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Don C. Chapple, resident of Concord for 20 years, died in that city on April 3 at the age of 69 years. He was a native of Crown Point, N. Y. He is survived by a widow, two daughters, Mrs. Frank Beauregard of Hartford, Vt., and Mrs. George Fox of Strafford, Vt., and a son, Clinton, of Great Barrington, Mass.


Oscar H. Bishop, builder, aged 41 years, died at his home in Nashua on March 28. His health had been failing for a number of years, but he had until very recently been able to attend his business. He leaves a widow and eight children, as well as four brothers and two sisters.

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The Concord S. P. C. A.

INCORPORATED UNDER THE LAWS OF NEW HAMPSHIRE needs the help of every person in the state to stop the cruelties that are inflicted on our dumb animals. With this help, the sufferings and torture of the animals in New Hampshire can be overcome. The cattle shipments on the trains can be made humane. The traders in old horses can be driven out of business. Cattle will not be left in pastures until Christmas.

The S. P. C. A. of Concord have this work well started and with the support of the people will carry it through.

In Making Your Will Remember the S. P. C. A.


George H. Tarlton, aged 69, of Newfields, died in that town on April 16. Mr. Tarlton was born in Newington, but had lived since boyhood in Newfields where he was prominent in musical circles, and where he held the office of selectman in 1915-1919. He was a member of the Universalist Church and of the Fraternity Lodge, I. O. O. F. His widow survives him.


Mrs. Mary E. Nelson, widow of Freeman J. Nelson, died April 16 at the Centennial Home for the Aged, Concord, N. H., at the age of 86 years.

"The Rose Studio"





of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire

The exhaustive work entitled, "History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire," two volumes of over eight hundred pages each, from the settlement of the town in 1777 to 1917, by the Rev. Josiah Lafayette Seward, D. D.; and nearly completed at the time of his death, has been published by his estate and is now on sale, price $16.00 for two volumes, post paid.

The work has been in preparation for more than thirty years. It gives comprehensive genealogies and family histories of all who have lived in Sullivan and descendents since the settlement of the town; vital statistics, educational, cemetery, church and town records, transfers of real estate and a map delineating ranges and old roads, with residents carefully numbered, taken from actual surveys made for this work, its accuracy being unusual in a history.

At the time of the author's death in 1917, there were 1388 pages already in print and much of the manuscript for its completion already carefully prepared. The finishing and indexing has been done by Mrs. Frank B. Kingsbury, a lady of much experience in genealogical work; the printing by the Sentinel Publishing Company of Keene, the binding by Robert Burlen & Son, Boston, Mass., and the work copyrighted (Sept. 22, 1921) by the estate of Dr. Seward by J. Fred Whitcomb, executor of his will.

The History is bound in dark green, full record buckram, No. 42, stamped title, in gold, on shelf back and cover with blind line on front cover. The size of the volumes are 6 by 9 inches, 2 inches thick, and they contain 6 illustrations and 40 plates.

Volume I is historical and devoted to family histories, telling in an entertaining manner from whence each settler came to Sullivan and their abodes and other facts concerning them and valuable records in minute detail.

Volume II is entirely devoted to family histories, carefully prepared and containing a vast amount of useful information for the historian, genealogist and Sullivan's sons and daughters and their descendents, now living in all parts of the country, the genealogies, in many instances, tracing the family back to the emigrant ancestor.

The index to the second volume alone comprises 110 pages of three columns each, containing over twenty thousand names. Reviewed by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record and the Boston Transcript.

Sales to State Libraries, Genealogical Societies and individuals have brought to Mr. Whitcomb, the executor, unsolicited letters of appreciation of this great work. Send orders to

45 Central Square, Keene, N H.

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Life and Accident Insurance
United in One Policy

THIS substantial New Hampshire institution, officered and directed by New Hampshire men, operating under the direct supervision of the New Hampshire Insurance Department, subject to the rigid requirements of the New Hampshire insurance law, furnishes a combination of life and accident insurance in one policy which cannot be duplicated by any other company doing business in this state. Why should New Hampshire people look elsewhere?

What we do for one premium and in one policy:

$5,000.00, death from any cause.

$10,000.00, death from any accident.

$15,000.00, death from certain specified accidents.

$50.00 per week for total disability resulting from accident. Every dollar of the policyholder's interest as represented by the reserves calculated by the Insurance Department, on deposit with the State of New Hampshire.

A Splendid Opportunity for Successful Agents


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