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O Wind of the Mountain !...... Westwood 213
Oxus (from “ Sohrab and Rustum”)

M. Arnold 223
O Youth whose Hope is High.....Bridges 439
Page of Lancelot, The.. M. Kendall 578
Palermo (from "The Disciples ") ... King 388
Pantheist's Song of Immortality, The

Naden 562
Parable of the Spirit, A. Goodchild 528
* Paracelsus," Song from...R. Browning 343

Faber 179
Paradise Enow (from “The Rubaiyát

of Omar Khayyám”). .FitzGerald 340
Paradise of Birds, The (extracts)

Courthope 472

....Lang 498
Parting at Morning. R. Browning 354
Parting Hour, The.

Custance 612
Parting of King Philip and Marie, The

(from “ Marie de Méranie")..J. Marston 452
Passer-By, A..

..Bridges 438
Passing and Glassing:

C. Rossetti 378
Passing of Arthur, The. .A. Tennyson 208
Passionate Reader to his Poet, The

Le Gallienne 594
Pastoral, A.

.T. Marzials 515
Pastoral, A.

Nichols 555
** Pater Vester pascit Illa .Hawker 40

.. Linton 147
Patriarchal Home, The (from “Joseph
and his Brethren”).

Wells 23
Peace! what do Tears avail ?..B. Procter 20
Pelters of Pyramids.

R. Horne 35
Pen and the Album, The. Thackeray 305
People's Petition, The.

. Call 152
Per Pacem ad Lucem. .A. Procter 313

.Landor 15

Clough 216
Petition to Time, A..

B. Procter 22
Pillar of the Cloud, The. Newman

Pine Woods, The.... ..Lord Hanmer 65
Pipe-Player, The.

.Gosse 513
Pippa Passes, " Song from

R. Browning 348
Pirate Story..

. Stevenson 523
Phantasmion (extracts). ... Sara Coleridge 60
Phantom Caravan, The (from "The
Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyam")

FitzGerald 341

..Ashe 266
Philip, my King.

Craik 314
Philip Van Artevelde (extracts)

Sir H. Taylor 25

.M. Arnold 225
Phraxanor to Joseph (from Joseph
and his Brethren").

Wells 23
Place in thy Memory, A.. Griffin 90
Play of “King Lear," The...W. Watson 565

Landor 12
Plough, The

.R. Horne 36
Poem of the Universe, The. Weldon 153
Poet, The (from “ Festus "). .Bailey 159
Poeta Nascitur...

Ashe 267
Poet in the City, The.

Liddell 511
Poet's Epitaph, A.

E. Elliott 112
Poet's Song to his Wife, The ..B. Procter 20

Poets, The (from "Aurora Leigh ”)

E. Browning 139
Poet's Thought, A.

.B. Procter 22

Rands 476
Poor French Sailor's Scottish Sweet-
heart, A.,

.Cory 232
Poor Withered Rose.

Bridges 437
Pope at Twickenham.

.Kent 230
Portrait, A...

Ashby-Sterry. 471
Portrait, The

D. Rossetii 394
Præterita ex Instantibus

Schuyler-Lighthall 648
Prayer .

H. Coleridge 57
Prayer, A.

A. Brontë 181
Prayer, A.

.. Image 591

Beeching 554
Prayer to the Trinity.

Edmeston 170
Priest, A.

.Gale 584
Primrose Dame, A.

White 527
* Prince Lucifer,”' Songs from. ..Austin 264
Prince Riquet's Song (from “ Riquet
of the Tuft”).

Brooke 254
"Princess, The," Songs from

A. Tennyson 199
Private of the Buffs, The....Sir F. Doyle 302
Pro Mortuis.

Palgrave 239
Prophecy, A.

Landor 14

.R. Browning 363
Protest, A.

. Clough 214
Protestation, The

.. Image 590
Pure Hypothesis, A.

M. Kendall 577

W.B. Scott 146
Pygmalion and Galatea (extract)...Gilbert 457
Qua Cursum Ventus..

