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Corporal Punishment Prohibited.

Flogging and all other forms of corporal punishment are hereby prohibited on board of any vessel, and no form of corporal punishment on board of any vessel shall be deemed justifiable, and any master or other officer thereof who shall violate the aforesaid provisions of this section, or either thereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not less than three months nor more than two years. Whenever any officer other than the master of such vessel shall violate any provision of this section, it shall be the duty of such master to surrender such officer to the proper authorities as soon as practicable, provided he has actual knowledge of the misdemeanor, or complaint thereof is made within three days after reaching port. Any failure on the part of such master to use due diligence to comply herewith, which failure shall result in the escape of such officer, shall render the master or vessel or the owner of the vessel liable in damages for such flogging or corporal punishment to the person illegally punished by such officer. (R. S. 4611; Mar. 4, 1915, sec. 9.) Procedure.

All penalties and forfeitures imposed by this Title [R. S. 45014613], for the recovery whereof no specific mode is hereinbefore provided, may be recovered, with costs, in any district court of the United States, at the suit of any district attorney of the United States, or at the suit of any person by information to any district attorney in any port of the United States, where or near to where the offense is committed or the offender is found; and if a conviction is had, and the sum imposed as a penalty by the court is not paid either immediately after the conviction, or within such period as the court at the time of the conviction appoints, it shall be lawful for the court to commit the offender to prison, there to be imprisoned for the term hereinbefore provided in case of such offense, the commitment to be terminable upon payment of the amount and costs; and all penalties and forfeitures mentioned in this Title for which no special application is provided, shall, when recovered, be paid and applied in manner following: So much as the court shall determine, and the residue shall be paid to the court and be remitted from time to time, by order of the judge, to the Treasury of the United States, and appropriated as provided for in section forty-five hundred and forty-five: Provided always, That it shall be lawful for the court before which any proceeding shall be instituted for the recovery of any pecuniary penalty imposed by this Act, to mitigate or reduce such penalty as to such court shall appear just and reasonable; but no such penalty shall be reduced to less than one-third of its original amount: Provided also, That all proceedings so to be instituted shall be commenced within two years next after the commission of the offense, if the same shall have been committed at or beyond the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn, or within one year if committed elsewhere, or within two months after the return of the offender and the complaining party to the United States; and there shall be no appeal from any decision of any of the district courts, unless the amount sued for exceeds the sum of five hundred dollars. (R. S. 4610.)

Form of Articles of Agreement.

(Date and place of first signature of agreement, including name
of shipping office.)
It is agreed between the master and seamen or mariners of the
of which

is at present master, or whoever shall go for master, now bound from the port of to

(here the voyage is to be described, and the places named at which the vessel is to touch, or if that can not be done, the general nature and probable length of the voyage is to be stated).

And the said crew agree to conduct themselves in an orderly, faithful, honest, and sober manner, and to be at all times diligent in their respective duties, and to be obedient to the lawful commands of the said master, or of any person who shall lawfully succeed him, and of their superior officers in everything relating to the vessel, and the stores and cargo thereof, whether on board, in boats, or on shore; and in consideration of which service, to be duly performed, the said master hereby agrees to pay the said crew, as wages, the sums against their names respectively expressed, and to supply them with provisions according to the annexed scale. And it is hereby agreed that any embezzlement or willful or negligent destruction of any part of the vessel's cargo or stores shall be made good to the owner out of the wages of the person guilty of the same; and if any person enters himself as qualified for a duty which he proves himself incompetent to perform, his wages shall be reduced in proportion to his incompetency. And it is also agreed that if any member of the crew considers himself to be aggrieved by any breach of the agreement or otherwise, he shall represent the same to the master or officer in charge of the vessel, in a quiet and orderly manner, who shall thereupon take such steps as the case may require. And it is also agreed that (here any other stipulations may be inserted to which the parties agree, and which are not contrary to law).

In witness whereof the said parties have subscribed their names hereto on the days against their respective signatures mentioned. Signed by

master, on the

day of

eighteen hundred and

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(R. S. 4612; June 26, 1884, sec. 10; Dec. 21, 1898, sec. 24.) NOTE.—In the place for signatures and descriptions of men engaged after the first departure of the ship, the entries are to be made as

above, except that the signatures of the consul or vice consul, officer
of customs, or witness before whom the man is engaged, is to be
substituted for that of the shipping master.
Account of Apprentices on Board.

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Scale of Provisions to be Allowed and Served Out to Crew During the


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.quarts.. Biscuit.

-pound.. Beer, salt.

-pounds. Pork, salt.

-pound. Flour.

-pound.. Canned meat.

-pound.. Fresh bread.

pounds.. Fish, dry, preserved, or fresh. -pound.. Potatoes or yams....

-pound.. Canned tomatoes.

-pound.. Peas.

-pint.. Beans..

..pint.. Rice.

...pint.. Coffee (green berry).

---ounce. Tea.

..ounce.. Sugar.

..ounces. Molasses.

pint. Dried fruit..

--ounces.. Pickles.

-pint.. Vinegar..

-pint.. Corn meal.

..ounces.. Onions.

