Puslapio vaizdai

That he wore when he went to London-Spaw, And robbed Sir MUNGO MUCKLETHRAW.

Out-spoke DOLLY the Chambermaid, (Trembling a little, but not afraid,)

“Stand and Deliver, O ‘BEAU BROCADE'!"

But the BEAU rode nearer, and would not speak, For he saw by the moonlight a rosy cheek;

And a spavined mare with a rusty hide ;
And a girl with her hand at her pocket-side.

So never a word he spoke as yet,

For he thought 'twas a freak of MEG or BET;— A freak of the "Rose" or the "Rummer" set.

Out-spoke DOLLY the Chambermaid,

(Tremulous now, and sore afraid,)

"Stand and Deliver, O ‘BEAU Brocade'!”—

Firing then, out of sheer alarm,

Hit the BEAU in the bridle-arm.

Button the first went none knows where,

But it carried away his solitaire;

Button the second a circuit made,

Glanced in under the shoulder-blade ;

Down from the saddle fell "BEAU BROCADE"!

Down from the saddle and never stirred !—

DOLLY grew white as a Windsor curd.

Slipped not less from the mare, and bound
Strips of her kirtle about his wound.

Then, lest his Worship should rise and flee,
Fettered his ankles-tenderly.

Jumped on his chestnut, BET the fleet (Called after BET of Portugal Street);

Came like the wind to the old Inn-door ;—
Roused fat JOHN from a three-fold snore ;-

Vowed she'd 'peach if he misbehaved . . .
Briefly, the "Plymouth Fly" was saved!

Staines and Windsor were all on fire :—
DOLLY was wed to a Yorkshire squire ;
Went to Town at the K-G's desire!

But whether His M-J-STY saw her or not,
HOGARTH jotted her down on the spot;

And something of DOLLY one still may trace In the fresh contours of his "Milkmaid's" face.

GEORGE the Guard fled over the sea :

JOHN had a fit-of perplexity;

Turned King's evidence, sad to state ;-
But JOHN was never immaculate.

As for the BEAU, he was duly tried,

When his wound was healed, at Whitsuntide;

Served-for a day-as the last of "sights,"
To the world of St. James's-Street and "White's,"

Went on his way to TYBURN TREE,

With a pomp befitting his high degree.

Every privilege rank confers :

Bouquet of pinks at St. Sepulchrè's;

Flagon of ale at Holborn Bar;

Friends (in mourning) to follow his Car("t" is omitted where HEROES are !)

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Every one knows the speech he made;

Swore that he "rather admired the Jade !"—

Waved to the crowd with his gold-laced hat : Talked to the Chaplain after that;

Turned to the Topsman undismayed. .
This was the finish of " BEAU BROCADE"!

And this is the Ballad that seemed to hide
In the leaves of a dusty "LONDONER's Guide";

66 Humbly Inscrib'd (with curls and tails) By the Author, to FREDERICK, Prince of WALES :

"Published by FRANCIS and OLIVER PINE; Ludgate-Hill, at the Blackmoor Sign.




"Belle Marquise, vos beaux yeux me font mourir d'amour."-MOLIÈRE.

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Mute at every word you utter,

Servants to your least frill-flutter,

"Belle Marquise!"—

As you sit there growing prouder,

And your ringed hands glance and go, And your fan's frou-frou sounds louder,

And your "beaux yeux" flash and glow ;Ah, you used them on the Painter,

As you know,

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