Clough 214
Queen Elizabeth.

Williams 336
Queen's Song (from “Riquet of the

.Brooke 254
Queen's Vespers, The.

De Vere 70
Quiet Eye, The...

.Cook 77

Benson 583
Rachel (from “Joseph and his Brethren”)

Wells 22

..Sir E. Arnold 250
Ready, ay, Ready.

Merivale 461
Red Poppies (from "Sospiri di Roma”)

Sharp 548
Reed-Player, The..

D. Scott 670
Regina Cæli.

Patmore 236

Le Gallienne 593

.C. Rossetti 376
Remember or Forget.

. Aždé 328

.Meynell 539

. Dooden 203

.Sir J, Paton 390

..Stevenson 526
Requital, The..

A. Procter 313

R. Browning 358

M. Woods 592
Revel, The.

Dowling 101

Newman 59
Revolutions (from “ Philip van Arte-
velde ')...

...Sir H. Taylor 25
Richelieu (extract).

Lord Lytton 42
Ride on in Majesty.

Milman 171
Right must win, The..

.Faber 179


“Riquet of the Tuft," Songs from. Brooke 254

.A. Tennyson 209
Robert Browning.

Landor 13

..Lang 497
Roman Legions, The.

.Mitford 67
Roman Mirror, A...

Rodd 563
Romanzo to Sylvia.

Darley 18
Romney and Aurora (from Aurora
Leigh ?).

.E. Browning 142
Rondeau to Ethel, A

Dobson 484
Rookery, The....

Turner 192
Rory O'More ; or, Good Omens.... Lover 88
Rosamond (extract).

Swinburne 420
Rosa Rosarum..

Darmesteter 557
Rose and the Wind, The. .P. Marston 443
Rose Aylmer ..

Landor 10
Rose Aylmer's Hair, given by her

Landor 10
Rose of the World, The.

Yeats 604
Roses' Song..

.P. Marston 445
Rose thou gav'st, The.

Swain 77
Rosy Musk-Mallow, The. .A. Gillington 609
Roundel, The...

Swinburne 431
Rubaiyát of Omár Khayyám, The
(extracts from his Paraphrase of)

FitzGerald 340
Rus in Urbe..

C. Scott 334

.Hood 119

Ruth ......

Sack of Baltimore, The..

Davis 97
Sad Mother, The.

Hinkson 576
Sailing beyond Seas.

.Ingelow 326
Sailor, The...

. Allingham 318
Saint Paul (extract).

.F. Myers 291
Saint's Tragedy, The (extracts). .Kingsley 307
Salopia Inhospitalis.

. Sladen 552

.F. Scott 656
Sands of Dee, The.

Kingsley 309
San Terenzo.

Lang 497
Sanyassi, The

.Hamerton 258
Sappho (from “On the Cliffs "). Swinburne 427
Saul (extracts). .

Heavysege 635
Schöne Rothraut.

Goodchild 527
Scot to Jeanne D'Arc, A.

Lang 499
Scythe Song.

Lang 498
Sea, The..

.B. Procter 19
Sea Ballad (from “ Balder”). Dobell 368
Sea Child, A.

.Carman 662
Sea-Child, The.

Cook 78
Sea Fowler, The.

.M. Howitt 74
* Sea-Maids' Music, The” .E. Myers 299
Sea-Marge (from "A Life-Drama").

Alex. Smith 167
Sea-Limits, The..

..D. Rossetti 398
Sea-Shell Murmurs. . Lee-Hamilton 505
Sea Slumber-Song

Noel 260
Sea Story, A....

.Hickey 502
Seat for Three, A..

.Crane 503
Secret, The.

Monkhouse 278
Secret of the Nightingale, The. .Noel 259
Secret Place, The.

.Lute 174
Seed Time Hymn.

Keble 172

..G. Russell 605
Self-Exiled, The.

