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sobich was offered in facrifice to idols, (ver. 19, 2.1) was a par-
taking with the heathen of their facrificing to idols, (ver. 14.20.)
a joyning with them in their facrificing; and so that whereby
Christians made themfelves of one

lamp and company with the
heathen: as by our partaking all of that one bread, we shew
our felves to be one bread, and one body, that is of one kind
and company.

The meaning therefore of The cup of bleffing, &c. is as is aforesaid. And if this our partaking or joyning with Christ in his Offering for us his Body and Blood, be done as it ought to be; then it is also our partaking of the Benefits of his Body broken, and Blood shed for us, that is the means whereby we are partakers of the fame Benefits.

We are made partakers of those Benefits, not by eating and drinking the holy Signs, but by the right Remembrance, which the Signs eaten and drank do ftir up in us; by our remembring to do as 33, 34 Qu. As 1 Pet. 3. 21. it is not the outward washing of Baptism that saves us, but the answer of a good confrience towards God, fignified by the outward Washing.

So in Baptism we are washed from our sins with the Blood of Chrift; which is the same with eating his Flesh, and drinking his Blood, that is, receiving the Benefits of his Death.

And this is fufficient for us, without the other Sacrament, until we can be capable of Remembring his Death as we ought to do, in his holy Supper. For there is no Commandment, nor any Word rightly understood, that implies a Commandment for us to partake of that holy Supper before, Lev. 10. 1, 2.

XXXVI. Q. What must you do before you come to the Lord's Supper?

A. I must see a that I truly repent of my Sins b ; a. 1 Cor. and am resolv'd to live a new Life with all my b. A 16, Power c.

17 Qu. Then I must believe that God will forgive mec. As 34 all my sins, and give me his grace and other blef- Qu. 3. sings for the sake of Christ's Dying

for us d., ỉ must be heartily thankful for Christ's Dying Qu, !: for us, and for all the Blessings we have by his

Qu. 2. Death e.

And I must love and forgive ever body f.

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d. As 34

e. As 34

f. As 34 Qu. 4.


These are the necessary Duties of every Christian ; and therefore they must be done, not only to fit us for the Lord's Supper, but to make us fit for any Service of God.

Let the Catechism of the Church be perfeEtly learnt

before the following Exposition. If thou valuest Heavenly wisdom as thou oughtest,

(Matth. 13. 44, 45, 46.) thou needest not be discouragd, from learning or teaching the Exposition. For by mort daily lessons, and often not long repetitions, as is aforesaid, all the Answers with the chief of their proofs, and the few Prayers, with their exposition, may in early years be perfeetly in the memory of an ordinary learner, and without hinderance to other business. And by the same mean's so much of the Exposition of the Orders of Confirmation and the Communion, as is necessary for young beginners, will be speedily learnt, And then they may, and must go on with Diligence to understand the rest of the Common-Prayer. See the Divine Institution of Confirmation,

Part III. Chap. VI. They who are in their ignorance come to years of

discretion, must begin their learning, with learning and doing as well as they can, the Duties of Repentance and Faith. If they be children, or the weaker fort of others, they may do this according to the 16, 17, 18, 19 Questions of this Catechism. If they be elder persons of common capacities, they may, do the same according to the 27, 28, 29 Questions of the Commandments in the

following Exposition. Next, they are to learn to understand, and say beartily

their Prayers. And then they must learn with all Diligence, all the rest that they ought to know for their Soul's health.


Let not the ignorant of what Age foever, be so

foolish as to think they need not learn the Catechism, or an Exposition of it, because it is to be learnt by children. For the Catechism, and a good Exposetion of it, is the very Marrow of the Bible, what all must learn for their Souls bealth, and the Foundation upon which all other Christian Knowledge must be built. Therefore to the learning of this Foundation, by all elder Persons that have not learnt it, or bave forgot it, Christ's Words, Mat. 18. 3. are to be applied, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

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Church-Catechism, Made Plain to Vulgar CAPACITIES:



Taken out of the

COMMON-PRAYER, and explain'd.

Also a Plain



ORDERS of Confirmation,


Holy Communion.

P A L. i. 2.
His delight is in the law of the Lord : and in

bis law doth be meditate day and night.

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