Absolute Time and Space... Existence beyond Bigbang

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Harjeet Singh, 2020-05-04 - 60 psl.

Addressing some of the biggest questions of cosmology

1.   How our universe came into existence?

2.   What was the time before start of universe?

3.   Is there anything outside of this universe?

4.   Is time travel possible?

5.   Is there any multiverse or parallel universe?

The new understanding of basic dimensions absolute Time and Space will open the possibility of exploring beyond our current known universe. These absolute dimensions might supersede our current spacetime dimension and related theories. Interpretations based on these dimensions could effectively bridge the gap between theories of microscopic and telescopic worlds and it will eventually give us a better picture of our universe. This book will take us one step closer towards the understanding of our Entire Existence.

Book Pages 60


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