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LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. A NEW EDITION OF THE LAWS OF MARYLAND. To be prepared for the press by Virgil Maxcy, attorney at law.

'HE length of time which has elapsed since the last edition of

the laws of Maryland, has rendered a new one necessary. Since the year 1800, the acts passed at each session have been published separately, without any index. This inconvenience, as well as the great expense of a complete set of the laws, as they are now published, has been much complained of. This expense arises principally from the unnecessary publication of the private acts. The laws not of a general nature and the titles of such as have expired or been repealed occupy more than two thirds of Kilty's edition. It is but very seldom that gentlemen of the bar, even in the most extensive practice, have occasion to recur to private acts of assembly. The possession of them is wholly unnecessary also to justices of the peace, as well as to those who, not being professional men, or in office, are yet desirous of obtaining a competent knowledge of the laws of their own state. This extraordinary expense, which has prevented all persons from purchasing the laws, except lawyers and magistrates who are obliged to have them, may be removed by a separate publication of the public acts. This plan has been adopted in most of the other states, and its manifest utility renders it matter of surprise, that it has never been followed in Maryland, where the laws have become


voluminous. This edition of the laws, therefore will contain those acts only which are of a public and general nature. Private acts will be totally excluded; as well as those of mere local operation; except some few, which will be inserted on account of their peculiar importance. The last volume will contain a copious index, which will answer the purpose of a digest. So that an edition of the laws, úpon the plan proposed, will possess the double advantage of giving at large the public acts now in force, (which of course will be authority in

1 the courts) and of a compendious collection, under appropriate heads, of all the principal matters, for the information of those who do not wish to acquire the minute knowledge requisite for a lawyer.

This edition will be printed in two large volumes, royal octavo, at six dollars the volume, payable on delivery.

A TRANSLATION of Pothier's celebrated Treatise on Insurance on Bottoniry and Respondentia, and on the hiring of Sailors is now preparing for the press and will be published speedily. Each treatise will be accompanied by notes from the pen of a professional gentleman, referring to English and American cases on the different points treated of by Pothier. An appendix of useful forms will be subjoined, and the whole adapted to the use of the counting-house, as well as the library of the lawyer.

A translation of the treatises of the same author on Averages and Charter Parties is in a state of forwardness.

In the press and will speedily be published,

BY I. RILEY. SHEPPARD'S TOUCHSTONE, 2 vols. royal 8vo. printed page for page from the last London edition.

To this edition will be added all the statutes of the several states relating to the subjects discussed in that work, together with the statutes of each state in the union on the following heads, viz.

1. Statutes regulating the levying of Fines, and suffering Common Recoveries.

2. Statutes relative to Deeds, and the manner of recording the same.

3. Statutes with reference to Deeds made to defraud creditors.

4. Statutes as to Warranties, lineal or collateral, and their binding effects.

5. Statutes relative to Feoffments.
6. Statutes relative to Attornments.
7. Statutes relative to Leases.
8. Statutes regulating last Wills and Testaments.
9. Statutes regulating Uses.

Edited by John Anthon, esq. counsellor at law. NOY'S MAXIMS, 1 vol. 12mo, printed from the last London cdition.

ESPINASSE'S DIGEST of the Laws of Actions, and trials at Nisi prius, 2 vols. 8vo.

CASES argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the state of New York, from January term, 1799, to

January term, 1803, both inclusive, together with cases in the Court of Errors. By William Johnson, counsellor at law.

Many of the cases during this period have been collected and arranged, with a view to publication, by Jacob Radcliff, esq. late one of the judges of the supreme court, from whom they have been obtained by the present reporter.

Preparing for the press, by I. Riley. A TREATISE on Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, by George Caines, esq.

REPORTS of cases argued and determined at Nisi Prius, in the city of New-York, by John Anthon, esq.

JACOB'S LAW DICTIONARY, improved, in 5 vols. royal 8vo. DIGEST of the Laws of the State of New York, 1 vol. royal 8vo. DIGEST of all the American Reporters.

DAY'S REPORTS, in the Supreme Court of Errors and Cir. cuit Court of the United States, for the district of Connecticut.

