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JULIA, his daughter.


THOMAS, Servant of Dr. Soothem,



SCENE 1.-A View of Richmond, the Bridge, etc.-DOCTOR

SOOTHEM's House.

Enter DOCTOR SOOTHEM and THOMAS, from the house.

Dr. S. Thomas, have you cleaned all the best plate, and got out the cut-glass, and put everything in readiness for your sideboard to-day?

Tho. Yes, sir.

Dr. S. Well, then, step to Jacob, the gardener, and bid him send some flowers into the house, and to be sure to cut the finest fruit in the garden for the dessert; and-stay!-did you order the ice from Hampton, to cool the wine? These citizens are particular.

Tho. I did, sir.

Dr. S. Then you may go. Stay-stay! I had almost forgotten: order Wilson to get the grated-window room ready for the new patient; as he is perfectly harmless, I shall not send him to my other house. Poor fellow! he only fancies he is going to marry some rich Spanish heiress. Send my daugh

ter to me. [Exit Thomas into the house.] Now, I must go and visit my patients, and then into the town. No-I must wait and receive my young friend, as he is a stranger. Why, Julia!-Julia, I say!

Enter JULIA, from the house.

Jul. Did you want me, papa?

Dr. S. Do I want you? Yes, to be sure; why else should I call you? What, I suppose you had not finished your toilet yet-had not arranged your hair to your satisfaction! How many dresses did you try to-day, Julia, before you fixed on this?

Jul. None, sir: I was not more careful of my appearance than usual. Why should I be?

Dr. S. Why should you be? Why, because your intended husband is coming to-day; I expect him every minute; and you wish, of course, to strike at first sight.

Jul. Not I, indeed, sir; on the contrary, I hope he will like me as little as I shall like him; because then he would go back as wise as he came.

Dr. S. Now don't provoke me, Julia, to use a little wholesome restraint, for you shall have him: his father and I have settled all the preliminaries by letter, and you must marry, whether you like each other or not.-Besides, it's all nonsense, this dislike; you have never seen him, neither have I; but his father tells me he is a very smart fellow-sharp eye to busi


Jul. Oh, I dare say he is a wondrous clever fellow.

Dr. S. He will be a very rich fellow, and that is of much more consequence. But I know what makes you so indifferent; that flighty buck at the masquerade runs in your head, whom you know no more of, than I do of the north passage, but who bewitched you by happening to dance well, and whispering a hundred soft things in your ear, because he did not see your face.

Jul. I beg your pardon, papa; there you are mistaken: he did see my face.

Dr. S. Let me hear no more of him; and go and see if Mr. William Thompson's room is in proper readiness. you put flowers into the vases?


Jul. Dear me, I quite forgot it! I'll go now.

[She goes. Dr. S. You forgot! you forget every thing.-[The horn of

a stage coach, the cracking of whips, etc., heard without.] Here is the coach! Thomas! Jacob! some of you make haste. Enter THOMAS, from the house.

Run Thomas, to the coach, and ask if Mr. William Thompson is in it, and show him in here. [Exit Thomas. Re-enter THOMAS, conducting WILLIAM THOMPSON THE FIRST, who rubs his eyes, as if suddenly awoke out of a sleep. Dr. S. A very smart-looking fellow, upon my word: I am sure Julia ought to be contented with my choice.

Wm. T. 1. [Looking about him with the greatest surprise.] What is the meaning of all this !-Where am I? Tho. At my master's gate, sir; he is waiting to receive


Wm. T. 1. Waiting to receive me! Who is your master, friend?

Tho. Dr. Soothem, sir: he expects you, if your name is Mr. William Thompson.

Enter COACHMAN, bringing in a portmanteau, hamper with wine, and a fish-basket, which he places in the centre of the stage, and exit.

Wm. T. 1. My name is certainly William Thompson, but I must be dreaming still! What place is this, friend ?

Tho. Richmond, sir.

Wm. T. 1. Richmond! Why, I was in Piccadilly a few moments ago, in a coffee-room.

Dr. S. Why does he not come in? [Comes down.] Pray, come in, my dear sir-I am delighted to see you. [Shakes hands.] This is kind of you to come at the time you promised. I am afraid the riding has incommoded you.

Wm. T. 1. Not at all, sir-I never felt it. [Aside.] What does all this mean!

Dr. S. Thomas, take in M. Thompson's things; take care: here [going up to the parcels,] I will help you. [Exit THOMAS, with portmanteau, into the house, and re


Wm. T. 1. How on earth did I get here? I must have had a fit of my old trick, of walking in my sleep; but then, how this civil gentleman, whom I never saw before, should know my name, and seem to have expected me, is all a mystery! -Here comes a lady.

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