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Valparaiso city schools are to have a new The Greenfield teaching corps is as folhigh school building, badly needed for a lows: Superintendent, M. S. Mahan. High long time on account of over-crowded con- School-Elmer Andrews, principal, head of ditions.

history department; Mrs. Ed. L. Rickard,

science; Margaret L. Hill, English and pubThe Richmond High School faculty for lic speaking; Lena Hivnor, mathematics; the coming year has been announced by Ruth King, Latin; Florence Moffett, City Superintendent of Schools J. H. Bent- French; Mrs. J. M. McHaffie, English, hisley, as follows: John Thompson, S. S. tory and commercial geography; Minnie Vernon, Garnet Thompson, Floyd Mc- Carnahan, shorthand, typewriting, bookGranahan, Anna Finfrock, Inez Trueblood, keeping and commercial arithmetic. WashFlora Broaddus, Mary Morrow, Alice V.

ington Building-Principal, Helen Amick; Lanning, W. 0. Wissler, Shannon Neff, Arthur Williamson, C. O. Griffith, Florence Bertha E. Hawkins, Martha Whitacre, Amick, Daisy Harlan, Gladys Teel, Anna Anna Bradbury, Elizabeth Smelzer, Donna Reeves, Edna Butler, Lizzie Harris. LinParke, Elma Nolte, Florence Bond, L. B. coln Building-Margaret Baldwin, princiCampbell, Ruth Crane, Margaret O'Neil, pal; Lucile Ging, Miss Hamilton, Mrs. Tessa Sharp, Charles O. Mays, Elbert Alice Glascock. Longfellow BuildingVickers, Harry F. Ross, Emma Bond, Mrs. Anna Jackson, principal; Ethel HarDorothy Gebeauer, Stella Kellsey, 'Emile lan, Mrs. Kate Martin, Mrs. Iduna Barrett. Maue, Ralph Sloane, August Eickel, Mar- East Greenfield-Nelle Kinsley. Supergaret Wickemeyer, Helen Fox and Flor

visors and Special Teachers-Edna B. ence Ratliff.

Jackson, music supervisor, high school

orchestra, chorus; Elizabeth Bidgood, art Lieut. Hugh Vandiver has been selected supervisor, high school art, mechanical as principal of the Center Grove High

drawing; Selma Stevens, cooking; Eliza B. School, Johnson county.

Knight, cooking; J. M. McHaffie, manual

training; Walter C. Kolb, vocational agriR. W. Johnson, formerly high school culture. principal at Mishawaka, is now high school principal at Hastings, Neb.

Charles Sunthimer is the new principal

at Wakarusa. Miss Katherine Howard, a member of the Frankfort High School faculty, has NOBLESVILLE, Ind., August 11.-Mrs. been elected as principal to succeed W. S. Margaret Obrien, widow of William Hough, who was promoted to the super- Obrien, died suddenly at her home in this intendency.

city early today, at the age of seventyeight. She

teacher in the city Miss Phoebe Bentley, Greensburg, has schools of Noblesville for forty-five years. been employed as physical director at Rushville.

Omaha has adopted a new teachers' wage

scale that provides for extensive increases Miss Anna Willson, Crawfordsville, will

all along the line. enter Columbia University this month for a year of work.

The North Manchester teachers' list is

in part as follows: Howard Williams, suJ. D. Brandon has been employed as su- perintendent; U. R. Young, principal of perintendent at Shoals.

high school; Paul Stone, Mrs. Meda Sexton, Loraine Ulrey, Beatrice Bonewitz,

Louise Beachley, Carrie Harding, Bertha Twenty-five teachers have been added

Shoemaker, Mattie Winesburg, Anna Boyd to the Gary force.

and Wilma Bolinger. Supt. G. J. Richman, Hancock county, has resigned to become postmaster

The Ashley School, Dekalb county, has Greenfield.

been turned over to the township.




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ANGOLA, IND. Two College Courses, four years. Four Engineering Courses. STANDARD NORMAL SCHOOL, with full line of courses, and two contemplated courses, upon which Life Licenses are to be based. Expenses low. Mid-Spring term opens Apr. 29; Summer term opens June 3, and Fall term Sept. 30.

Address L. M. SNIFF, Pres.

MUNCIE, Ind.-Russell H. Fitzgibbon, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Fitzgibbon, has won the second award in a nation-wide contest held by the Ohio state library for the best essay written by high school pupils. He wrote on the subject, "Why We Should Have an American Language." His father is superintendent of Muncie schools and recently moved to Muncie from Columbus, Ind.

Window trimming will be taught in the Gary schools.

