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Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,

Home The hills of the Highlands forever I love.


Country Farewell to the mountains high covered with


Farewell to the straths and green valleys below;
Farewell to the forests and wild-hanging woods;
Farewell to the torrents and loud-pouring floods.
My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer;
Chasing the wild deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go.

The Minstrel-Boy

The Minstrel-boy to the war is gone,
In the ranks of death you'll find him;
His father's sword he has girded on,

And his wild harp slung behind him."Land of song!" said the warrior-bard,


Though all the world betrays thee,
One sword, at least, thy rights shall guard,
One faithful harp shall praise thee!"

The Minstrel fell!-but the foeman's chain
Could not bring his proud soul under;
The harp he loved ne'er spoke again,
For he tore its chords asunder;

And said, "No chains shall sully thee,
Thou soul of love and bravery!




Thy songs were made for the pure and free, Country They shall never sound in slavery!"


The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls

The harp that once through Tara's halls

The soul of music shed,

Now hangs as mute on Tara's walls

As if that soul were fled.

So sleeps the pride of former days,
So glory's thrill is o'er,

And hearts, that once beat high for praise,
Now feel that pulse no more.

No more to chiefs and ladies bright

The harp of Tara swells:

The chord alone, that breaks at night,
Its tale of ruin tells.

Thus Freedom now so seldom wakes,

The only throb she gives

Is when some heart indignant breaks,

To show that still she lives.


For Home

and Country


Fife and Drum

The trumpet's loud clangor

Excites us to arms,

With shrill notes of anger

And mortal alarms.

The double, double, double beat

Of the thundering drum,

Cries, "Hark! the foes come;

Charge, charge! 'tis too late to retreat."


From "The Ode on St. Cecilia's Day."

The Cavalier's Song

A steed! a steed of matchlesse speed,

A sword of metal keene!

All else to noble heartes is drosse,

All else on earth is meane.

The neighyinge of the war-horse prowde,
The rowlinge of the drum,

The clangor of the trumpet lowde,

Be soundes from heaven that come;
And oh! the thundering presse of knightes,
Whenas their war cryes swell,

May tole from heaven an angel bright,
And rouse a fiend from hell.

Then mounte! then mounte, brave gallants all,

And don your helmes amaine:

Deathe's couriers, fame and honor, call

Us to the field againe.

No shrewish teares shall fill our eye

When the sword-hilt's in our hand

Heart-whole we'll part, and no whit sighe

For the fayrest of the land;

Let piping swaine, and craven wight,

Thus weepe and puling crye;

Our business is like men to fight,

And hero-like to die!


The Old Scottish Cavalier

Come listen to another song,

Should make your heart beat high, Bring crimson to your forehead,

And the luster to your eye;—

It is a song of olden time,

Of days long since gone by,

And of a baron stout and bold

As e'er wore sword on thigh!

Like a brave old Scottish cavalier,

All of the olden time!

He kept his castle in the north,

Hard by the thundering Spey;

For Home

and Country

For Home



And a thousand vassals dwelt around,

All of his kindred they.

And not a man of all that clan

Had ever ceased to pray

For the Royal race they loved so well,
Though exiled far away

From the steadfast Scottish cavaliers
All of the olden time!

His father drew the righteous sword
For Scotland and her claims,
Among the loyal gentlemen

And chiefs of ancient names,
Who swore to fight or fall beneath
The standard of King James,

And died at Killiecrankie Pass
With the glory of the Græmes;
Like a true old Scottish cavalier
All of the olden time!

He never owned the foreign rule,
No master he obeyed,

But kept his clan in peace at home,
From foray and from raid;
And when they asked him for his oath,
He touched his glittering blade,

And pointed to his bonnet blue,

That bore the white cockade:
Like a leal old Scottish cavalier,
All of the olden time!

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