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fent behaviour, we should perufe what is faid of him in fome preceding pages, where his violent enmity to Coriolanus is fo ftrongly painted:

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And yet in this scene, (extremity having brought him to his hearth) all ancient malice is forgot, and every root of ancient envy.

Tail-Piece. †

THE Concluding page of this play will furnish a very proper Tailpiece; as it will give an opportunity of again reprefenting Aufidius, who is now generously touched with forrow at the untimely end of:

-The most noble corfe that ever herald

Did follow to his urn.

HE may be drawn at half-length; either faying: my rage is gone, and I am struck with sorrow; with an attitude expreffive of an elevated look to

+ HAD I not already propofed four different reprefentations of Coriolanus, he might have been drawn with Aufidius, in a very fpirited fcene at p. 497, at the expreffion of: thou boy of tears. Some may perhaps prefer this, to what I have hinted for the Tail-piece.


Heaven or he may be rather turning on one fide, as if viewing the corse, and saying,

Yet he fhall have a noble memory!

The nobleft figure of an ancient warrior (and which almoft gives one the very defign and figure of Coriolanus) is in The Departure of Hector— a very fine print, and I believe, one of the latest productions of the lamented Cypriani. *

* A list of fuch Prints, taken from this play, as I have feen. Those I have not feen, are printed in Italics.

1. Bell's two editions.

2. Hanmer.

3. Theobald.

4. Rowe.

5. A cut by L. du Guernier, to an edit. in 8 vol. 8vo. printed for Tonfon, in 1735.

6. Pope's 12mo. edition.

7. Lowndes.

8. Taylor.

9. Coriolanus, by Anger. Kauffman-engraved by Bartolozzi. 11. 18. 1785 or 1786. It de fcribes the moment of Coriolanus, faying to the boy :

The God of foldiers,

With the confent of fupreme Jove, &c. p. 484.



It was impoffible for Shakespeare, in his idleft hours, perhaps when he was only revifing the trash of others, not to leave fome ftrokes of the mafter behind him. HURD.

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