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goot ?"


hacienda is more better than a ship, yas. der vedding-gift. Ach! You t'ink dat iss Those ship’ is ver' lonesome and also ver' seasick. Caramba! I know, who have She sprang to her feet, wondering besail'."

wilderment in her wide eyes. Rising, Schwartz walked ponderously "To me—the hacienda!” she cried. to the edge of the gallery and called to the Madre de Dios! Señor, you going get señora.

crezzy?” “Come," he said as she looked up. “Not very crazy,” he mimicked her. “Also der captain und der liddle daughter “I go to Chermany alretty, but der liddle - all come qvick.”

place I leaf to you for der vedding-gift. He ceremoniously placed chairs for them Gewiss, it iss very becoming to you." all, and, standing before the señora, smiled "But, Señor,” she looked at Captain down upon her as he asked:

Miranda and cast down her eyes — "You like my liddle hacienda, Señora?” “but—"

"Like!" she cried. “Caramba! Señor, "Ah, Señor," said Captain Miranda, I lofe it-so nice like that heaven, you gently, "you un'stand how the señora beun'stand? No noise and fight, like those holds that difficult'? 'T is ver' muc.. apPasaquimento; no hot street; no hot preciate', yas. Hola! I myself have the house in the long row-no mens." She

tear to my eye bec-ause of the ver' gr-reat giggled, looking at us under lowered eye- generousness; but, Señor, you behol' how lids.

she shall depart in similar manner to you? "No mens, Maria Pascala ?” said Pas- Therefore shall that wedding-gift be left sos. “How you— "

desert'." “Not many mens,” she corrected her- “Like the rice thrown after a bride," I self; "just small, lit' imperfection." suggested.

“They vill go, der men,” declared Captain Miranda turned to me and Schwartz; “but you, Señora-you vill re- bowed. main yet. I gif it to you, der hacienda- “Ver' much similar to that," he said


gravely; "and that is ver' impolite to leave like the cat-quick in those manner.” present in such manner, you un'stand ?" She turned to Schwartz, her face beam

“But why shall she be desert'?" eagerlying, her eyes pools of liquid gratitude. demanded Barzilla. “'T is this manner, "Dear, kind friend, I think you so nice Señor. The Señor Schwartz he declare like some angel.” She faced Captain Mithe hacienda is ver' becoming to the se- randa, a new timidity in her voice as she ñora. We behol' the perfectness. Ver' asked: “You like, Señor? You consider well. But is the Cape Horn, the high sea, those present beautiful like me?" also perfectness ? Señor, I shall display "The Señor Schwartz is ver' large to the truth: Maria Pascala is going get ver' the heart," replied Captain Miranda; scare' by them."

“yas, tha' 's so.'

He rose, wrung “I am scare' this ver' minute," con- Schwartz's hand, then turned to the sefessed the Señora Pascala.

ñora. “But, Señora,” he said, "you are “Aha! did I not relate the truth?” cried ver' much mistak' concerning this sea. Barzilla, triumphantly. “Ver' well, is not She is ver' loving; spoil', perhaps, like all smoothed by so fine present? You shall some beautiful childs, but yet loving, Sesell your ship, and return to the perfectness. ñora. Do I not know, who have known We shall welcome you—all present inclu- her so lengthily? You are scare' of her sive- to be country

firstly, but lastly you mens to us. Behol'.

love her. She shall Señor Capitan, how all

rock you to sleep in my is nicely manufac' by

little sheep, and you us to gr-reat perfect

shall laugh at the scare,

Señora. You shall beThe señora's face

hol' all as I say." was alight with eager

The señora placed joy.

her hand lovingly on "Caramba! da''s ver'

his shoulders as she said nice!" she cried. She

in a troubled voice: looked at Captain Mi

“Tha' 's all correc' randa's thoughtful face,

like you say, of co’se, hesitated, sighed, and

Señor, then said: “But, no;

heart is scare' all the da' 's all some joke

same. Tha' 's ver' fonny like that-to give

foolish,-yas, of co'se, so nice present. I bec

- but that frightness is ome ver' much 'shamed

in my heart so much I to think in that man

think I going get crezzy ner. T is nonsent."

off it. Tha' 's ver' sad “I say I vill gif it,

business to get crezzy, und I will gif it,"

I think, yas. declared Schwartz.

It was then that Bar""T'iss petter than to

zilla spoke again, breaksell for noddings; 't is

ing in eagerly upon gif from der heart.”

Captain Miranda's hesiThe señora sighed in

tation. wondering happiness.