W. Smith 237
September. :

.Harrison 668
September in Australia. .H. Kendall 626
Seven Whistlers, The.. .A. Gillington 608


Sterling 61
Shakespeare and Milton.. Landor 12
Shameful Death..

W. Morris 403
Shandon Bells, The.

..Mahony 55
Sheep and Lambs.

Hinkson 575
Shell, The (from “ Maud "). A. Tennyson 208

Japp 276
Shepherd Maiden, A.

.Lefroy 541
She wore a Wreath of Roses. Bayly 73

Payne 434
Sibyl, The.

Hake 339
Sicilian Night, A..

.Lefroy 512
Sick Stock-Rider, The..

Gordon 619
Sign of the Cross, The.

Newman 58
Sigurd the Volsung (extract). ..W. Morris 410
Silenced Singer, The.

..Linton 150

O'Shaughnessy 441
Silent Tower of Bottreau, The....Hawker 41
Silent Voices, The.

.A. Tennyson 212
Simple Maid, A..

ord Tabley 415
Singer's Prelude, The (from "The

Earthly Paradise"). W. Morris 404
Singing Stars..

Hinkson 576
Sir Galahad.

.A. Tennyson 197
Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere

A. Tennyson 198
Sir Walter Raleigh to a Caged Linnet

Lee-Hamilton 504
Sister Mary of the Love of God

Mulholland 560
Sit down, Sad Soul.

.B. Procter 21
Six Carpenters' Case, The..

Sir F. Pollock 474
Skeleton in the Cupboard, The

Locker-Lampson 467
Skylark, The (from “Mano ').. Diron 400)
Slave, The...

R. Horne 30
Sleep, The.

.E. Browning 142
Snowshoeing Song .

Weir 671
Snow Storm, The..

Wetherald 676
Soggarth Aroon...

Sohrab and Rustum (extracts). M. Arnold 221
Soldier-Boy, The.

. Maginn 55
Solitude and the Lily.

.R. Horne
Solway Sands.

.Craigmyle 579

Blaikie 519

E. Brontë 153

Carman 666

.H. Coleridge 57

De Vere 70

G. Macdonald 164

Monkhouse 277

. Sir L. Morris 257

Sharp 519
Song, A.

F. Myers 22
Song : Down lay in a Nook..Sir H. Taylor 26
Song for Music..

.Gosse 514
Song (from “Paracelsus")..R. Browning 313
Song (from " Pippa Passes").

R. Browning 348
Song (from “ The Saint's Tragedy”)

Kingsley 307
Song: How many Times.. .Bed does 37
Song in Imitation of the Elizabethans

W. Watson 568
Song in “The Foresters". A. Tennyson 211
Song: My Fair, no Beauty of thine. Meynell 538
Song my Paddle Sings, The..... Johnson 673




Song of Faith Forsworn, A

Lord De Tabley, 416
Song of Farewell, A.

.Greenwell 162
Song of the Kings of Gold. Ebenezer Jones 157
Song of the Night at Daybreak... Meynell 539
Song of the Old Mother, The.. Yeats 605
Song of the Shirt, The.

... Hood 120
Song of the Squatter

. Sherbrooke 616
Song of the Western Men, The... Hawker 40
Song of the Wild Storm-Waves, The

Sinnett 628
Song of the Wulfshaw Larches.. .Rhys 582
Song of the Zincali (from

“ The Span-
ish Gypsy)...

Cross 155
Song of Winter, A.

Pfeiffer 290
Song : Quoth Tongue of neither Maid
nor Wife..

Sir H. Taylor 26
Songs' End.

Payne 436
Songs from Dramas.

Webster 462
Song : This Peach is Pink

Gale 584
Song : To Psyche (from “ The Earthly

W. Morris 409
Song : Wait but a Little While. ..Gale 584
Song without a Sound (from " With

Sa'di in the Garden”). ...Sir E. Arnold 250

..Lady Lindsay 336

Trench 64
Sonnet, A.

