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CHAPTER 58. An act to extend further the powers of the levy court of Allegany county, relative to roads in said county, and for other purposes.

CHAPTER 59. An act to lay out, straighten and confirm a certain road in Harford county.

CHAPTER 60. A further supplement to an act, entitled, An act for erecting a village at Choptank bridge in Caroline county, and for other purposes.

CHAPTER 61. A supplement to an act, entitled, An act to open and extend the road leading from Whittingham's bridge, at Princess Anne town, in Somerset county, to the plantation of George Pollitt, deceased, until it intersects the road leading from Salisbury to Stephens's ferry at the plantation of Josh. Morris.

CHAPTER 62. An act to lay out and make a public road in Anne Arundel county.

CHAPTER 65. An act authorizing Robert Beatherbury, of. Somerset county, to complete his collection.

CHAPTER 66. An act authorizing and directing the sales of certain lands lying in Worcester county, belonging to William Fleming, deceased.

CHAPTER 67. A supplement to the act, entitled, An act authorizing the drawing of a lottery to defray the expense of building a masonic hall in the city of Baltimore.

CHAPTER 68. An act to incorporate a Fire Insurance Company in the city of Baltimore.

Whereas it is represented to this general assembly, that the establishment of an institution in the city of Baltimore, for insuring buildings and personal property of certain descriptions from loss or injury by fire, would be of great public utility, by alleviating the distress to which individuals are exposed, particularly in cities and towns, by affording them additional security to commercial transactions, facilitating internal transportations, and thereby contributing to an increase of the wealth of society; therefore,

II. The capital stock of the said company shall consist of five hundred thousand dollars in shares of fifty dollars each.


III. Commissioners to receive subscriptions.

IV. Commissioners in Baltimore to conduct the operations of the company until superseded by the appointment of directors.

V. Manner of paying the subscriptions.

VI. The subscribers and their successors declared to be a body politic and corporate.

VII. When a meeting is to be called. Twelve directors to be elected annually, who may appoint a president and fix his salary.

VIII. On choosing directors the stockholders shall be entitled to vote, for every share not exceeding ten, one vote each: for every two shares above ten and not exceeding twenty, one vote: for every four shares above twenty and not exceeding forty, one vote: for every six shares above forty and not exceeding sixty, one vote: for every eight shares above sixty and not exceeding eighty, one vote: for every ten shares above eighty and not exceeding one hundred, one vote: for every twenty shares above one hundred and not exceeding one hundred and sixty, one vote: but no person or body politic shall be entitled to more than thirty votes.

IX. The affairs shall be conducted by a president and directors. They shall have power to make insurances against fire, on lives, on inland transportations of goods, wares, merchandizes and country produce, and to invest the funds in any stock which in their judgment may be most advantageous to it: to appoint a secretary and such other clerks as may be necessary and fix their salary: to ordain such by-laws, ordinances and regulations, as shall appear to them necessary and be not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this state, or of the United States: to hire or purchase a suitable building, and generally to conduct the entire business to the objects of the company. They shall keep fair entries of their transactions which shall be at all times open to the inspection of the stockholders. The president, or such person as may be appointed by the directors to supply his place, and four directors shall form a quorum, and all questions shall be decided by a plurality of votes.

X. All policies shall be signed by the president, attested by the secretary and sealed with the common seal. All losses shall be adjusted by the president and board of directors and paid agreeably to the policy, out of the funds of the company.

XI. The corporation shall apply all sums of money received by them for premiums to the payment of losses in the first instance, and to make up the amount of their original capital whenever it shall have suffered any diminution by losses. Dividends of the nett profits shall be made at such periods as the president and directors may think proper, not oftener than once in six months, and paid to the stockholders or their legal representatives. If a dividend shall at any time be declared, of a greater amount than the nett proceeds of the company at the time of making the same, each director who consented thereto, shall be liable for it in his individual capacity, and bound to contribute to make good the deficiency in the capital stock occasioned by such improper dividend.