"Pardon, Señor," he “Ah! da' 's ver'

began, "you were going beautiful, I think, to

say how? But firstly I live always in so lovely

may ask some question, place, so near my lit'

perhaps? Gracias, Sesmall daught' and my

ñor. 'T is only the kind friends, and con

lit' small question: you sider no more those

have loaded your vessel sea'! Basta! I think "SHE IS VER' LOVING; SPOIL', PER

too deep, is it not so?" so much of those sea', HAPS, LIKE SOME BEAU.

Captain Miranda my heart shall jump


laughed and waved his

but-but my

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hand lightly, in disparagement of Bar- "They shall burn always before his zilla's serious tone.

shrine till you come,” she declared. "Perhaps, Señor," he replied. “Yas, · And if I come not bec-ause those sea' it is confess'; a little. But, caramba! I She placed her hand quickly over his lips. load always in such manner, and am I not " 'Sh!" she cried. “You going let St. here after many such loading'? Those lit' Anthony think you think he cannot fix small vessel', are they not similar to the those sea nice-unbeliever?" donkey, to be loaded much to make the "Not unbeliever, Señora," he replied ; pay? Otherwise the loss, yas."

"but when you desire the heaven ver' “And she leaks, is it not so?" Barzilla much, and think 't is ver' near, and, cawent on relentlessly. “Each morning the ramba! you find 't is ten thousand mile' crew is to the pumps; they become ver' off you, you think mebbe-you think —” tiresome.”

Then he paused. "Como no? Why not?" demanded the "You think how, Señor?" she asked alcaptain. “A little leak, -a few hundred most sharply. Her brow was wrinkled stroke', -what is that? Basta! It is with anxiety. trifle." He snapped his fingers.

“Nothing, Señora.” “Ah, tha' 's all just like I hear to the "You think what, Señor?" she repeated. landing," said Barzilla. "Some peop' they “You un'stand how I ask you some quesbehol' your vessel, and they shake the head. tion?" 'Ha!' they declare, 'she is load' too deep. He bowed as he said: Oh, those reckless! They load too deep, “You think those ten thousand mile' is yet they arrive; yet some day they shall ver' far off those heaven, Señora- just not arrive.' Señor -- " Barzilla leaned for- that manner.” ward and solemnly laid his hand on Cap- “Señor, you think more. Please to de tain Miranda's knee-“consider if on that clare all,” she said, and stood back, eying day you arrive not, the Señora Pascala ar- him sternly. rive not also. Consider that, and also how “Tha' 's all--almost all,” he answered she was ver' scare' to those sea and those stoutly. “Of co'se you think long disvessel."

tance like that ver' lonesome; but, ca“But if that vessel is sell,” broke in the ramba! the more lonesomeness firstly, the Señora Pascala, eagerly, "is there not the greater gladness lastly, you un'stand?" hacienda yet, Señor? You want desert so She still stood doubtful. nice present off the Señor Schwartz. You “Señor,” she said slowly, “I ask you want make him ver' sawrry?”

recollec' those ship too much load' and “I want make nobuddy sawrry, Se- those leak' and those sea. Now,- you recñora,” replied Captain Miranda, humbly, ollec' all ?- now, did you not think mebbe "and leastly of all peop' you. Therefore those ten thous' mile' to bec-ome nevair shall it be like you desire. Caramba! you nevair get back once more? Did you? what other shall I ask but your desire? Please to tell me." You desire it so ? Hola! it is so. You He laughed light-heartedly as he cried: shall remain by that wedding-gift."

Zut! you try make me get scare' off "And you also, Señor?" she asked; "of those long ways, Señora ? Caramba! I co'se. Tha' 's ver' foolish to ask. I think shall swim so far like that for such I get crezzy."

heaven.” He looked up into her face and “I shall go, but to return,” he replied. smiled, and she returned the look, gravely "It is not possible to sell my lit' sheep smiling. here. Caramba! no. Therefore, 't is nec- "I shall pray to St. Anthony to make it .essar' to go; but only to return, you un'- not necessar' to swim,” she cried. stand?"

Schwartz, rapidly walking to and fro She stooped and kissed him before us all. on the gallery, now paused beside us. I

Vaga con Dios! Go with God, Se- think he had scarcely heard our talk. ñor!” she murmured. "He shall bring "It grows dark," he said. “I t'ink ve you back to me ver' quick.”

shall enter der house, nicht wahr?He smiled up into her face.