.J. K. Stephen 572
Sonnet, The

Symonds 275
Sonnets (from A Lover's Diary”)

Parker 671
Sonnets from the Portuguese (extracts)

E. Browning 131
“Sonnets of the Wingless Hours,” On

Lee-Hamilton 505
Sonnets on Pictures.

.D. Rossetti 397
Sonnet's Voice, The

Watts 269

De Vere 69
Sorrows of Werther..

. Thackeray 305
“Sospiri di Roma” (extracts). ...Sharp 548
So Sweet Love seemed.. Bridges 439
Soul and Body..

Waddington 297
Soul and Country.


Soul Stithy, The..

.J. Woods 301
Sower's Song, The.

T. Carlyle 80
Spaewife, The....

. Stevenson 525
"Spanish Gypsy, The," Songs from

Cross 155
Spectrum, The.

Monkhouse 278
Spinning-Wheel Song, A. Waller 95
Spirit of Shakespeare, The...G. Meredith 374
Splendid Spur, The... Quiller-Couch 586
Spring and Autumn.

Linton 149
Spring's Immortality.

Bell 515
Spring Song:

Carman 663
Spring Song in the City. .Buchanan 281
Standing on Tiptoe.:

Cameron 616
Stanzas: Often rebuked. .E. Brontë 154
Stanzas: Farewell, Life.

Hood 123
Stanzas to the Memory of Thomas

..Simmons 113
Stormy Petrel, The.

B, Procter 20
Sudden Light.

.D. Rossetti 397

White 527
Summer Day, A

.Beeching, 553
Summer Days.

.Call 152
Summer Pool, The

Buchanan 283

Summer Winds.

Darley 17
Sunken Gold..

Lee-Hamilton 505
Sunset on the Cunimbla Valley, Blue

Sladen 552
Superscription, A (from “ The House
of Life”)..

.D. Rossetti 397
Sursum Corda (from "Casa Guidi
Windows '')....

.. E. Browning 135
Susan: A Poem of Degrees (extract)

Munby 246
Susurro (from “Sospiri di Roma")

Sharp 518
Swallow, The.

.. Aird 83
Sweet and Low.

.. A. Tennyson 199
Sweetheart Gate, Th'

Waugh 109
Sweet Nature's Voice (from “ Susan”)

Munby 246
“Sylvia ; or the May-Queen," Songs

.Darley 17
Take me, Mother Earth.. .Jameson 58
Take the World as it is

.Swain 76
Tamar and the Nymph (from “ Gebir ').

Landor 8
Teach us to die. ...

. Stanley 180
Tears, Idle Tears..

.A. Tennyson 199
Tecumseh : A Drama (extracts)..... Mair 641
Telling the Bees.....

.Lang 498
Tell me not of Morrows, Sweet (from

Songs from Dramas'') Webster 463
Tell me, ye Winged Winds....C. Mackay 87
Tempora Acta (from “ Babylonia '').

Robert, Earl of Lytton 382

..Hurley 241
Test, The..

. Landor 13
Thaisa's Dirge

Merivale 462
" That they all may be one

.Noel 262
Then and now

Rodd 564

.Gosse 514

Langhorne 49
There falls with every Wedding

Landor 12
There is a Green Hill. Alexander 182
Thirty-first of May

F. Tennyson 187

Payne 435
Thou didst delight my Eyes. Bridges 438
Thought, A..

Landor 16
Thought, A.

..J. K. Stephen 571
Thrasymedes and Eunoë (extract). Landor 3
Thread of Life, The.. .C. Rossetti 379
Three Fishers, The.

Kingsley 309
Three Portraits of Prince Charles... Lang 499
Three Scars, The..

Thornbury 320
Three Troopers, The.

Thornbury 321
Threnody, Â; in Memory of Albert
Darasz (extract).

Linton 148
Thy Joy in Sorrow.

.Townshend 58

. Symonds 275
Thy Voice is heard.. .A. Tennyson 200
Thy Way, not mine

Bonar 176

F. Scott 656
Time and Death.

Whitworth 72
Time to be Wise



. Kelly 105
'Tis Sair to dream.

