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2 Though I perish, I will pray,
I will pray, I will pray;
Thou of life the Living Way,

Oh, save me at the cross.
Thou hast said Thy grace is free,
Grace is free, grace is free;
Have compassion, Lord, on me,
Oh, save me at the cross

3 Wash me in Thy cleansing blood,
Cleansing blood, cleansing blood;
Plunge me now beneath the flood,
Oh, save me at the cross.
Only faith will pardon bring,
Pardon bring, pardon bring;
In that faith to Thee I cling,
Oh, save me at the cross.

Amazing Grace.

"That the abundant grace might, through the thanksgiving of many, redound to the glory of God."-2 COR. iv. 15. Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 231.


MAZING grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.

2 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved;

How precious did that grace appear,
The hour I first believed!

3 Through many dangers, toils, and snares,
I have already come;

'Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

4 Yes, when this heart and flesh shall fail,
And mortal life shall cease,

I shall possess, within the vail,

A life of joy and peace.

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"If thou wilt. . . incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God."-PROV. ii. 1-5.


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Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 232.

HASTEN, sinner, to be wise!

Stay not for the morrow's sun;
Wisdom, if you still despise,
Harder is it to be won.
2 Hasten, mercy to implore!
Stay not for the morrow's sun,
Lest thy season should be o’er,
Ere this evening's stage be run.

3 Hasten, sinner, to return!

Stay not for the morrow's sun,
Lest thy lamp should fail to burn
Ere salvation's work is done.
4 Hasten, sinner, to be blest!

Stay not for the morrow's sun,
Lest perdition thee arrest
Ere the morrow is begun.

Let There be Light.

Darkness was upon the face of the deep

And God said, Let there be light:

and there was light."-GEN. i. 2, 3.

'God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus

Christ."-2 COR. iv. 6.

Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 233.

▶HOU, whose almighty word


Chaos and darkness heard,

And took their flight,

Hear us, we humbly pray ;
And, where the gospel day
Sheds not its glorious ray,
“Let there be light!”

2 Thou, who didst come to bring,
On Thy redeeming wing,
Healing and sight—



Health to the sick in mind,
Sight to the inly blind—
Oh, now to all mankind
Let there be light!"

3 Spirit of truth and love,
Life-giving, holy Dove,
Speed forth Thy flight!
Move on the waters' face,
By Thine almighty grace;
And in earth's darkest place
"Let there be light!"
Blessed and holy Three,
Glorious Trinity,

Wisdom, love, might;
Boundless as ocean's tide
Rolling in fullest pride,
O'er the world far and wide
"Let there be light."

The Palage of the King.

Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 234.

IS a goodly pleasant land that we pilgrims journey through, And our Father's constant blessings fall around us like the dew; But its sunshine and its beauty to our hearts no joy can bring, Like the splendours that await us in the palace of the King.

Oh, the palace of the King, royal palace of the King,

Where our Father in His mercy all the ransomed ones will bring ;
Where our sorrows and our trials like a dream will pass away,
And our souls shall dwell for ever in the realms of endless day.

2 Our Redeemer is the King; what a sacrifice He made,

When He purchased our redemption, and His blood the ransom paid: In His cross shall be our glory; to that blessed cross we'll cling, Till we reach the gates that open to the palace of the King.

3 In this goodly pleasant land only strangers now are we,

For we seek a better country, and 'tis there we long to be ; Yes, we long to swell the anthem that for evermore shall ring, From the pure in heart made perfect, in the palace of the King. 4 We shall see Him by and by; hallelujah to His name!


Through the blood of His atonement life eternal we may claim We shall cast our crowns before Him, and our songs of victory sing, When we enter in triumphant to the palace of the King.


The Palace of the King.

“With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought: they shall enter into the King's palace."-Ps. xlv. 15.

Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 234.

IT'S a bonnie, bonnie warl' that we're livin' in the noo,

An' bricht an' sunny is the lan' we aften traivel throo; But in vain we look for something to which oor herts can cling, For its beauty is as naething to the palace o' the King.

2 We like the gilded simmer, wi' its merry, merry tread,

An' we sigh when hoary winter lays its beauties wi' the dead;
For though bonnie are the snaw-flakes, an' the down on Winter's wing,
It's fine to ken it daurna touch the palace o' the King.

3 Then again, I've juist been thinkin' that when a' thing here's sae bricht,
The sun in a' its grandeur, an' the mune wi' quiverin' licht,
The ocean i' the simmer, or the woodland i' the spring,
What maun it be up yonner i̇' the palace o' the King!
4 It's here we hae oor trials, an' it's here that He prepares

A' His chosen for the raiment which the ransomed sinner wears ; An' it's here that He wad hear us 'mid oor tribulations sing, "We'll trust oor God wha reigneth i' the palace o' the King."






IO Nae nicht shall be in Heaven, an' nae desolatin' sea,
And nae tyrant hoofs shall trample i' the city o' the free;
There's an everlastin' daylicht an' a never-fadin' spring,
Where the Lamb is a' the glory i' the palace o' the King.
II We see oor fr'ens await us ower yonner at His gate;
Then lat us a' be ready, for ye ken it's gettin' late :


Lat oor lamps be brichtly burnin'; lat's raise oor voice an' sing; Sune we'll meet, to pairt nae mair, i' the palace o' the King!


Only a Step to Jesus.

"Then come thou, for there is peace."-1 SAM. XX. 21.

Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 236.

NLY a step to Jesus!


Then why not take it now?

Come, and thy sin confessing,

To Him, thy Saviour, bow.

Only a step, only a step; Come, He waits for Thee;

Come, and thy sin confessing, Thou shalt receive a blessing;

Do not reject the mercy He freely offers thee.


2 Only a step to Jesus!

Believe, and thou shalt live;
Lovingly now He's waiting,
And ready to forgive.

3 Only a step to Jesus!

A step from sin to grace;
What has thy heart decided?
The moments fly apace.

4 Only a step to Jesus!

Oh, why not come, and say?—
Gladly to Thee, my Saviour,
I give myself away.

Room for Thes.

"There was no room for them in the inn."-LUKE ii. 7.


Tune-Sacred Songs and Solos, No. 237.

'HOU didst leave Thy throne, and Thy kingly crown
When thou camest to earth for me;

But in Bethlehem's home was there found no room

For Thy holy nativity.

Oh, come to my heart, Lord Jesus! There is room in my heart for Thee.
2 Heaven's arches rang when the angels sang,

Proclaiming Thy royal degree :

But of lowly birth cam'st Thou, Lord, on earth,
And in great humility.

3 The foxes found rest, and the birds had their nest
In the shade of the forest tree;


But Thy couch was the sod, O Thou Son of God

In the deserts of Galilee.

Thou camest, O Lord, with the living word,

That should set Thy people free ;

But with mocking scorn and with crown of thorn,
They bore Thee to Calvary.

Oh, come to my heart, Lord Jesus! Thy cross is my only plea.

5 When heaven's arches shall ring, and her choirs shall sing, At Thy coming to victory,

Let Thy voice call me home, saying,

"Yet there is room!

There is room at My side for thee !"

And my heart shall rejoice, Lord Jesus, When Thou comest and callest for me.

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