Turkey in Europe

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E. Arnold, 1908 - 459 psl.

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397 psl. - The Sublime Porte undertakes to carry out, without further delay, the improvements and reforms demanded by local requirements in the provinces inhabited by the Armenians, and to guarantee their security against the Circassians and Kurds. It will periodically make known the steps taken to this effect to the Powers, who will superintend their application.
189 psl. - God the eternal!" "He begetteth not," "And is not begotten;" "And there is none like unto Him.
190 psl. - God bless the King !— God bless the Faith's defender! God bless — No harm in blessing the Pretender. Who that Pretender is, and who that King, — God bless us all ! — is quite another thing.
398 psl. - Ardahan, Kars, or any of them shall be retained by Russia, and if any attempt shall be made at any future time by Russia to take possession of any further territories of his Imperial Majesty the Sultan in Asia, as fixed by the definitive Treaty of Peace, England engages to join his Imperial Majesty the Sultan in defending them by force of arms.
64 psl. - Cherbury gives an interesting account of the education of a highly-born youth at the end of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth century.
189 psl. - I testify that there is no god but God, and I testify that Muhammad is His servant and Apostle.
216 psl. - I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver of life, Who proceedeth from the Father and the Son, Who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified, Who spake by the Prophets.
397 psl. - Treaty of 1878, which stated that as the evacuation by the Russian troops of the territory which they occupy in Armenia, and which is to be restored to Turkey, might give rise to conflicts and complications detrimental to the mainte-nance of good relations between the two countries, the Sublime Porte...
194 psl. - And when Jesus the son of Mary said,' O children of Israel! verily, I am the apostle of God to you, verifying the law that was before me and giving you glad tidings of an apostle who shall come after me, whose name shall be A'hmed...
189 psl. - King of the Day of Judgment. Thee we worship, and Thee we ask for help. Guide us in the straight way, the way of those to whom Thou art gracious. Not of those upon whom is Thy wrath, nor of the erring.

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