The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena

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Theosophical Publishing Society, 1895 - 100 psl.

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3 psl. - This is to be accounted for mainly by two remarkable characteristics of the astral world—first, that many of its inhabitants have a marvelous power of changing their forms with Protean rapidity, and also of casting practically unlimited glamour over those with whom they choose to sport; and secondly, that sight on that plane is a faculty very different from and much more extended than physical vision. An object is seen, as it were, from all sides at once, the inside of a solid being as plainly...
86 psl. - spirit" is often exactly what it professes to be, but often also it is nothing of the kind; and for the ordinary sitter there is absolutely no means of distinguishing the true from the false, since the extent to which a being having all the resources of the astral plane at his command can delude a person on the physical plane is so great that no reliance can be placed even on what seems the most convincing proof.
92 psl. - ... reverse the process and to bring etheric matter into the solid state. As the one process explains the phenomenon of disintegration, so does the other that of materialization; and just as in the former case a continued effort of will is necessary to prevent the object from resuming its original state, so in exactly the same way in the latter phenomenon a continued effort is necessary to prevent the materialized matter from relapsing into the etheric condition. In the materializations seen at an...
67 psl. - when the human mind formulates a definite, purposeful thought or wish, the effect produced is of the moat striking nature. The thought seizes upon the plastic essence, and moulds it instantly into a living being of appropriate form — a being which when once thus created is in no way under the control of its creator, but lives out a life of its own, the length of which is proportionate to the intensity of the thought or wish which called it into existence.
59 psl. - Their forms are many and various, but most frequently human in shape and somewhat diminutive in size, usually with a grotesque exaggeration of some particular feature or limb, Etheric matter being plastic and readily moulded by the power of thought, they are able to assume almost any appearance at will, but they...
95 psl. - ... objectify that image; or if he preferred to do so it would be equally easy for him to produce the same result upon a sheet of paper lying before his correspondent, whatever might be the distance between them. A third method which, since it saves time, is much more frequently adopted, is to impress the whole substance of the letter on the mind of some pupil, and leave him to do the mechanical work of precipitation. That pupil would then take his sheet of paper, and, imagining he saw the letter...
94 psl. - ... correspondingly reduced in weight. The precipitation of letters or pictures, like everything else, may be obtained in several ways. An Adept wishing to communicate with some one might place a sheet of paper before him, form a mental image of the writing which he wished to appear upon it, and draw from the ether the matter wherewith to objectify that image; or if he preferred to do so it would be equally easy for him to produce the same result upon a sheet of paper lying before his correspondent,...
89 psl. - ... though there is reason to suppose that it may not be very long before at any rate some applications of one or two of them come to be known to the world at large. First, there are great etheric currents constantly sweeping over the surface of the earth from pole to pole In volume which makes their power as irresistible as that of the rising tide, and there are methods by which this stupendous force may be safely utilized, though unskilful attempts to control it would be fraught with frightful...
94 psl. - Another phenomenon closely connected with this part of the subject is that of reduplication, which is produced by simply forming a perfect mental image of the object to be copied, and then gathering about that mould the necessary astral and physical matter. Of course for this purpose it is necessary that every particle, interior as well as exterior, of the object to be duplicated should be held accurately in view simultaneously, and consequently the phenomenon is one which requires considerable power...
93 psl. - ... certain conditions of setting up vibrations in the atmosphere which affect us as sound. A variation of this class is that kind of partial materialization which, though incapable of reflecting any light that we can see, is yet able to affect some of the ultra-violet rays, and can therefore make a more or less definite impression upon the camera, and so provide us with what are known as "spirit photographs." When there is not sufficient power available to produce a perfect materialization we sometimes...

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