We trooped into the great living-room, “We shall burn some candle' to St. An- where lamps were already lighted, with thony to watch on me,” he said tenderly. something of new interest in it for all of

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us, I think. It had belonged to Schwartz its wide, railed upper gallery, leaving the when we left it, and now it was to be the room in which we stood mainly uncovered Señora Pascala's. The very thought to the roof. Near the window a parrot changed the place, imbued it with a ro- swung and screamed in its cage, and mantic glamour. I saw the señora's face through an open door we could hear the glow as she paused in the middle of the maids chattering together as they craned

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room and look about her. Schwartz their necks in unconventional and open paused at her side.

curiosity in our doings. "You vill not change it, Señora?" he So the señora stood in rapt joy, turning said. "I vill be gladt to t’ink of der room slowly on her heels, till suddenly, with a like dis, mit you herein."

little cry, she darted across the tiled floor "No, Señor," she promised.

to the rear of the room, where, in a deep The night wind, blowing through, set niche in the wall, a tall, red water-cooler candles flickering and shadows dancing on stood. She took the water-cooler down, the walls. The spacious room looked very and, holding it in her arms, turned to airy and cool, with its broad stairway and Schwartz.

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"This alone, Señor,” she said "this speaking, then gently waved his hand in alone is it permit' to change? Here shall dismissal. stand that image of St. Anthony; here “'T is obtain' already--that desire," shall burn those candle'. You forgive he replied. “You see, behol'ing you go, those lit', small change, Señor. You get I recollec' ver' sudden how you shall go sawrry for those ?"

up and down those stair' efery day, and I Gewiss.!” Schwartz cried, “I vill my- shall not behol' you; but now my heart self place dot imache dere."

shall behol' you far off where I am,--the "St. Anthony of Padua, you un'stand, image, you un'stand ?- similar like you Señor?" warned Captain Miranda. “ 'Tis are this minute. Buenas noces, Señora. he that watches on sailormens. You can The pleasant dream." He turned quickly procure him to the lit', small shop of the and went out of the door, to walk the Señor Barca. Tha''s behine those cathe- tile-paved gallery alone, the better to fix dral, you know-lit' yaller house."

the image in his mind, perhaps. "I vill get him," Schwartz promised. For a moment she stood and watched

“I have the lit', small image to him in him go, with a look on her face that I had my cabin," said the captain.

never seen there before; for it held neither “You have him to your cabin?" said joy nor fear, hope nor dread, but only an the señora, delightedly.

abiding, resolute peace, like that of an "Always, Señora,” he answered, “ 'Tis aged nun who had put the world behind he that bring me to you firstly; he shall her, and lived each hour as it came, with return me back once more.”

no backward or forward look. Then, "Sure-lee,” she agreed. "How any- without a glance at us, she turned and buddy going trust him once more when he went slowly up the stairs again. fail in such manner ?"

Early in the freshness of the morning, "Nobuddy," he replied.

when the dew was on the grass and the "Tha''s how I think, yas. Also, Se- hacienda was looking its best, we stood ñor, twice the day, in the mornings by about the carriage that was to take us back seven, in the nights by seven, I shall tell

to Pasaquimento and waited for the sehim to return you back. You going recol- ñora to appear. She came around the corlec' those hour'?"

ner of the house at last, ready for the ride, “Yas; and ask him similar like you," and holding in her hands a small pot of he declared.

mignonette. She held it out

toward "Ah!" she cried triumphantly, and for Schwartz, saying timidly: the rest of the evening she was very gay "Señor, is it permit' to take the lit', and joyous.

small flower?" We drank to the health and happiness He laughed. of the new mistress of the house before Señora,” he said, "iss it not all yours we separated for the night, and when she --flower and garden, house and eferyt'ing finally left us, we stood together in the --der vedding-gift?" middle of the room and watched her go. “Señor," she replied, “I think you ver' But as she reached the turn in the stairs nice like some angel-generous like that; and glanced smilingly back, Captain Mi- but, Señor, this lit', small flower is those randa took a step forward.

wedding-gif'. I go in those lit' ship with “Señora,” he said -- "Señora, be please' my hoosban'." to return a little.

In the face of the storm of protest she She laughed and obediently turned back, only smiled and said: stepping down slowly, her hand on the "Yas, tha' 's all just like you say, Serail.

ñores; but when he declare' last night how The captain raised his hand.

his heart shall see the image to me going "There!” he cried, -"remain there, Se- up and down those stair', Señores, I think

I going die bec-ause of those lonesome heart. With a wondering little laugh she stood Tha''s ver' fonny wedding-gif', to sep'rate still as she said gently:

ever'buddy in those manner. This is those "Tha' 's ver' fonny, Señor. What you gift- this lit', small flower, yas. 'T is all desire?"

I ask; for then shall there be no those For a moment he gazed at her without heart to nobuddy."


ñora mia."

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