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M'Evo y James, 20th Aug. 1805. Edwards John, 16th April, 1805. M'Creery Ralph, 25th Nov. Edwards Chs. 29th Nov. 1806. Merryman John, jun. 31st July, F

1806. Freize Simon, 10th Oct. 1807. Muschett Walter, 7th Oct. Fry James, 2d April, 1808. Medcalf Abm. 23d March, 1807. G

Miller John, 1st June. Gittings Richard, 24th May, Meeteer Thomas, 10th Oct. 1806.

Mackey Michael, 7th May, 1808. Gill John, 31st July.

N Ghequiere Charles

2. 10th Oct. Neale John, 4th April, 1807. and Henry Kunckle $ 1807.

O Gade Jno. 16th April, 1808. Ottesen Jacob, 7th May, 1808. H

P Houzlet Peter, 2d Sept. 1805. Price Howell, 7th Oct. 1806. Harris William, 21st May, 1806. Pierpoint Joseph, 27th October, Hencks Joseph, 3d Nov.

1807. Higginbothom Thomas and Jno.

R 13th Oct. 1807.

Ruff Danl. 29th April, 1805. Hawkins and Claggett, 7th Nov. Randall Christr. 23d May. Hay John, 28th May, 1808. Roach Joseph, 3d July.

Roger Andw. L. 23d March, Johnson Washington, 16th April, 1807. 1805.

Richardson Robt. R. 16th April, K

1808. Kerr Thos. 10th Oct. 1806. Rutter Valentine, 23d April. Kenter Chas. F. 7th Oct. 1807.

Person released) Searight James, 31st July,

1806. Person released. Larew James, 16th April, 1805. Sweeney Richd. 31st July. Lowry John, 20th April.

Sitler Jacob, 8th October. Luttig John C. 2d Oct.

Person released. Loudenslarger Jacob, 3d Nov. Seton Jno. Curson, 7th October 1806.

1806. Larrabee Danl. 2d April, 1808. Starr Wm. 29th Nov. Lamb John, 2d April.

Sitler Danl. 10th Oct. 1807. Langford Charles, 16th April.

Person released. S M

Suman Wm. 2d April, 1808. Myers Joseph, 17th April, 1805. Smith Joseph P. 9th April.


Sayer Jno. B. 9th April, 1808.

W Stickney Jno. 14th May.

Walker Saml. 16th April, 1805. Spalding Stanislaus, 20 April. West James, 7th May, 1808. T

Wilmer Simon, 28th May.
Thompson John and James, 10th

Oct. 1807.

Young Chaş. B. 5th Dec. 1807. Tagart Jno. and Thos. Caldwell, Published by order of the court. 230 April, 1808.

Wm. GIBSON, Clk. V

230 July, 1808. Vonhemison Andw. Jacob, 23d

April, 1805.

A list of persons who since the first day of January, 1805, have applied to Baltimore County Court for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this state, but who have not received their final discharges, and whose time for final hearing is passed. Names. Time for final hearing. A

Childs Benj. Ist June, 1808.
Adrian George, 14th Aug. 1805.

Arnold Benj. Ist Jan. 1806. Dutton Benj. 2d Sept. 1806.
Andrews James, 2d May, 1807. Doyne Robt. 7th October.

Davis John, 10th September. Boyce Wm. 30th July, 1806.

Brown John, 7th October. Erengy James, 7th Oct.
Barnes James, do.

Beck John G. 10th Oct. 1807. Forbes John, 29th May, 1805.
Bouldon Jacob, do.
Brown Henry, 14th May, 1808. Graham Hamilton, 10th May.

Goodwin Samuel, 15th July. Chalmers James, 3d April, 1805. Greenfield Thomas, 11th May, Clarke John, 15th May.

1807. Culverwell Stephen, 10th Sep.

H 1805.

Harper John, 24th July, 1805. Crain Thos. Ist Oct. 1805. Haslem John, 14th August. Chenoweth Samuel,7th October, Harrison Thos. 19th August


Hobby John, 17th Oct. 1805. Rogers Charles, 31st July, 1806
Hunt Walter S. 2d April, 1808. Rich Matthias, 7th May, 1808.

Randall Thomas B. 4th June. Irven James, 14th August, 1805. Robinson William 9th June. Johnston Horatio, 10th Septem

S ber, 1806.

Stansbury Elisha, 15th October, Jones Thomas, 7th Oct.

1805. Judge Thomas L. 3d Nov. Smith Isaac, 10th Nov. 1806. Jaffray James, 10th Oct. 1807. Stenhouse, 31st July. K

Semmer Henry, do. Kidder Joseph, 3d Nov. 1806. Stewart Peter, 10th Nov. Keighter Daniel, 2d April, 1808. Smith Jacob G. 9th May, 1807. L

Sands Hugh, 10th October. Lambden Thos. 22d July, 1805. Slater William, 19th October. Lutze George, 31st July, 1806. Sinners Elijah R. do. Lamerlere Anthony, 14th Aug. Sanderson Francis, do. 1805.

Schriver John, H. 14th October, Lancaster Moses P. 10th Oct.

1807. 1807.

Sackrider Daniel W. 14th Nor.
Legg William, 28th May, 1808. Suman William 2d April, 1808.
Leatherwood Jesse, 10th Oct. Smith Charles, do.


Travers Fredk. Ist Jan. 1806. Maidwell James and Alexr. 7th Tucker Benjn. 9th May, 1807. Oct. 1805.

U & V Mathews Wm. P. 14th Nov. Vaughan Thomas N. 14th Aug. Mørgan James, 1st Jan. 1806.

1805. Maxwell George, do.

Vaughan Benj. 15th October. Mottee Francis, 7th Oct. Vaughan Abm. 3d Nov. 1804. Mulligan Patrick, 28th March, Usher Abm. 4th Nov. 1807. 1807.

Veazy John, 2d April, 1808. Morneweck Charles, 10th Oct.

W Mattison James, do.

Woods Joseph, July, 1865. M•Henry Dennis, do.

Walsh Michael, 31st July, 1806. Mordecai Issac, 7th Nov. 1807. Willey William, 4th June, 1808. NOP

Y Perse Fordon, 14th May, 1805. Young John, 10th Oct. 1806. Pevigoy Joseph, 230 Sep. Published by order of the Court,

Wm. GIBSON, clerk. Rhodes Benj. 18th Nov.

August, 4th 1808.

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