Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema

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Intellect Books, 2005 - 270 psl.
Utopianism, alongside its more prevalent dystopian opposite together with ecological study has become a magnet for interdisciplinary research and is used extensively to examine the most influential global medium of all time. The book applies a range of interdisciplinary strategies to trace the evolution of ecological representations in Hollywood film from 1950s to the present, which has not been done on this scale before. Many popular science fiction, westerns, nature and road movies, as listed in the filmography are extensively analysed while particularly privileging ecological moments of sub.

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Ecology and Contemporary American Cinema
2 Nature Film and Ecology
3 Westerns Landscape and Road Movies
1950s to 1990s
5 Postmodernist Science Fiction Films and Ecology
Glossary of Terms
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