk. “That he said, dashing in breathless. “That lead rascal is waiting for him at the next discovery is all bogus."

house," he explained excitedly to Beets. “How is that?" Beets came off his “Central," he called in feverish impastool with a crash.

tience, "get Warren's for me-quick--Simpson explained rapidly. He was at down the Rock Hill road. For Heaven's the telephone, ringing violently for cen- sake, hurry! It means-everything." tral.

Again the line was busy, and the min“It is that old swindle. One man came utes slipped by Jerry had had time to along and offered ten thousand; another get there--almost. Simpson was in a

a few days later and offered sweat of anxiety. thirty. The first finally agrees to let him Finally the connection was made. off if Coleman will give him two thou- “Is this Warren's? Has Jerry Colesand. Jerry 's got the money,-borrowed man come yet?” The questions were most of it,- and of course he'll never hurled into the receiver. hear of either one of them again. Unless They said he was just hitching his I can get him over the 'phone I 'm going horse. to drive. He's been gone nearly two “Say,” broke in Simpson, "don't let on hours."

to the man who is waiting for him, but, “I expect it will be too late,” said for Heaven's sake, get Coleman to the Beets, anxiously. “He 's more than half- 'phone quick! Don't let him be with that





man a minute until I speak to him. I 'll and if it is n't, he does not want to cheat hold the 'phone."

anybody. Then they waited, Simpson and Beets both standing by the 'phone, Simpson with He handed the copy to the red-headed the transmitter to his ear.

foreman, who began to set it. One, two, three minutes passed. Had “Whoopee!” yelled Beets as he came to they failed to tell Coleman ? Had the ras

the last item. “Here is the real news. cal met him at the gate ? Had Coleman Guess the shake-up has done Bashful Bob refused to answer the 'phone until he had good, after all - got him to try, anyway." finished the business?

He read aloud: “ “Hello!" It was a good hearty call,

Jerry Coleman leaves Thursday on which made both men jump.

short business trip to Kansas City. “This is the 'Wahoo Sun' office," said Simpson. "Is this you, Coleman ? All

There was no newsletter from Rock right. This is the editor speaking. Cole- Hill the next week; but the week follow. man, drop that deal hot. I 've discovered ing brought an unusually long one. those fellows are rascals, and neither in

It seemed that everything was of interest tend to buy the land. When they get your — that the weather and the crops and the two thousand, you will never hear of them neighbors and the State of Missouri and again. Don't do it, Jerry! For goodness' politics were all in prime condition. sake, let them alone! They are skinning “Here it is,” said Beets, and fairly you."

glowed and chuckled as he read the item “Did he say he would n't?" Beets asked he had been searching for: anxiously as the editor hung up the receiver.

Miss Ida Lane, who has been employed as “Did n't say,” answered Simpson; "but stenographer in Kansas City, will return that is all we can do."

home the first of October. Miss Ida says Nothing was heard until Wednesday,

there is no place in the world like good old when the Rock Hill correspondence came

Rock Hill for her. in as usual. “Good!” The editor gave his desk a

“Hurrah for Bashful Bob!" The redthump of relief as he read the first item:

headed printer did a dance that threatened

to pi all the type in the shop. “Simpson, The deal for Jerry Coleman's farm is off. how much are you in on a weddingJerry says if it is real lead, he wants it all; present ?"



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HOLERA was reported at the head of science. But this time there sat in the waters of the Candayra, and cholera governor-general's palace

governor-general's palace a man who had up the Candayra means cholera in the capi- no patience with failures. He called in tal in two months. Previous efforts to two young cavalry captains from the check it there had been failures, because troops at the post. the hill tribes have their own conceptions “You 'll go up the Candayra with your of cholera. They are a sullen, secretive, troops and the surgeons we 'll send you and savage people, and they know nothing to Boc-boc, Smith, and you to Bato, Wen

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