State Papers Relating to the Diplomatick Transactions Between the American and French Governments, from the Year 1793 to the Conclusion of the Convention ... September, 1800, 3 tomas

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J. Booth, 1816
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204 psl. - Parties, although the whole lading, or any part thereof, should appertain to the Enemies of either, Contraband Goods being always excepted. It is also agreed, in like manner, that the same liberty be extended to Persons who are on board a Free Ship, with this effect, that although they be Enemies to both or either Party, they are not to be taken out of that Free Ship, unless they are Officers or Soldiers, and in the actual service of the Enemies...
225 psl. - Hidalgo, and the said article and the thirty-third article of the treaty of Amity, commerce, and navigation...
116 psl. - It is further agreed, that whenever any such articles so becoming contraband, according to the existing laws of nations, shall for that reason be seized, the same shall not be confiscated, but the owners thereof shall be speedily and completely indemnified; and the captors, or in their default, the government under whose authority they act, shall pay to the...
121 psl. - ... those interior regulations which it shall find most convenient to itself; and by founding the advantage of commerce solely upon reciprocal utility, and the just rules of free intercourse ; reserving withal to each party the liberty of admitting at its pleasure, other nations to a participation of the same advantages.
391 psl. - ... of either party, shall pronounce judgment against any vessel, or goods, or property claimed by the .citizens, of the other party, the sentence or decree shall mention the reasons or motives, on which the same shall have been founded, and an authenticated copy of the sentence or decree, and of all the proceedings in the case, shall, if demanded, be delivered to the commander or agent of said vessel, without any delay, he paying the legal fees for the same.
392 psl. - King nor citizens of the said United States, who have commissions from any other Prince or State in enmity with either nation, to fit their ships in the ports of either the one or the other of the aforesaid parties...
203 psl. - It shall be lawful for all and singular the subjects of the Most Christian King, and the citizens, people and inhabitants of the said United States, to sail with their ships, with all manner of liberty and security, no distinction being made who are the proprietors of the merchandises laden thereon, from any port to the places of those who now are, or hereafter shall be at enmity with the Most Christian King or the United States.
389 psl. - ... she shall again attempt to enter, but she shall be permitted to go to any other port or place she shall think proper.
367 psl. - That it will not acknowledge nor receive another minister plenipotentiary from the United States, until after the redress of the grievances demanded of the American Government, -and which the French Republic has a right to expect from it.
392 psl. - ... make examination concerning the lawfulness of such prizes, but they may hoist sail at any time, and depart and carry their prizes to the places expressed in their commissions, which the commanders of such ships of war shall be obliged to...

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