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Will you take the opinion of a forty-niner on " Gold"?
one of that hardy band who crossed the plains (150 days
on the way) in search of El Dorado? He says that in
"Gold" he lives again the breathless thrill of those great
Illustrated by Thomas Fogarty. Net, $1.35


By Thomas W. Hanshew

A new version of "set a thief to catch a thief." Cleek is an interesting character-now Apache- -now political intriguer-now turned detective. Here we find him solving one of the strangest riddles that Scotland Yard has ever had to face and his adventures in the course of it are thrilling. Illustrated. Net, $1.25.


Author of "Little Stories of Married Life," etc.


By Harriet T. Comstock
Author of "Joyce of the North Woods
Mrs. Comstock's story has rare

A story of the ragged mountains of Virginia. "A book that is charmingly written.
merit. It conveys a message from the 'poor whites' of the Southern hills and voices it sympathetically."-New York
Evening Post.
Frontispiece. Net, $1.25

By Mary Stewart Cutting

AMBROSE Margaret Vandercook

There was no question as to Ambrose being a unique hero-tall, homely, good-natured. There could also be no doubt as to his being romantic, all the girls would vouch for that, the little orphan, Emly, Peachy, and--but three wives are enough for any man. It is a Kentucky story charmingly and amusingly told. Illustrated. Net, $1.00

300,000 in five months A True Blue Story.


By Ernest Thompson Seton

Author of "Wild Animals I Have Known," etc. "Just a glance at it revives the thrill of several years ago, when Mr. Seton was writing enchanting biographies of grizzly bears and other tales with memorable titles like The Trail of the Sand-Hill Stag. His new book offers the most intimate and unforgettable sketches of coyotes, prairie-dogs, fox, deer, buffalo, and the mountain lion. Certainly it has the feel of the forest in it, and its illustrations are more than satisfying."-The Bookman. Illustrated. Net, $1.50

"If you have ever taken the 8.17 train seriously, if you have ever been a commuter or a commuter's wife or his cousin or the guest within his somewhat shabby gates, you will find yourself in 'Refractory Husbands.'

"In this collection Mrs. Cutting has caught the absolute essence of suburban life."-St. Louis Republic. Net, $1.00


By William Davenport Hulbert When this book was first published some ten years ago a critic said, "The account of these wild folk was written by an intimate acquaintance. The life of the woods is depicted with loving fidelity." In it are stories of the beaver, the king trout, and other animals, and all are fascinatingly told. Previously issued at $1.50. It is now put in popular form.

Illustrated. Net, 50 cents

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A clean, wholesome story full of the beauties of nature and the joy of Aliving about people who are the back-bone of the country.

Illustrated in color. Cloth, net $1.35. Leather, net $1.75


By Gene Stratton-Porter

Many People

Cannot get books. If there is no book-shop near you, we shall be glad to send books on approval. Or, check the titles you want on this page and mail us your check, including post


A Complete

Catalogue sent free on request.
Also, interesting booklets on:
O. Henry, Joseph Conrad,
Booth Tarkington, Stewart Ed-
ward White, and "The Kipling


Seven Seas Edition

of Rudyard Kipling's Works limited to 1050 sets-each set autographed by the anthor. 23 volumes.

Circular on request

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There is a big-hearted plan to


N these days of changing literary standards, you are SURE OF ST. NICHOLAS. This "best loved of all magazines," without being namby-pamby, is as clean as a whistle.

Billy Evans, the great umpire, starts a series of baseball articles in the April ST. NICHOLAS.

Its first-class fiction, science, history, and poetry
are offered in clearly printed form and are filled with
entertaining and beautiful illustrations.

This picture taken from a recent

25 cents a copy

St. Nicholas

$3.00 a year

is one of the illustrations of a fine story that tells how to make and use bob-sleds.

"The best in art and literature is none too good
for American children"-a principle ST.
NICHOLAS has lived up to since its first
number, published in 1873.

double the influence of St. Nicholas★


rich is the program of ST. NICHOLAS for 1914 that the boy or girl you care for most has got to have it. To mention only three of the important features:

Francis Ouimet

Boy Champion Golfer contributes a series of articles on golf that every golfer should read.

Renew your Acquaintance with the "Best Loved of All Magazines"


"The Housekeeping Adven-
tures of the Junior Blairs"
(A Serial)


tells outdoor and indoor youngsters how to cook.

THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

I am interested in the details of your Plan to Double the ST. NICHOLAS Family before May 31. Tell me about them.


The St. Nicholas

delights and educates tens
of thousands of young
people every month.



Four Novels Which No Lover of
Distinctive Fiction Should Miss

Life says:

"A story warranted to induce the most rejuvenating of moods in all but the most case-hardened minds."

Life says:

"It is a thrilling story, quite apart from the fact that it is a confession. And it is a confession which rather takes one's breath away."

Book News Monthly calls it:

"An amazingly tender and beautiful story, in which smiles and tears get a good deal mixed."


says the Chicago News:

"has the rare faculty of making unusual events seem as plausible as ordinary ones, and of finding in ordinary people something absolutely new and interesting."

Frances Hodgson Burnett's
T. Tembarom

"A modern fairy story without fairies; a romance without knights and dragons, but with all the delightful qualities of fairy stories and romances.

"Little Ann, Lady Joan, the Duke, and all the other characters stand out with intense personalities.


"The fascinated reader wishes it longer. No one stops to consider whether it is probable or not; no one cares.' -Christian Endeavor World.

Delightful illustrations by Chapman. Price $1.40 net, postage 12 cents

Jack London's

John Barleycorn

His own story of his life. A presentation of the
liquor problem from the human personal side.
"The greatest book that has yet come from the pen of
Jack London."-Book News Monthly.

Price $1.30 net, postage 12 cents

Maria Thompson Daviess'
The Tinder Box

In which the author of "The Melting of Molly" "treats one aspect of the current feminist movement in a delightfully humorous fashion, and incidently shows us a bit of society in Tennessee, the realism of which shines through the drapings of romance."

Pictures to match the story. Price $1.00 net, postage 7 cents

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott's

The White Linen Nurse

The kind of live little book which stirs its readers to hot
discussion. As good as "Molly-Make-Believe"? Read it,
and decide for yourself.

Pictures by Pfeifer. Price $1.00 net, postage 7 cents

Published by THE CENTURY CO.

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"I have read the entire story with keen interest.
Merwin's portrayal of character is convincing
and realistic, and his familiarity with the China
Coast and Japanese atmosphere is unquestion-


"In its essence the book is romantic, in much
the same whimsical vein that Locke's books
are romantic. . .

"I derived a keen delight from Mr. Merwin's
buoyant, diverting, delicately ironic pages. The
book . . . is eminently wholesome, clean,
and sane; and I wish we might have more of
the same order."

Frontispiece in tint and eight insets by Crosby
Price $1.35 net, postage 11 cents

At your bookseller's. Published by


The New Book by Samuel Merwin

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