Gilfillan 80

.Alex. Smith 168
To a Child.

. Sterling 62


'Tween Earth and Sky (from "Songs
from Dramas").

Webster 462
Twickenham Ferry. T. Marzials 515

Custance 612

Heavysege 637
Twilight Song (from "De Roberval”)

Hunter-Duvar 640
Twist me a Crown..

C. Rossetti 379
Two Deserts, The (from “ The Un-
known Eros ")

.Patmore 236
Two Infinities.

Dod 294
Two Masks, The.

.G. Meredith 375
Two Old Kings, The. Lord De Tabley 417
Two Sonnet-Songs

.F. Marzials 493
Two Sons.

Buchanan 283

To a Cyclamen

To a Daisy..

Hartley 501
To a Desolate Friend

Dawson 536
To Age.

Landor 10
To a Greek Girl

.Dobson 488
To a Humming Bird in a Garden.. Murray 644
To Alfred Tennyson

Hawker 41
To America...

Garnett 332
To a Moth that drinketh of the Ripe
October ..

Pfeiffer 290
To a Mountain

H. Kendall 624
To a Poet breaking Silence. .F. Thompson 569
To a Portrait....

Symons 601
To a Seabird.

W. Watson 565
To a Swallow building under our

.J. Carlyle 62
To Christina Rossetti. Greenwell 163
To February

Wetherald 676
To God and Ireland True. O'Leary 328
To Ianthe..

Landor 13
To Imperia

Burbidge 70
To La Sanscour

Roscoe 231
To Manon Comparing her to a

Blunt 491
To Manon On her Lightheartedness

Blunt 491
Tommy's Dead..

Dobell 367
To my Brothers

..Gale 586
To my Cat

.R. Watson 574
To my Grandmother. Locker-Lampson 465
To my Mistress. Locker-Lampson 467
To my Tortoise Chronos. ... Lee-Hamilton 504
To my Totem..

Beeching 553
To N. V. de G. S..

. Stevenson 524
Too Late..

Craik 314
Too Late

.Linton 149
Topsy-Turvy World.

.Rands 476
TOR. K..

.J. K. Stephen 571
Torrigmond (extracts).

.Beddoes 37
To Sea, to Sea!

Bed does 38
To Shakespeare.

.H. Coleridge 57
To Sleep.

Landor 16
To the Dead

W. B. Scott 147
To the Forgotten Dead .M. Woods 592
To the Gossamer-Light..

Turner 193
To the Herald Honeysuckle. Pfeiffer 291
To the Lakes...

W. Campbell 654
To the Nautilus..

.H. Coleridge

To Theocritus, in Winter. Lang 495
To the Spirit of Poetry. .P. Marston 447
To Vernon Lee.

.Levy 579
Toy Cross, The..

.Noel 262
To Youth..

Landor 9
Toys, The (from The Unknown

Patmore 235

Addleshaw 611
Tripping down the Field-Path .....Swain 76
Triumph of Joseph, The (from

“Joseph and his Brethren").. Wells 24
Tropics, The

Sladen 552
Trust (from “Monna Innominata ")

C. Rossetti 378
Trust thou thy Love...

Ruskin 157
Tryst of the Night, The. .M. Byron 607
Tuscan Cypress (extracts). .Darmesteter 557
'T was just before the Hay was mown

Swain 77


Ulysses ..

..A. Tennyson 196
Unknown Eros, The (extract)....Patmore 235
Unseen World, The (extracts)

C. Rossetti 376

..C. Rossetti 377
Upon the Shore.

Bridges 437
Utmost, The.. ..Robert, Earl of Lytton 384
Vacant Cage, The..

Turner 191
Vagabonds, The.

Johnson 674
Vain Desire, A.

Wratislaw 607
Vain Wish, A.

.P. Marston 442

.Gordon 621
Van Elsen..

.F. Scott 657

A. Tennyson 211
Venetian Pastoral, A (from "Sonnets
on Pictures").

.D. Rossetti 397

.Symonds 274

.. Brooke 252
Verses why burnt.

