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Lord-something to give him in return for the salvation He offers. "Do you mean to tell me He don't charge anything?" "Yes, I tell you, He cures all the people who come to Him for nothing!" "I never heard of such a thing in my life. Whenever He comes here I am going to see Him." By-and-by she hears that He is passing through her town, and she prepares to go. Her children probably come to her and urge her not to go. "Don't go to any more physicians. You've been running after too many, and they've only made you worse." But she gives them a deaf ear. She wants to be blessed. I don't know what they called the women's garments in those days, but we will come down to the present. She gets down her old shawl. The doctor took all her money, and she can't afford to buy a new one. When she gets to where He is, she finds a crowd around Him-perhaps four or five times as many people as we have here. I can see that woman elbowing her way through the crowd as she says to herself, "If I can only get near that man I know by His look He can bless me." There she goes, pushing her way through the crowd of able-bodied men standing between her and the Saviour. "Why don't you go away or stand still?" they say to her: "there are plenty more beside you who want to get near Him." But she keeps on, and by-and-by she is just about to touch Him, when some one is thrust in between her and the Saviour, and she is driven back. But she works her way on, and comes near enough again, and I can see that thin, pale hand as it comes from under that shawl, and it creeps to his garment-lo, in a moment she is well. Some one has said that He has got more medicine in this garment than there is in all the apothecaries' stores of the world. A mighty physician! If you have a sick soul come up to Him. There is no case too bad for Him. I don't care if you have some sin to which you are a slave-He can heal you of it. Yes, my friends, He is a mighty physician, and can save all who come and seek His aid. I can imagine some of you say: I am a good deal worse than any you have spoken of. I am dead to everything that is pure and holy. I come here night after night, and those remarks never touch me. Those sweet songs never thrill me. I am dead. Well, right here we find the story of one who was dead, Jairus' daughter. When He came to the house they said he was too late. You and I have been too late, but Christ never. They forgot he was the resurrection and the life. When He went into that room with Peter and John, among the weeping mourners, He just said to that dead girl, "Damsel, I say unto thee, arise," and she was awakened from the sleep of death. It there is a dead soul here to-night, He can save you. He said at the creation, "Let there be light," and lo! the light appeared,

If He commands your dead souls to live they will surely live. Let your prayers be going up to God that your dead souls may be filled with the light of his presence. He said to that woman's son: "Young man, arise." Why, He could raise men out of the stones in the street. There is no limit to the power of the Lord God of Israel. If there is a dead soul here, He can fill it with purity. Our Saviour, our Redeemer, our Deliverer, our Physician is able to do this. He can quicken dead souls; He can make them alive.

You know when He took the children of Israel through the Red Sea and into the wilderness, He became their way. You hear people sometimes saying: "If I become a Christian I don't know what church I will join. I find the Roman Catholic Church saying, that they are the only true church-the only Apostolic Church-and unless I join it they say I cannot enter heaven. Then the Baptists tell me I can get easier into heaven if I become immersed: the Episcopalian Church claims to be the only true church. So with the Presbyterians, Methodists, and I don't know really what way to take." Thank God, we need not be in darkness about that. He tells us, "I am the way." The greatest mistake of the present day is the following of this creed and that one, this and that church, and a great many listen to the voice of the Church instead of the voice of God. The Catholic Church, or any other, never saved a soul. The Son of God is the Saviour of the world. The very name of Jesus can save His people from their sins. He is a real personal Saviour, and if a man wants to become a Christian, let him put his eyes on that Saviour and he will be saved. You know that the children of Israel had a cloud going ahead of them. When the cloud moved they moved, when it stopped they stopped, and when it started they followed it. So, my friends, it is Jesus that is our way, and if we follow His footsteps we will be in the right Church. Who could have led those chosen people through that wilderness better than God Almighty? He knew of all dangers and difficulties. When they wanted bread, He opened His hand and gave it them: when they wanted water, He commanded Moses to strike a rock, and, lo the crystal stream gushed forth. Who could better lead them through the wilderness, and who could better lead us to heaven than Jesus? A great many people don't like the old way our fathers taught. Well, the people in the days of Jeremiah didn't like the old way; they hated it, and so He put them in slavery for seventy years. The good old way our fathers taught is better than our own way. People say this Bible was good enough for ancient days, but we have men of culture, of science, of literature now, and its value has decreased to the people of our

