The Australian People: An Encyclopedia of the Nation, Its People and Their Origins

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Cambridge University Press, 2001-10-01 - 940 psl.
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The Australian People documents the dramatic history of Australian settlement and describes the rich ethnic and cultural inheritance of the nation through the contributions of its people. It is one of the largest reference works of its kind, with approximately 250 expert contributors and almost one million words. Profusely illustrated in colour and black and white, the book is both a comprehensive encyclopedia and a survey of the controversial debates about citizenship and multiculturalism now th at Australia has attained the centenary of its federation.A first edition, which appeared in 1988, quickly became recognised as the standard reference and for many smaller ethnic groups the only reliable resource. This new edition incorporates data from the 1996 Census, gives greater weight to immigrants from outside Europe, and provides some fascinating essays on 'Building a Nation' in the final section.This unique reference will appeal to both a general and an academic audience. It will be a lasting resource both within Australia and internationally.

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James Jupp is the Director of the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies at the Australian National University. He is a fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences and its former executive officer.

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