Karl C. James, superintendent of schools in Montgomery county, has announced the names of the principals of senior high schools under his jurisdiction for the coming year. They are as follows: Ladoga, E. N. Stoner; Waveland, W. H. Whitcomb; Wingate, J. G. Hirshbrunner; New Richmond, J. D. Amick; Darlington, M. F. Coons; Linden, Floyd Welch; Alamo, H. Allen Wood; Bowers, Hubert Smith; New Market, H. A. Kesler; Mace, E. L. Kirkpatrick; Waynetown, R. D. Squires.

The New National Anthem Should be sung every day. Greatest song of the age. Ten copies unison or four-part harmony, for $1.00 and slips with words and music to chorus, all needed for your school free. Address, “America, My Country,” Ass'n, Red Wing, Minn.

New room has been provided for the Bluffton schools because of overcrowded conditions.

Supt. G. W. Youngblood, Auburn, was in school in Columbia this summer.

Every schoolroom should have an American flag as a part of its decorations, to help keep alive the spirit of patriotism. If there is none in your room, write to the Betsy Ross Flag Society, care of The Educator-Journal, and ask how your pupils can easily earn a beautiful 5x8 moth-proof bunting flag.

H. A. Henderson, formerly superintendent at Delphi and Greencastle, now located at Athens, Greece, is visiting in Indiana. He will return later to Athens, where he is employed by the Greek government.

Hale Pickett, of Holton, is the new principal of the Letts school,

If you have trouble with any problem in the new arithmetics now ip use, The Educator-Journal will be glad to undertake to solve it for you, the answer to be published in the issue following receipt of your letter.

Supt. H. B. Roberts, Henry county, has been granted a thousand-dollar increase in salary.

BLOOMINGTON.-Supt. E. E. Ramsey has announced the appointment of Prof. Horace C. Wysong, a graduate of Indiana University, to be principal of the Bloomington High School, to succeed Prof. C. R. Clayton, who has accepted a position in the Indianapolis Manual Training High School. Prof. Wysong's home is at Lebanon, but for two years he has been principal at Rawlins, Wyo.

The suit of Miss Beatrix Graves against the Jefferson school township of Miami county, for damages in the sum of $3,500, which was filed in the Miami circuit court some time ago, has been brought to Howard county on a change of venue, says a Kokomo paper.

According to her complaint, Miss Graves was a duly licensed teacher, holding a state teacher's certificate signed by Horace Ellis, state superintendent or public instruction, when she signed a contract to teach the Miami school for the term of 1917-18. Soon after she began teaching the township trustee canceled the contract and refused to pay her for the services she had performed the trustee comenuing that she did not possess a license to teach in the schools of the state. This act on the part of the township trustee, says the complaint, constituted breach of contract by which the plaintiff was deprived of the salary for the term of school to the amount of $500, and has suffered damages as a result of humiliation in the sum of $3,000.


The list of teachers for Westport has been selected, and is as follows: Superintendent, Dewey Manuel. High SchoolPrincipal, Edith Blaydes; assistant principal, Floyd Wheeler; Iris Munn. GradesFlorence Davis, Mabel Williams, Elsie Braden and Helen Hooten.

Chemistry and machine shop work have been added to the curriculum of the Columbus High School.

John DeLong is the new superintendent at New Haven.

Central Normal College

Danville, Indiana

The two-semester plan has been adopted for the schools of Wabash county.

F. M. Price, principal of the Hoagland School, Ft. Wayne, has been appointed assistant superintendent of the Ft. Wayne school, and will supervise the work in the upper grades.

E. O. Maple, formerly superintendent at Vincennes and later in educational work at Great Lakes Training Station, is now Americanization superintendent in the city of Detroit.

Established 1876
A Standard Normal School, and a

THE COURSES MAINTAINED:College, Standard Normal, New Life License Courses, Class B, Class A, High School, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting, Common Branches, Mu, sic Supervisor's, Domestic Science, Piano, Voice, Violin, etc.

Fall Term opens September 16, 1919. Winter Term opens December 9, 1919. Students enter at any time. Class A Training Course, 52 weeks each year. Review work a specialty. Great choice of subjects in college work. Expenses reasonable. Board, $3.00 per week. Catalogue free.


A. C. Kibbey, formerly superintendent at Jamestown, now has charge of the history department in the Mishawaka High School.

Mrs. E. E. Olcott, North Vernon, member of the State Board of Education and well known as an institute instructor, is confined to her home by an attack of sickness.

