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A BOOK OF AMERICAN VERSE. Selected and edited by A. C. Ward (428).

A BOOK OF NARRATIVE VERSE. Compiled by V.H. Collins. Intro- | duction by Edmund Blunden (350).

A BOOK OF SCOTTISH VERSE. Compiled by R. L. Mackie (417). AMERICAN CRITICISM. Representative Literary Essays. Chosen by Norman Foerster (354).

ENGLISH ESSAYS, chosen and arranged by W. Peacock (32). ENGLISH ESSAYS, 1600-1900, chosen by S. V. Makower and B. H. Blackwell (172).

ENGLISH ESSAYS, MODERN. Two Series. Selected by H. S. Milford (280, 406).

ENGLISH PROSE from MANDEVILLE to RUSKIN, chosen and arranged by W. Peacock (45).

ENGLISH PROSE, chosen and arranged by W. Peacock in 5 volumes : I, WYCLIFFE to CLARENDON; II, MILTON to GRAY; III, WALPOLE to LAMB; IV, LANDOR to HOLMES; V, MRS. GASKELL to HENRY JAMES (219-23).

ENGLISH PROSE, Narrative, Descriptive, Dramatic (MALORY to STEVENSON), compiled by H. A. Treble (204).

ENGLISH SHORT STORIES (Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries), selected by H. S. Milford. Three Series (193, 228, 315). ENGLISH SONGS AND BALLADS, compiled by T. W. H. Crosland.

New edition, with the text revised, and additional poems (13). ENGLISH VERSE. Edited by W. Peacock. I, Early Lyrics to SHAKESPEARE (308); II, CAMPION to the Ballads (309); III, DRYDEN to WORDSWORTH (310); IV, SCOTT to ELIZABETH BROWNING (311); V, LONGFELLOW to RUPERT BROOKE (312).

A MISCELLANY OF TRACTS AND PAMPHLETS. Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries. Edited by A. C. Ward (304).

PALGRAVE'S GOLDEN TREASURY, with 188 pages of additional poems

from LANDOR to BLUNDEN (133).

READING AT RANDOM. A'World's Classics' Anthology. Edited by Ben Ray Redman (410).


AKSAKOFF (SERGHEI). Trans. by J. D. Duff. A Russian Gentleman (241). Years of Childhood (242). A Russian Schoolboy (261). CELLINI (BENVENUTO) (300).

DE QUINCEY (THOMAS). Confessions of an Opium-Eater (23). FRANKLIN (BENJAMIN). The Autobiography, edited from his original manuscript by John Bigelow (250).

GIBBON (EDWARD). Autobiography. Introduction by J. B. Bury


HAYDON (BENJAMIN ROBERT). The Autobiography. Introduc

tion and Epilogue by Edmund Blunden (314).

HUNT (LEIGH). Autobiography. Intro. Edmund Blunden (329).
MILL (JOHN STUART). Autobiography. Introduction by Harold J.
Laski (262).

TOLSTOY. A Confession, and What I believe. Translated by
Aylmer Maude (229).
Michael Sadleir (239).

Autobiography. Introduction by



CARLYLE. The Life of John Sterling. Introduction by W. Hale White (Mark Rutherford') (144).

CRABBE, LIFE OF. By his Son. Introduction by E. M. Forster (404).

DOBSON (AUSTIN). Four Frenchwomen: Charlotte Corday, Madame Roland, Princess de Lamballe, Madame de Genlis (248).

EMERSON. Representative Men. (With English Traits) (30).
FRANCIS OF ASSISI (ST.). The Little Flowers; and The Life of
Brother Giles. Translated into English verse by James Rhoades

GASKELL (MRS.). The Life of Charlotte Brontë (214).
HOUGHTON (LORD). Life of Keats (364).

JOHNSON (SAMUEL). Lives of the Poets. 2 vols. (83, 84).
MAUDE (AYLMER). Life of Tolstoy. 2 vols. (383, 384).
SCOTT (SIR WALTER). Lives of the Novelists. Introduction by
Austin Dobson (94).

STANHOPE (LORD). Conversations with Wellington. Introduction by Philip Guedalla (470).

TREVELYAN (SIR G. O.). Life of Macaulay. With a new Intro

duction by G. M. Trevelyan. 2 vols. (401, 402). WALTON (IZAAK). Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert, Sanderson. Introduction by George Saintsbury (303).


The Classics', Greek and Roman

AESCHYLUS. The Seven Plays. Translated into English Verse by Lewis Campbell (117).

ARISTOPHANES. The Acharnians, Knights, Birds, and Frogs. Translated by J. Hookham Frere. Intro. W. W. Merry (134). HOMER. Translated by Pope. Iliad (18). Odyssey (36). SOPHOCLES. The Seven Plays. Translated into English Verse by Lewis Campbell (116).

