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GOD of mercy and of love,
Listen from the heaven above,
While to Thee my voice I raise
In a morning hymn of praise.
It was Thine almighty arm

Kept me all night long from harm;
It is only, Lord, by Thee
That another morn I see.

Lo! the happy light of day
Drives the shadows all away;.
Lo! it brings again to sight
All things beautiful and bright..
White clouds sailing in the air,
Little flowers so fresh and fair,
Greenest fields and rippling streams
Glitter in the morning beans.

Father, keep me all day long
From all hurtful things and wrong;
Make me an obedient child,

Make me loving, gentle, mild.
Hark! the birds are singing gay ;—
Let me sing, as well as they,
Praise to Him who reigns above,
For His mercies and His love.

W. W. II.


To bed, to bed, my curly head,
To bed, and sleep so sweetly;
Merry and bright, with the morning light,
Be up, and dress'd so neatly.

Then for a walk, and a pleasant talk
About the birds and flowers;
And all the day, in work and play,
We'll pass the happy hours.

And then to bed, to rest the head,
And sleep until the morrow:
May every day thus glide away,
Without a shade of sorrow.


WHEN Jesus left His Father's throne,
He chose an humble birth;
Like us, unhonour'd and unknown,
He came to dwell on earth.

Like Him, may we be found below
In wisdom's paths of peace;

Like Him, in grace and knowledge grow,
As years and strength increase.


Jesus pass'd by the rich and great

For men of low degree;

He sanctified our parents' state,
For poor like them was He.


Sweet were His words, and kind His look,
When mothers round Him press'd;
Their infants in His arms He took,
And on His bosom bless'd.

Safe from the world's alluring harms,
Beneath His watchful eye,

Thus in the circle of His arms

May we for ever lie.




To do to others as I would
That they should do to me,
Will make me honest, kind, and good,
As children ought to be.
Whether I am at home or school,

Or walking out abroad,

I never should forget this rule

Of Jesus Christ our Lord.


I SAW a little lamb to-day,.
It was not very old:

Close by its mother's side it lay,
So soft within the fold:

It felt no sorrow, pain, or fear,
While such a comforter was near..

Sweet little lamb, you cannot know
What blessing I have lost :
Were you like me, what could you
Amid the wintry frost?


My clothes are thin, my food is poor,
And I must beg from door to door.

I had a mother once, like you,
To keep me by her side:

She cherish'd me and loved me too;
But soon, alas! she died.
Now, sorrowful and full of care,
I'm lone and weary everywhere..
'Twas thus a little orphan sung,
Her lonely heart to cheer;
Before she wander'd very long,
She found a Saviour near:
He bade her seek His smiling face,
And find in heaven a dwelling-place.

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НUSH, my dear, lie still and slumber;
Holy angels guard thy bed;
Heavenly blessings, without number,
Gently falling on thy head.

Sleep, my babe, thy food and raiment,
House and home, thy friends provide ;
All without thy care, or payment,
All thy wants are well supplied.

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