Warbeck of Wolfsteïn, 3 tomas

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Rodwell and Martin, 1820
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50 psl. - I smile, And cry, Content, to that which grieves my heart ; And wet my cheeks with artificial tears, And frame my face to all occasions.
99 psl. - Leave wringing of your hands: Peace; sit you down, And let me wring your heart: for so I shall, If it be made of penetrable stuff; If damned custom have not braz'd it so, That it be proof and bulwark against sense.
291 psl. - OF chance or change, 0 let not man complain, Else shall he never, never cease to wail ; For, from the imperial dome, to where the...
178 psl. - God is our refuge and strength," which was sung by the whole army, accompanied by all the military music, and then led forward his troops. The Swedish infantry first advanced against the imperial musketeers, posted along the trenches, but were received with such a galling fire that they gave way. In this extremity the king himself leaped from his horse, flew to their head, and seizing...
353 psl. - Early, therefore, he became a subtle and infallible analyst, and as a skilful chemist, neglecting the gay or fragrant plants, the boast of Flora's train, would select for his purposes the hemlock, the poppy, or the ominous nightshade ; so would Wolfstein extract from the hearts and brains of those from whom other men would turn with dread and...
351 psl. - ... large portion of the castle was riven from its foundation and flung into the sea, and the Lord of Lornberg, attended by a multitude of unprepared souls, was plunged deep beneath the waves of the Adriatic.
346 psl. - Has Satan abandoned thee ? Has he delivered up his foster brother to durance? — I could not have thought it of him ; — but we will be even with him yet — doubt it not.
101 psl. - Then he returned for his bride and, with a slight bow to the Archbishop, who remained in conversation with her, said abruptly^ drawing her arm somewhat ungently within his...
104 psl. - Marchfeldt ; you forget the hair-shirt, and the anthems, and the brothers penitents, and the whole farrago of grimaces and hypocrisies you have compelled me to practise ! Have I not been obliged to cheat you, step by step, into this ? And talk you of confidence ! No, no, madam ; you may forget, but I shall remember.
287 psl. - Distraction!" cried Wolfstein, stamping madly, " I am pursued by furies ! The very angels turn fiends to torment me...

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