XII. The corporation shall not be competent to purchase or hold any real property, other than such as may be recovered by them for premiums, and as may be necessary for their immediate accommodation in business. XIII. No stockholder or member of the company

shall be answerable in his individual capacity for any contract of the company, nor for any losses, deficiencies or failures of the capital stock, except in the case of a director declaring an improper dividend, as above.

XIV. The stock of the institution is personal and not real estate, and may be transferred on the books of the company in person or by power of attorney. No stockholder indebted to the company can make a transfer or receive a dividend, until such debt is paid or secured to the satisfaction of the president and board.

XV. The president and directors may call a general meeting of the stockholders. Any number of stockholders not less than forty, who, together shall be proprietors of one thousand shares, may apply to the president and directors to call such meeting, and upon their refusal, may do so themselves.

XVI. If the annual election should not take place at the time appointed, the corporation shall not for that reason be dissolved; but such election shall be held on such convenient day as may for that purpose be fixed on by the president and directors.

XVII. This act shall continue in force until the first day of February, 1820, and until the end of the next session of the assembly which shall happen thereafter.

CHAPTER 69. An act to provide for the transcribing of certain land records in Charles county, and for making out an alphabet to the same.

CHAPTER 70. A further supplement to an act, entitled, An act to incorporate an insurance company in Baltimore town.

CHAPTER 71. An act to encourage the destruction of crows in the several counties therein mentioned.

CHAPTER 72. An act to lay out and make public a road therein mentioned in Harford county.

CHAPTER 73. An act for the relief of Mary Gwinn, of Frederick county.

CHAPTER 74. An act to authorize and empower the levy court of Prince George's county to assess a sum of money for the purpose therein mentioned.

CHAPTER 75. An act to lay out and make a public road in Harford county.

CHAPTER 76. An act to quiet the possessions and fix the lines of the lots of ground fronting on the west side of Philpot street, between Wilkes street and Thomas street in the city of Baltimore.

CHAPTER 77. An act for the preservation of the breed of wild deer in Somerset county.

CHAPTER 78. An act to change the place of holding the first election in the district of Baltimore county.

CHAPTER 79. An additional supplement to the act, entitled, An act to ascertain the allowance to jurymen and witnesses of the general court, and the several county and orphans' courts in this state.

I. There shall be allowed to each grand and petit juryman attending the county courts, and each petit juryman attending the orphans' courts the sum of two dollars per diem for his attendance. But this act does not extend to Baltimore, Allegany, Harford, Calvert, Somerset and Frederick counties.

II. Repeals such acts as are repugnant with this law.

CHAPTER 80. An act to lay out and open a road in Frederick county.

CHAPTER 81. An act to build a bridge and open a road in Caroline county

CHAPTER 82. An act to authorize and empower the levy court of Prince George's county to assess and levy a sum of money for the support and maintenance of Thomas Gentle.

CHAPTER 83. An act for the benefit of Catherine Johnson, of Charles county.

CHAPTER 84. An act authorizing a lottery for raising a sum of money to build a church in Charles county.

CHAPTER 85. An act for the relief of Anne Terry, of Kent county

CHAPTER 86. An act for the relief of Henry Waller, of

Kent county

CHAPTER 87. An act authorizing a lottery to raise a sum of money for the vestry of Saint John's parish, in Harford and Baltimore counties.

CHAPTER 88. An act for the relief and benefit of John Hebb, of Saint Mary's county.

CHAPTER 89. A supplement to an act, entitled, An act for the relief of John Booth, and for confirming his title in certain lands therein mentioned.

CHAPTER 90. An act authorizing a lottery to raise a sum of money to purchase a fire engine, and finish the church in Westminster town, in Frederick county.

CHAPTER 91. An act to confirm a certain road therein mentioned.

CHAPTER 92. An act to make public a road in Charles county.

CHAPTER 93. An act for the relief of Samuel Thomas, James Golston and Benjamin Benney, executors of Charles W. Benney, deceased, securities of Philemon Willis, late sheriff of Talbot countv,

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