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Cast-iron Car Wheels.

give even a brief description of the different kinds of cars which are now used. The following list could be increased considerably if all the different varieties were included:

Baggage-car, boarding-car, box-car, buffet car, caboose or conductor's car, cattle or stock car, coal-car, derrick-car, drawing-room car, dropbottom car, dump-car, express-car, flat or platform car, gondola-car, hand-car, hay-car, hopper-bottom car, horse-car, hotel-car, inspectioncar, lodging-car, mail-car, milk-car, oil-car, ore-car, palace-car, passenger-car, post-office car, push-car, postal-car, refrigerator-car, restaurant-car, sleeping-car, sweeping-car, tankcar, tip-car, tool or wrecking car, three-wheeled hand-car.


The following table gives the size, weight, and price of cars at the present time. The length given is the length over the bodies not including the platforms.

axle. An annular disc, B B, is made of
layers of paper-board glued together
and then subjected to an enormous
pressure. The disc is then bored out Refrigerator-car
to fit the hub, and its circumference is
turned off and the tire, C C, is fitted to
it. Two wrought-iron plates, P P, are
then placed on either side of it, and the
disc, plates, tire, and hub are all bolted Sleeping-car
together. The paper, it will be seen,
bears the weight which rests on the hub
of the axle and the hub of the wheel.

It would require a separate article to


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50 to 52
Drawing-room Car.. 50 to 65


22,000 to 27,000 $550

30 to 34 28,000 to 34,000 $800 to 1,100

45,000 to 60,000 $4,400 to 5,000 70,000 to 80,000 $10,000 to 20,000

50 to 70 60,000 to 90,000 $12,000 to 20,000
5,000 to 6,000 $800 to 1,200

Some years ago the master car-builders of the different railroads experienced

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Albany 25

common names to designate the parts of cars in different places in the country. What was known by one name in Chicago had quite a different name in Pittsburg or Boston. A committee was therefore

Early Car on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. (A)

appointed by the Master Car-Builders' Association to make a dictionary of terms used in car-construction and repairs. Such a dictionary has been prepared, and is a book of 560 pages, and has over two thousand illustrations. It has some peculiar features, one of which is described as follows in the preface: "To supply the want which demanded such a vocabulary, what might be called a

VOL. IV.-20

double dictionary is needed. Thus, supposing that a car-builder in Chicago

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tionary has very copious illustrations are not far out of the way. If the averin which the different parts of cars age length of locomotives and tenders

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Modern Passenger-car and Frame.

The number of cars, it will be seen, has more than doubled in ten years, so that if the same rate of increase continues for the next decade there will be over two millions of them on the railroads of this country alone. Beyond a certain point, numbers convey little idea

IDOW MERCY BASCOM came back alone into the empty kitchen and seated herself in her favorite splintbottomed chair by the window, with a dreary look on her face.


By Sarah Orne Jewett.

"I s'pose I be an old woman, an' past goin' to cattle shows an' junketings, but folks needn't take it so for granted. I'm sure I don't want to be on my feet all day, trapesin' fair grounds an' swallowing everybody's dust; not but what I'm as able as most, though I be seventythree year old."

She folded her hands in her lap and


of magnitude. Our railroad system and its equipment seem to be rapidly outgrowing the capacity of the human imagination to realize their extent. What it will be with another half century of development it is impossible even to imagine.



looked out across the deserted yard. There was not even a hen in sight; she was left alone for the day. Tobias's folks," as she called her son's family with whom she made her home-Tobias's folks had just started for a day's pleasuring at the county fair, ten miles distant. She had not thought of going with them, nor expected any invitation; she had even helped them off with her famous energy; but there was an unexpected reluctance at being left behind, a sad little feeling that would rise suddenly in her throat as she stood in the door and saw them drive away in the shiny, two-seated wagon. Johnny, the youngest and favorite of her grandchildren,

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