Supt. R. N. Tirey, Washington, is re- Thirty-five normal schools and colleges covering from a

severe operation and is were represented at a conference on teachnow out of the hospital.

er training courses at the State House August 2. The conference, which was held

with Oscar H. Williams, state inspector of The Hope school corporation has been

teacher training, was for the purpose of indissolved and taken over by the Haw Creek township school corporation.

terpreting the Vesey law and for discussing the issuance of provisional certificates

for teaching, says a report of the meeting. Radio classes will be organized in many Plans for putting approved teacher trainof the high schools of the state.

ing courses in the colleges and normals

were also taken up. H. W. Dutter, formerly principal of the

L. N. Hines, state superintendent of Plymouth High School, is now principal

public instruction, defined the law in an of the Warsaw High School.

address as one to fix standards for training teachers.

Robert K. Devericks, head of the manuRaymond Rielag is again principal of the script division, talked on the old certificaVincennes Junior High School, after navy tion and the new and informal talks were service in the world war.

made by Prof. F. M. Stalker, of the State

Normal School; Prof. Willis Fox, of TriThe salary of Supt. A. R. Fleck, Whit

State College; President Eliza A. Blaker, ley county, has been increased to $2,000 per

of the Teachers' College of Indianapolis, year.

and Prof. Noble Sherwood, of Franklin

College. The Kokomo six-weeks summer school

Mr. Williams discussed plans and sugclosed a successful term recently.

gestions for establishing the approved courses and the issuance of provisional

certificates. The State Board of Truancy has had sev- President W. A. Millis, of Hanover Coleral meetings to devise ways to comply lege; Prof. G. W. Neat, of Valparaiso Uniwith the federal law governing employing versity; Prof. F. M. Stalker, of the State of minors in factories. Employers hiring Normal, and Mr. Williams were appointed children without proper credentials will on a committee to determine the amount have a 10 per cent. tax imposed on their of practice teaching that will be required goods.

under the new law.

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BOISE, IDAHO See our general ad el sewhere in this issue.


Answers Indiana Atate Board Examination Questions for 1917-1918. Price $1.00. With one year's subscription to Educator, $1.50. Order now; it will help you in your Review for examination.

EDUCATOR-JOURNAL CO., 404 Newton Claypool Bldg., ladianapolis, Ind.

State Board Questions for August with Answers.

ARITHMETIC. 1. Define: Trade discount; cash discount;

graph. 2. Reduce 2 pecks, 3 quarts, 1.2 pints to the

decimal of a bushel. 3. A firm fails and has debts of $62,500. Its

assets amount to $37,500. How much will a creditor having a claim of $8,000

obtain? 4. Given principal $540, rate 5%, interest

$84. Find the time. 5. How many acres in a tract of land 36

mile long and 8 rods wide? 6. Multiply fifteen millionths by fifteen

thousand and explain as you would to

a class studying decimals. 7. Define: Perimeter; diagonal; payee;

bond; longitude. 8. Which is the better investment, 312 %

bonds at 87 12 or 4% bonds at 105? 9. Add 622,489, 926,569, 785,765, 738,921,

59,764, 329, 5,009. 10.34is 20% of what? 13 is what part of 5/6? 11. What determines the value of any subject in arithmetic?

Answers. 1. Trade discount: A discount allowed by dealers from catalogue price in order to regulate and change that price without printing new catalogues and to conceal the true selling price from competitors and

persons whom they do not desire to know the true

price. Cash discount: A discount allowed
for prompt payment of a bill. Graph: А
diagram to show growth of a business, rela-
tion of costs and sales, comparison of com-
peting firms, etc.
2. 2 pks., 3 qts., 1.2 pts. = 39.2 pts.
1 bu. = 64 pts.

1 pt=-- bu.


39.2 392
39.2 pt. = 39.2 X- bu. =- bu.=- bu.=


49 49
-bu. -bu. = 49: 805.6125 bu.

80 80 3. $37,500 must pay $62,500 indebtedness.

1 $1 will pay

of $62,500 = $3/5= 60c. A

37.500 firm to whom $8,000 is due will receive 8,000 X 60c=$4,800. 4. 5 mile = 200 rds.

A strip 200 rds. by 8 rds. = 200 X 8=1,600

sq. rds.
160 sq. rds. = 1 acre.

1 sq. rd. =- acre.

1,600 sq. rds. =1,600 X- acre = 10 acres.


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5. Interest on $540 for 1 yr. at 5%= $27.

1 To gain $1 interest will require

year of time.
To gain $84 interest will require 84 X

yr. = 3 1/9 yr.
1/9 yr.