day. Now, give me a better book and I will throw it away. Has the world ever offered us a better book? These men want us to give up the Bible. What are you going to give us in its place? Oh, how cruel infidelity is to tell us to give up all the hope we have-to throw away the only book which tells us the story of the resurrection. They try to tell us it is all a fiction, so that when we lay our loved ones in the grave, we bid them farewell for time and eternity. Away with this terrible doctrine. The Bible of our fathers and mothers is true, and the good old way is true. When man comes and tries to draw us from the old to the new way, it is the work of the devil. But men say we have outgrown this way. Why don't men outgrow the light of the sun? They shouldn't let the light of the sun come into their buildings-should have gas; the sun is old, and gas is a new light. There is just as much sense in this as to take away the Bible. How much we owe the blessed Bible! Why, I don't think human life would be safe in this city if it wasn't for it. Look at the history of the nations where the Bible has been trampled under foot. Only a few years ago France and England were pretty nearly equal. England threw the Bible open to the world, and France tried to trample it. Now the English language is spoken around the world, and its prosperity has increased, while it stands foremost among nations. But look at France. It has gone down and down with anarchy and revolution. Let us not forsake the old way. The Chief Shepherd has gone in through the gates, and tells us to come in through Him. When I was in Dublin, I heard of a little boy who, while being taught in one of the mission schools, had found Christ. When he got home he tried to talk to his father and mother about his Redeemer. The little fellow sickened and died, and when I was there, four years after the death of that boy, the father might have been seen night after night reading his Bible. If you had asked him what he was looking for, he would have told you he was looking for the way his little son had taken to get into heaven. He was trying to find the way. My friends, our elder brother has gone before us, and has taken his seat at the right hand of His God, and He won't leave us in darkness.

I remember, a number of years ago, I went out of Chicago to try to preach. I went down to a little town where was being held a Sunday-school convention. I was a perfect stranger in the place, and on my arrival a man stepped up to me and asked me if my name was Moody. I told him it was, and he invited me to his house. When I arrived, he said he had to go to the convention, and asked me to excuse his wife, as she, not having a servant, had to attend to her household duties. He put me

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into the parlor, and told me to amuse myself as best I could till he came back. I sat there, but the room was dark and I could not read, and I got tired. So I thought I would try and get the children and play with them. I listened for some sound of childhood in the house, but could not hear a single evidence of the presence of little ones. When my friend came back I said: "Haven't you any children ?" "Yes," he replied, “I have one, but she's in heaven, and I am glad she is there, Moody. Are you glad that your child is dead?" I inquired. He went on to tell me how he had worshipped that child; how his whole life had been bound up in her, to the neglect of his Saviour. One day he had come home and found her dying. Upon her death he accused God of being unjust. He saw some of his neighbors with their children around them. Why hadn't he taken some of them away? He was rebellious. After he came home from her funeral he said: "All at once I thought I heard her little voice calling me, but the truth came to my heart that she was gone. Then I thought I heard her feet upon the stairs; but I knew she was lying in the grave. The thought of her loss made me almost mad. I threw myself on my bed and wept bitterly. I fell asleep, and while I slept I had a dream, but it almost seems to me like a vision. I thought I was going over a barren field, and I came to a river so dark and chill-looking that I was going to turn away, when all at once I saw, on the opposite bank, the most beautiful sight I ever looked at. I thought death and sorrow could never enter into that lovely region. Then I began to see beings all so happy looking, and among them I saw my little child. She waved her little angel hand at me and cried, 'Father, father, come this way.' I thought her voice sounded much sweeter than it did on earth. In my dream I thought I went to the water and tried to cross it, but found it deep and the current so rapid that I thought if I entered, it would carry me away from her forever. I tried to find a boatman to take me over, but couldn't, and I walked up and down the river trying to find a crossing, and still she cried: “Come this way." All at once I heard a voice come rolling down, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.' The voice awoke me from my sleep, and I knew it was my Saviour calling me, and pointing the way for me to reach my darling child. I am now superintendent of a Sabbath-school; I have made many converts; my wife has been converted, and we will, through Jesus as the way, see one day our child."

Am I not speaking to some father to-night who has some loved one in yonder land? Am I not speaking to some mother who has a little one in that happy land? And if you could

but hear their voice would they not be: "Come right this way?" Am I not speaking to some here who have representatives there? There's not a son here, if he could hear his mother's voice, but who would be told to come right that way. Thank God, we have all our elder brother there. Nearly one thousand nine hundred years have passed since He went there, but He is as constant to us now as he was when first He went there. Dear friends, as He calls us up to Him, let us turn our backs to this world.. Let us take Christ as our redeemer, as our deliverer, as our physician, as our way, as our truth, and as our light. May the blessing of heaven fall upon us all to-night, and may every man and woman here who is out of the kingdom, accept Him and press into His dominions. Let us pray.

"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want."-Ps. xxiii. 1.

SAVIOUR, like a shepherd lead us,
Much we need Thy tend'rest care,
In Thy pleasant pastures feed us
For our use Thy folds prepare;
Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,

Thou hast bought us, Thine we are.

We are Thine, do Thou befriend us,
Be the Guardian of our way;
Keep Thy flock, from sin defend us,

Seek us when we go astray;
Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,

Hear, O hear us, when we pray.

Thou hast promised to receive us,

Poor and sinful though we be;
Thou hast mercy to relieve us,

Grace to cleanse, and power to free;
Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,

We will early turn to Thee.

Early let us seek Thy favor,

Early let us do Thy will;
Blessed Lord and only Saviour,

With Thy love our bosoms fill.
Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,

Thou hast loved us, love us still.

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