. Landor
Vicar, The...

..Praed 48
Violinist, A.

. Bourdillon 533
Vision of Children, A..

..Ashe 267
Voice from Galilee, The.. Bonar 176
Voice in the Wild Oak, The

H. Kendall 627
Voice of D. G. R., The.

Gosse 514
Voice of the Poor, The.. ..Lady Wilde 104
Waif, The...

..A. C. Smith 629
Wake of Tim O'Hara, The.. Buchanan 282
Waking of Spring, The.. .Custance 611
Waking of the Lark, The. .E. Mackay 529
Walker of the Snow, The. .Shanly 634
Warning and Reply..

E. Brontë 153
War Song of Dinas Vawr, The...Peacock 47
Water Lady, The...

..Hood 119
We are Children..

Buchanan 284
Weep not ! Sigh not !.

Linton 149
We have been Friends together....Norton 93
“We have seen thee, 0 Love !"
(from Atalanta in Calydon")

Swinburne 422
Welcome, The...

Davis 99
Welcome, Bonny Brid !. Laycock 110
We 'll a' go pu' the Heather. Nicoll 150

.Beaconsfield 213
Were I but his own Wife.. Downing 106
Were-Wolves, The... .W. Campbell 655
What matters it...

Cameron 646
What might be done. .C. Mackay S8


What of the Night?

.Bowring 173
What the Sonnet is. .Lee-Hamilton 505
What the Trumpeter said. ...Evans 375
Whaups, The..

.. Stevenson 526
" When I am Dead”

..Rodd 564
When Stars are in the Quiet Skies

Lord Lytton 43
“When the Hounds of Spring"
(from “Atalanta in Calydon”)

Swinburne 421
When we are all asleep.. .Buchanan 284
When we are parted .

...Aždé 329
Where lies the Land..

.Clough 218
White Birds, The.

Yeats 604
White Blossom 's off the Bog, The. Graves 506
White Moth, The.. Quiller-Couch 587
White Peacock, The (from "Sospiri
di Roma”)...

Sharp 548
White Rose over the Water, The

Thornbury 21
White Roses..

Rhys 582
Whither ?..

H. Coleridge 57
Who runs may read.

Keble 171
Widow Machree..

...Lover 89
Widow's Mite, The. Locker-Lampson 466
Wife of Loki, The. Lady C. Elliot 535
Wife to Husband,

C. Rossetti 376
Wild Huntsmen, The. Hamerton 259
William Wordsworth.

Palgrave 240
Willie Winkie.

W. Miller 86
Will of God, The..

.Faber 178
Windflower, A..

.Carman 665

Wind in the Pines, The (from “Ed-

win the Fair"). ..Sir H. Taylor 26
Wind of Death, The.

Wetherald 675
Wind of Summer.

.M. Field 520
With a Copy of Herrick.

Gosse 514
Without her (from "The House of

.D. Rossetti 396
"With Pipe and Flute". ... Dobson 485
With Sa'di in the Garden (extracts)

Sir E. Arnold 250
Woman's Hand, A (from "A Lover's

..Parker 672
Woman's Question, A. ..A. Procter 312
Wonder-Child, The. .Le Gallienne 594
Woodland Grave, A. .Lord De Tabley 414
Woodruffe, The.

..Knox 247
Woodspurge, The.

D. Rossetti 398
Woone Smile mwore.

Barnes 106
Working Man's Song, The. .Blackie 86
World and Soul.

.G. Macdonald 164
World and the Quietist, The...M. Arnold 221
World's Death-Night, The. .J. Woods 301
Wreck, The.

.Ruskin 156

..Landor 14
Written in Edinburgh.

Hallam 68
Written in Emerson's Essays...M. Arnold 221
Young Windebank.

M. Woods 593
Youth and Age...

W. B, Scott 145
Youth and Art.

R. Browning 350
Youth, Love, and Death (from

..Bailey 158

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