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69 An act to revive and continue in force “ An act to pro-
vide for perfons who were disabled by known wounds received
in the revolutionary war," and for other purposes.

70 An act authorising the departure of thips and vessels from •
the ports and harbors of the United States in certain cafes.

71 An act to carry into effect an act of the state of Maryland.

72 An act to provide for designating and surveying military
bounty lands.

73 An act in addition to an act for laying out and making
Cumberland road.

74 An act to alter and establish post roads.
75 An act for the relief of John Thompson.
76 An act for the relief of the citizens of Venezuela.

77 An act further to amend the charter of the city of Wash.

78 An act to prohibit the exportation of specie, goods, wares
and merchandize, for a limited time.

79 An act for the relief of Charles Minifie.

80 An act granting to the governor of Louisiana a lot of ground,
and the buildings thereon, in the city of New Orleans.

81 An act for the establishment of a general land office in the
department of treasury.

82 An act making further provision for the corps of engineers.
83 An act authorising the appointment of an additional judge
of the district court of New York.

84 An act for the relief of Thomas F. Riddick.
85 An act for the better regulation of the ordnance.
86 An act to enlarge the limits of the Mifliflippi ferritory.

87 An act making additional appropriations for the support of
government, for the year 1812.

88 An act making further provision for the army of the United
89 An act to incorporate the Mechanic's Bank of Alexandria.
90 An act for the relief of John N. Stout.

91 An act supplementary to an act, for the admission of Louisi-
ana into the Union.

92 An act to extend the right of fuffrage in the Ilinois territory.

93 An act authorising the President to ascertain and delignate
certain boundaries.

94 An act for the relief of Thomas and William Streshly.

95 An act to amend the act to establith a quarter-master's de

96 An act providing for the government of the territory of

97 An act for the-relief of Ninian Pinkney.
98 An act for the relief of William Garrard.

99 An act to extend the time for exporting with privilege of

100 An act fupplemental to an act for dividing the Indiana

101 An act making further provisiun for settling land claims
in Milfouri.

102 An act for cutting a canal around Mason's causeway.

103 An act authorising the remiffion of forfeited recognizances
in the district of Columbia.

104. An act for the relief of Clement B. Penrose.
105 An act for the relief of Colonel William D. Beall.
106 An act to discharge William Peck from imprisonment.
107 An act to amend the laws within the district of Columbia.

108 An act concerning the western boundary of the Virginia
military tracts.

109 An act declaring war against Great Britain.

110 An act for the more perfect organization of the army of
the United States.

111 An act conferring certain powers on the levy court of
Washington county, in the district of Columbia.

112 An act concerning letters of marque, prizes and prize

113 An act authorifing the issuing of treasury notes.

114 An act confirming claims to lands in the Miffiffippi ter.
ritory, founded on Britilh or Spanish warrants of furvey.

115 An act supplementary to the militia laws of the distriet of

116 An act for leasing the public ground in the city of Washing-

117 An act for the relief of James Wilkinson.
118 An act for the relief of Anna Young.

119 An act giving validity to the sale of certain lands in the wes-
tern district of Orleans.

120 An act imposing additional duties, and for other purposes.

121 An act to facilitate the transfer of stock created in Novem.
ber, 1803.

122 An act supplementary to the act to raise six companies of

123 An act confirming grants to lands in the Missişsippi territo-
ry, derived from the British government of West Florida, not sub-
sequently re-granted by the government of Spain or of the United

124 An act making an appropriation for the purpose of discharg-
ing all the outstanding claims for the construction and repair of the
capitol, and the President's house ; for the compensation of the
late surveyor of the public buildings, and for furniture for the differ-
ent apartments of the capitol, and for other purposes.

125 An act concerning invalid pensioners.

126 An act to admit the entry of vessels of the United States, on
certain conditions.

127 An act for the relief of Anna Young, heiress and representative of Colonel John Durkee, deceased.

128 An act making a further appropriation for the defence of the maritime frontier, and for the support of the navy of the United States.

129 An act respecting the pay of the army of the United States.

130 An act making additional appropriations for the military establishment, and for the Indian department, for the year 1812.

131 An act supplementary to the act, entitled "An act respecting alien enemies.”

132 An act to compensate for his services the president pro tem. pore of the senate, acting as such when the office of Vice-President of the United States shall be vacant.

133 An act supplementary to the act heretofore passed on the subject of an uniform rule of naturalization.

134 An act fixing the time for the next meeting of Congress.

135 An act supplementary to the act, entitled “An act giving further time to purchasers of public lands north west of the river Ohio to complete their payments.

136 Resolution requesting the President of the United States to recommend a day of public humiliation and prayer.

137 An act supplementary to an act authorising the President to accept volunteers.

138 An act supplementary to an act authorising a loan for eleven millions of dollars.

139 An act making further provision for the army, and for other purposes.

140 An act for the safe keeping and accommodation of prisoners of war.

141 An act to suspend the payment of certain bills drawn by John Armstrong

142 An act authorising a subscription for the old six per cent. and deferred stocks, and providing for an exchange of the same.

143 An act to prohibit American vessels trom trading with the enemies of the United States.


Mr. Randolph in the House

Mr. Archer, on the resolution for arming merchantmen

Correspondence between Mr. J. S. Smith and Lord Wellesley 245
Court of admiralty in the case of the Fox, &c.

Sir William Scott's sentence

Correspondence between Mr. Russell and the duke of Cadore
Mr. Campbell's speech in the Senate

Mr. Cheves, in the House, on the navy bill

Documents relative to John Henry

Mr. Shesley, on the bill for raising 25,000 men

Debates on Henry's disclosures.
Mr. Pitkin

Messrs. Bibb, Widgery, Pitkin, Gholson

Mr. Quincy

Messrs. Seybert, Wright, Troup
Mr. Randolph

Messrs. Fisk, Smilie, Macon

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354, 55, 56
Messrs. Rhea, Bibb, Troup, Grundy, Bibb

Messrs. Randolph, Pitkin, Fisk, Bibb, Macon

Report of the committee of foreign relations, on Henry's dis-

Count de Crillon's deposition

Correspondence of Mr. Erving, at Copenhagen

Mr. M.Kee's speech on the navy bill

Mr. Basset

Mr. Seybert

Mr. Nelson

Mr. M'Kim's speech, on war taxes

Mr. Wright, on the salt tax

Mr. Findley, on the tax on distilled spirits

Mr. Grundy

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Widgery

Mr. Lowndes, on the bill authorising the importation of

goods, &c.
Messrs. M'Kim, Wright, Winn, Cheves

Mr. Boyd

Messrs. Pleasants, Lowndes, Rhea, Wright, Seybert,

Mr. Blackledge

Messrs. Cheves, Widgery

Messrs. M'Kim, Pleasants, Lowndes

Yeas and nays on the several war taxes

Mr. Bleecker, on the petition from Albany

Messrs. Boyd, Rhea

Mr. Randolph


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