..ounces. Lard..

.....ounce.. Butter.

ounces.. Mustard, pepper, and salt sufficient for season


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One pound of flour daily may be substituted for the daily ration of biscuit or fresh bread; two ounces of desiccated vegetables for one pound of potatoes or yams; six ounces of hominy, oatmeal, or cracked wheat, or two ounces of tapioca, for six ounces of rice; six ounces of canned vegetables for one-half pound of canned tomatoes; one-eighth of an ounce of tea for three-fourths of an ounce of coffee; three-fourths of an ounce of coffee for one-eighth of an ounce of tea; six ounces of canned fruit for three ounces of dried fruit; one-half ounce of lime juice for the daily ration of vinegar; four ounces of oatmeal or cracked wheat for one-half pint of corn meal; two ounces of pickled onions for four ounces of fresh onions.

When the vessel is in port and it is possible to obtain the same, one and one-half pounds of fresh meat shall be substituted for the daily rations of salt and canned meat; one-half pound of green cabbage for one ration of canned tomatoes; one-half pound of fresh fruit for one ration of dried fruit. Fresh fruit and vegetables shall be served while in port if obtainable. The seamen shall have the option of accepting the fare the master may provide, but the right at any time to demand the foregoing scale of provisions. The foregoing scale of provisions shall be inserted in every article of agreement, and shall not be reduced by any contract, except as above, and a copy of the same shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the galley and in the forecastle of each vessel. [Fishing or whaling vessels on yachts exempt-Dec. 21, 1898, sec. 26.] (R. S. 4612; Dec. 21, 1898, sec. 23; Mar. 4, 1915, sec. 10.)

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day of

I certify that the above particulars are correct and that the abovenamed seaman was discharged accordingly. Dated

eighteen hundred and (Signed)

Master. (Countersigned)

Seaman. Given to the above-named seaman in my presence this day of eighteen hundred and (Signed)

Shipping Commissioner.

(R. S. 4612.) Sick and Disabled Seamen.

The President is authorized to receive donations of real or personal property, in the name of the United States, for the erection or support of hospitals for sick and disabled seamen. (R. S. 4801.)

The term "seaman" wherever employed in legislation relating to the Public Health Service shall be held to include any person employed on board in the care, preservation, or navigation of any vessel, or in the service, on board, of those engaged in such care, preservation, or navigation. (Mar. 3, 1875, sec. 3; Aug. 14, 1912.)

No person employed in or connected with the navigation, management, or use of canal boats engaged in the coasting trade shall by

reason thereof be entitled to any benefit or relief from the marinehospital fund. (R. S. 4804.)

Sick and disabled seamen of foreign vessels and of vessels (not subject to hospital dues] may be cared for by the Public Health Service at such rates and under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. (Mar. 3, 1875, sec. 6.)

Insane patients of the Public Health Service shall be admitted into Saint Elizabeths Hospital upon the order of the Secretary of the Treasury, and shall be cared for therein until cured or until removed by the same authority. The Public Health Service shall pay to Saint Elizabeths Hospital the actual per capita cost of maintenance in the said hospital of patients committed by that service. (Mar. 3, 1875, sec. 5; July 1, 1918, sec. 1.)

The privilege of admission to and temporary treatment in the marine hospitals under the control of the Government of the United States be, and is hereby, extended to the officers and men of the Coast Guard under the same rules and regulations as those verning sailors and seamen, and for the purposes of this Act members of the Coast Guard shall be received in said hospitals and treated therein, and at the dispensaries thereof, as are seamen of American registered vessels; but this Act shall not be so construed as to compel the establishment of hospitals or dispensaries for the benefit of said officers and men, nor as establishing a home for the same when permanently disabled. (Aug. 4, 1894; Jan. 28, 1915, sec. 2.) Jurisdiction Over American Seamen in Foreign Ports and Foreign Seamen

in American Ports.

Whenever it is stipulated by treaty or convention between the United States and any foreign nation that the consul general, consuls, vice consuls, or consular or commercial agents of each nation shall have exclusive jurisdiction of controversies, difficulties, or disorders arising at sea or in the waters or ports of the other nation, between the master or officers and any of the crew, or between any of the crew themselves, of any vessel belonging to the nation represented by such consular officer, such stipulations shall be executed and enforced within the jurisdiction of the United States as hereinafter declared. But before this section shall take effect as to the vessels of any particular nation having such treaty with the United States, the President shall be satisfied that similar provisions have been made for the execution of such treaty by the other contracting party, and shall issue his proclamation to that effect, declaring this section to be in force as to such nation. (R. S. 4079.)

In all cases within the purview of the preceding section the consul general, consul, or other consular or commercial authority of such foreign nation charged with the appropriate duty in the particular case may make application to any court of record of the United States, or to any judge thereof, or to any commissioner of a district court, setting forth that such controversy, difficulty, or disorder has arisen, briefly stating the nature thereof, and when and where the same occurred, and exhibiting a certified copy or extract of the shipping-articles, roll, or other proper paper of the vessel, to the effect that the person in question is of the crew or ship's company of such vessel; and further stating and certifying that such person has with

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