VIRGIL. The Aeneid, Georgics, and Eclogues. Translated by John Dryden (37).

Translated by

The Aeneid, Georgics, and Eclogues. James Rhoades (227).




BROWNING (ROBERT). Poems and Plays, 1833-42 (58):
CONGREVE (WILLIAM). Complete Works. 2 vols. Introduction by
Bonamy Dobrée. I, The Comedies. II, The Mourning Bride,
with Letters, Poems, and Miscellanies (276, 277).
STEELE'S Conscious Lovers, GAY'S Beggar's Opera, FIELDING'S
Tom Thumb, GOLDSMITH'S She Stoops to Conquer (292).
Allardyce Nicoll. The five comedies are ARTHUR MURPHY's The
Way to keep him, GEORGE COLMAN'S The Jealous Wife, MRS.
INCHBALD'S Everyone has his Fault, THOMAS MORTON'S Speed
the Plough, and FREDERICK REYNOLDS'S The Dramatist (321).
ELIZABETHAN TRAGEDIES. Edited by A. K. McIlwraith. Con-
tains SACKVILLE and NORTON's Gorboduc; MARLOWE'S Dr.
Faustus; Arden of Feversham; KYD's Spanish Tragedy; HEY-
WOOD's Woman Killed with Kindness (452).

FIVE ELIZABEthan ComediES. Edited by A. K. McIlwraith. Contains GREENE'S Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, PEELE'S The Old Wives' Tale, LYLY'S Campaspe, DEKKER's Shoemaker's Holiday, and the anonymous Merry Devil of Edmonton (422).

FIVE PRE-SHAKESPEAREAN COMEDIES.. Edited by F. S. Boas. Contains MEDWALL'S Fulgens and Lucrece, HEYWOOD's The Four PP., UDALL'S Ralph Roister Doister, the anonymous Gammer Gurton's Needle, and GASCOIGNE'S Supposes (418).

GOETHE. Faust, Parts I and II (380).

IBSEN, HENRIK. Peer Gynt. Trans. with an Introduction by R. Ellis Roberts (446).

MARLOWE. Plays. (478).

MARLOWE'S Dr. Faustus (with GOETHE'S Faust, Part I) (135). RESTORATION TRAGEDIES. DRYDEN'S All for Love, OTWAY's Venice

Preserved, SOUTHERNE'S Oroonoko, ROWE's Fair Penitent, and ADDISON'S Cato. Introduction by Bonamy Dobrée (313). SHAKESPEARE. Plays and Poems. 9 vols. Comedies. 3 vols. (100, 101, 102). Histories and Poems. 3 vols. (103, 104, 105). Tragedies. 3 vols. (106, 107, 108).

SHAKESPEARE, Six Plays by Contemporaries of. DEKKER, The Shoemaker's Holiday: WEBSTER, The White Devil; BEAUMONT and FLETCHER, The Knight of the Burning Pestle, and Philaster; WEBSTER, The Duchess of Malfi; MASSINGER, A New Way to pay Old Debts. Edited by C. B. Wheeler (199). SHERIDAN. Plays. Introduction by Joseph Knight (79). TOLSTOY. The Plays. Tr. by Louise and Aylmer Maude (243).

Essays and Belles Lettres

BACON. The Essays, Civil and Moral (24).

CARLYLE. On Heroes and Hero-Worship (62). Past and Present. Introduction by G. K. Chesterton (153). Sartor Resartus (19).


DOBSON (AUSTIN). At Prior Park, &c. (259). Eighteenth-Century Vignettes. Three Series (245-7). Four Frenchwomen (248). Old Kensington Palace, &c.(258). A Paladin of Philanthropy, &c. (256). Rosalba's Journal, &c. (260). Side-Walk Studies (257). EMERSON. English Traits, and Representative Men(30). Essays (6), ENGLISH CRITICAL ESSAYS. 3 volumes: I, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries; II, Nineteenth Century; III, Twentieth Century (240, 206, 405).

ENGLISH ESSAYS, chosen and arranged by W. Peacock (32).


(A BOOK OF), 1600-1900 (172).

MODERN. Two Series. Selected by H. S. Milford (280, 406). ENGLISH PROSE. MANDEVILLE to RUSKIN. Chosen by W. Peacock (45). Also a selection in 5 volumes by the same editor: I, wYCLIFFE to CLARENDON (219); II, MILTON to GRAY (220); III, WALPOLE to LAMB (221); IV, LANDOR to HOLMES (222); V, MRS. GASKELL to HENRY JAMES (223).

ENGLISH PROSE. Narrative, Descriptive, and Dramatic (204). FROUDE(J. A.). Short Studies on Great Subjects. Series I (269). HAZLITT (WILLIAM). Characters of Shakespeare's Plays (205). The English Comic Writers (124). Sketches and Essays. Essays on Men and Manners (15). Table-Talk (5). The Spirit of the Age (57). Winterslow (25).