1 mo., 10 days.
Therefore, the required time is 3 yrs.,

1 mo., 10 days. 6. .000015 X 15000.=:225.

The rule is to point off as many decimal places in the product as are found in both multiplier and multiplicand, for 15 millionth in this problem is multiplied by 15,000 is 225,000 millionths, but since zeroes at right of last integer are of no value, these digits may be discarded.

.000015 X 15,000=.000.225,000.

Properly read, after multiplication, 225,000 millionths, but 225,000 millionths is equivalent in value to 225 thousandths.

7. Perimeter: Distance around or sum of bounding lines; applied especially to polygons. Diagonal: Line joining two angles of a polygon of four or more sides that are not adjacent. Payee: Person directed to receive payment in a commercial paper. Bond: A promise to pay secured by the property of the firm issuing. Longitude: Astronomical distance east or west of some line taken as a prime meridian. 8. 3 12% bonds bought at 100 yield 342 %. 31% % bonds bought at 1 yield 350%.

1 312 % bonds bought at 8742 yield

87.5 of 350% = 4%. 4% bonds bought at 100 yield 4%. 4% bonds bought at 1 yield 400%.

LITERATURE. 1. Identify: Shylock, Rosalind, Banquo. 2. Define metrical romance Name one. 3. Name five English historians. 4. What were Tennyson's chief works? 5. Give biography of James Whitcomb

4% bonds bought at 105 yield



3 142 % bonds

400% = 3.8 + %. 4%-3.8 + % = 2%, nearly.

are better. 622,489 926,569 785,765 738,921 59,764

329 5,009

3,138,846 10. If % is 20%, since 20% is 1/5 of re

25 quired number 5X5 =

or 348


Riley. 6. How would you teach "The Lady of the

Lake''? 7. Write a character sketch from Dickens. 8. Name five great epics. 9. Quote the Lord's Prayer. 10. Name five Indiana authors. 11. Define drama. Name two kinds.

Answers, 1. Shylock, the Jew

money-lender, in Merchant of Venice; Rosalind, daughter of the banished duke, in As You Like It; Banquo, a general in the king's army ambitious to become king, in Macbeth.

2. A rambling tale of adventure dealing with the three great interests of the Middle Ages--battle, love, religion. Layamon's "Brut".

3. Gibbon, Greene, Macaulay, Carlyle, Raleigh, Hume.

4. In Memoriam, Locksley Hall, Idylls of the King. Maud, the Princess.

5. Riley, born in Greenfield, Ind., October 7, 1853, died, July 22, 1916; began writing as reporter, later contributed verses to the Indianapolis Journal. Though he has written some poetry in pure English, his dialect poems of Hoosier life are his best known works. (See answers in April issue, 1919.)

6. The class should study the life of Scott and his relation to the romantic movement to understand why he would naturally write a story like the Lady of the Lake. A brief study of the history of Scotland should give the historical basis of the poem. Read the poem to get the story as a whole; then fol. low with a more detailed "study of each canto, with a discussion of the characters and descriptions; have certain of the beautiful parts committed. It is full of splendid topics for oral composition. But do not kill a beautiful poem and thrilling story by too much analysis.

7. Sydney Carton, the hero and most tragic character in A Tale of Two Cities, Many claim that in Carton Dickens shows development in character better than in any other. Read the book and study this character.

8. The Iliad, The Aeneid, The Kalevala, The Mahabharata, The Ramayana.

9. See Bible.

10. Gen. Lew Wallace, Meredith Nichol. son, Booth Tarkington, Geo. Ade, Gene Stratton-Porter.

11. A story acted as well as spoken. Tragedy, comedy.

quired number.
5/6= base; 100% = base.
5/6=100% of base; 1/6=1/5 of 100% of

base = 20% of base.
143 = 2/6; 2/6= 2x20% of base = 40% of

11. The value of any subject taught in
arithmetic must be determined by the double
standard of utility; of the principles involved
in everyday life, and the mental discipline
derived from the study of the subject. The
trend is toward the utilitarian side but this
can not be the only guide as it will not
develop thinking power in handling numbers
sufficiently to be effective.

SCIENCE OF EDUCATION. 1. Explain the pedagogical value of repeti

tion. 2. Why is example more influential on the

part of teacher than precept? 3. What are the most favorable mental con

ditions for good memory? 4. Is the main purpose of teaching that of

enabling the pupil to remember what

was learned? Why or why not? 5. Of what value is it to children to repro

duce a story that has been read to

them? 6. How does the aim of education affect

the course of study? 7. What has been the effect of "child study"

upon the American elementary schools? 8. Briefly discuss the place of imitation in


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