By Hopkins and Earle of Philadelphia. A System of Erchange Operations between the principal places of

Europe. Containing the names and divisions of the different Moneys of Exchange, and their relative value;

The Usances of Bills of Exchange according to the customs of places upon which they are drawn;"

The times of Grace, Payment, Protest and other Exchange regulations, as respectively established;

The course of Exchanges between relative places in Europe;

The manner in which their respective accounts are kept, and the method of reducing Bank to Current Money according to the existing agio;

With a reciprocal reduction of the different Moneys, calculated upon the order of Exchange, &c.

In the manner of the French system of Joseph René Ruellee; by Peter Kuhn jun. esq. late Consul of the United States of America near the Republic of Liguria.

TO WHICH IS ADDED, The Weights, Qualities and names of all current Coins, Foreign and Ancient, and their valuation in the currency of France, from the authentic Assays of M. Morcé De Richbourg; together with their deduction to the Weights and Currency of the United States, according to the estimates of Foreign Coins, established by act of Congress.

NEW PUBLICATIONS. Thoughts upon the conduct of our Administration, in relation both to Great Britain and France, more especially in reference to the late negotiation, concerning the attack on the Chesapeake. By a Friend to Peace. Boston. 20 cents.

REPORTS of cases argued and adjudged in the Court of King's Bench during the time of lord Mansfield's presiding in that court; from Michaelmas term 30 Geo. 2. 1756. to Easter term 12 Geo. 3. 1772. in 5 vols. By sir James Burrow Knt. Late Master of the Crown Office, and one of the benchers of the honourable society of the Inner Temple. First American from the fourth London edition, corrected. With the addition of marginal notes, and many new references to later British and American decisions, by the American editors. William P. Farrand and Co. Philadelphia, 22 dols.

BRITAIN independent of Commerce, or proofs deduced from an investigation into the true causes of the Wealth of Nations, that our riches, prosperity and power are derived from sources inherent in ourselves, and would not be affected, even though our Commerce were annihilated. By William Spence, F. R. S. Bradford and Inskeep, Philadelphia. 50 cts. Just Published (at New Orleans) and for sale by the

Author, price one dollar. A PAMPHLET containing a letter to his excellency William C. C. Claiborne, governor o' the territory of Orleans.

A letter of thanks to James Brown, esq. counsellor at law.

A defence of the honourable John Rowan and Daniel Clark, members of congress, against the slanders of the Tergiversant Redacteur of the Courier.

A letter to Messrs. Judson, Hickly, Waters, Hill, Sanderson, Clark and Richardson, the gentlemen who composed the Jury, &c.

A letter to the honourable Joshua Lewis, one of the judges of the superior court. Hints for the consideration of grand and petit juries.

By H. P. Nugent. N. B. This pamphlet is likewise for sale at Mr. Muspero's printstore, Public Square south, No. 13, and at Mr. Renard's printing office.


A list of persons who have applied to Baltimore County Court for, and who have obtained a final discharge under the Insolvent Laws of this State, since the 1st day of January, 1805. Persons' Names. When released. Cooke Robert, and Walter WilА

son, 15th April. Askew Campbell S. 8th August, Cooke Casper, 15th April. 1807.

Conner Daniel, 29th April.

Cave Thomas, 27th May.
Brown Thomas, Ist April, 1805. Cantwell Thomas, 26th July.
Bull Josias S. 18th April. Coulter Alexr. 27th August.
Brown Henry, 25th April. Cooper James, and Jno. Odell,
Bolgiano Francis W. 18th July. 3d Nov. 1806.
Barroux Michael, 18th July. Clarke Joseph, 23d April, 1808.
Barbarine Louis, 31st July,1806. Cumming John, 12th May, 1807.
Bacon James, 8th November. Caldwell Jno. R. 10th Oct.
Buchanan George, 230 March,

D 1807.

Davis Charles, 29th April, 1805 Buchanan Andrew, 10th Oct. Davidson Alex. 9th Nov. Barron Jno. 7th Nov.

De Neroth Lewis, 1st August, Butler David, 14th Nov. 1807.

1806. Person released Baxley Jno. 16th April, 1808. De Valcourt Alexr. 2d April. с

1808. Churchman Enoch, 12th April, Driggs Nathl. 14th May,


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