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Aubrey de vêre 4 Mi Falfourd

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In memoriam set the authon above all modera
posto, save only wordsworth? folriche.
With trembling finches..

4 18.
the last stanze lutine is
obscure s-obscurity wars pathos.
2. g. p 43 the cast stanza

hey fother used From plain of Polareli's
Iternal hooks and traits and keys which
" turned the lock on many a passage of
true passion: It hadow waiting unt
days belook him from his proper score' is
misty like souce of
True all shadowy a
Jurner's allegoring pictures, the wantonness
Fritzelalso of e misteloring quins, who
could yet clear off the mist, & display
inderneath a bold - beautions plans, &
delight the Engraver & lover of Enpranig.
Pais pole & shape the the betrotund

are in his old vein,
broed into detail.
are disting wished
by a friate proportion of thought to sensuous
Imagery than his old ones; they reade
from heats land into Petrarck dow

tyling aliband varone
of bright feniefel in assay
But the poems as a whole

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then a fipronate the confines of the Dantercan

all hemisphere.

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