Puslapio vaizdai
[blocks in formation]

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The Argument. Raphael continues to relate how Michael and Gabriel were sent

forth to battle against Satan and his angels. The first fight described: Satan and his powers retire under night: he calls a council, invents devilish engines, which in the second day's tight put Michael and his Angels to some disorder; but they at length pulling up mountains overwhelmed both the force and machines of Satan : yet the tumult not so ending, God on the thiru day sends Messiah his son, for whom he had reserved the glory of that victory: he, in the power of his father, coming to the place, and causing all his legions to stand stili on either side, with his chariot and thunder driving into the mi Ist of his enemies, pursues them, unable to resist, towards ide wall of Heaven; which opening, they leap down with her. ror and confusion into the place of punishment prepared for them in the deep: Messiah returns with triumpn to his Fathier.

All night the dreadless Angel unpursued Through Heav'n's wide champaign held his way;

till Mom, Wak'd by the circling Hours, with rosy hand Unbarr'd the


of Light. There is a cave Within the mount of God, fast by his throne, Where light and darkness in perpetual round Lodge and dislodge by turns, which makes through Grateful vicissitude, like day and night; [Heav'n Light issues forth, and at the other door Obsequious Darkness enters, till her hour 10




To veil the Heaven, though darkness there might

well Seem twilight here: and now went forth the Moro Such as in highest Heav'n, array'd in gold Empyreal : from before her vanish'd Night, Shot through with orient beams! when all the plain Cover'd with thick embattled squadrons bright, Chariots and flaming arms, and fiery steeds Reflecting blaze on blaze, first met his view : War he perceiv’d, war in procinct, and found Already known what he for news bad thought 20 To have reported : gladly then he mix’d Among those friendly powers, who him receiv'd With joy and acclamations loud, that one, That of so many myriads fall’n, yet one Return'd not lost : on to the Sacred Hill They led him high applauded, and present Before the seat supreme: from whence a voice From midst a golden cloud thus mild was heard:

Servant of God, well done, well hast thou fought The better fight, who single hast maintain'd 30 Against revolted multitudes the cause Of truth, in word mightier than they in arms; And for the testimony' of truth hast borne Universal reproach, far worse to bear Than violence; for this was all thy care To stand approv'd in sight of God, though worlds Judg'd thee perverse: the easier conquest now Remains thee, aided by this host of friends, Back on thy foes more glorious to return

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