HOLMES (OLIVER WENDELL). The Autocrat of the BreakfastTable (61). The Poet at the Breakfast-Table (95). The Professor at the Breakfast-Table (89).

HORNE (R. H.). A New Spirit of the Age (127).
HUNT (LEIGH). Essays and Sketches (115).
IRVING (WASHINGTON). The Sketch Book (173).
LAMB. Essays of Elia, and The Last Essays of Elia (2).
LANDOR. Imaginary Conversations. Selected (196).

Trans. by F. G. Stevens


MILTON. Selected Prose (293).
MONTAIGNE'S ESSAYS. Florio's translation. 3 vols. (65, 70, 77).
REYNOLDS (SIR JOSHUA). The Discourses, &c. (149).
RUSKIN. 'A Joy for Ever', and The Two Paths. Illustrated
(147). Sesame and Lilies, and Ethics of the Dust (145). Time
and Tide, and The Crown of Wild Olive (146). Unto this Last,
and Munera Pulveris (148).

RUTHERFORD (MARK). Pages from a Journal (358).
SMITH (ALEXANDER). Dreamthorp, &c. (200).
SMOLLETT. Travels through France and Italy (90).
STERNE (LAURENCE). A Sentimental Journey (333).
STEVENSON (R. L.). Virginibus Puerisque; Across the Plains (296).
TOLSTOY. Translated by A. Maude. Recollections and Essays
(459). 'What is Art?' and Essays on Art (331).


WALTON and COTTON. The Compleat Angler (430).
WHITE (GILBERT). The Natural History of Selborne (22).
WHITMAN. Specimen Days in America (371).


Fiction (For SHORT STORIES see separate heading)

AINSWORTH (W. HARRISON). The Tower of London (162). AUSTEN (JANE). Emma (129). Pride and Prejudice (335). Mansfield Park (345). Northanger Abbey (355). Persuasion (356). Sense and Sensibility (389).

BLACKMORE (R. D.). Lorna Doone (171).

Borrow (GEORGE). Lavengro (66). The Romany Rye (73):
BRONTË (ANNE). Agnes Grey (141). Tenant of Wildfell Hall (67).
BRONTË (CHARLOTTE). Jane Eyre (1). Shirley (14). Villette (47).
The Professor, and the Poems of the Brontës (78).
BRONTË (EMILY). Wuthering Heights (10).

BUNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress (12). Mr. Badman (338).
BUTLER (SAMUEL). The Way of all Flesh (438).
CERVANTES. Don Quixote. 2 volumes (130, 131).
COBBOLD (REV. RICHARD). Margaret Catchpole (119).
COLLINS (WILKIE). The Moonstone. Introduction by T. S.
Eliot (316). The Woman in White (226).

COOPER (J. FENIMORE). The Last of the Mohicans (163).
DEFOE. Robinson Crusoe. Part I (17).

DICKENS. Barnaby Rudge (286). Christmas Books (307). Edwin
Drood (263). Great Expectations (128). Hard Times (264).
Old Curiosity Shop (270). Oliver Twist (8). Pickwick Papers.
2 volumes (120, 121). Tale of Two Cities (38).
DISRAELI (BENJAMIN). Coningsby (381). Sybil (291).
DOUGLAS (G.). The House with the Green Shutters.

Intro. by

Felix Holt (179). The Mill Scenes of Clerical Life (155).

Joseph Andrews (334).

W. Somerset Maugham (466). ELIOT (GEORGE). Adam Bede (63). on the Floss (31). Romola (178). Silas Marner, &c. (80). FIELDING. Jonathan Wild (382). GALT (JOHN). The Entail (177). GASKELL (MRS.). Cousin Phillis, and Other Tales, &c. (168). Cranford, The Cage at Cranford, and The Moorland Cottage (110). Lizzie Leigh, The Grey Woman, and Other Tales, &c. (175). Mary Barton (86). North and South (154). Right at Last, and Other Tales, &c. (203). Round the Sofa (190). Ruth (88). Sylvia's Lovers (156). Wives and Daughters (157). GOLDSMITH. The Vicar of Wakefield (4). HARRIS (JOEL CHANDLER). Uncle Remus (361). HAWTHORNE. House of the Seven Gables (273). The Scarlet

Letter (26). Tales (319).

HOLME (CONSTANCE). Beautiful End (431). Crump Folk going Home (419). He-who-came? (440). The Lonely Plough (390). The Old Road from Spain (400). The Splendid Fairing (416). The Things which Belong- (425). The Trumpet in the Dust (409). The Wisdom of the Simple, &c. (453).


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