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"J'ai vu les mœurs de mon tems, et j'ai publié cette lettre." -LA NOUVELLE HÉLOÏSE.


F this should fail, why then I scarcely know What could succeed. Here's brilliancy (and banter),

Byron ad lib., a chapter of Rousseau ;

If this should fail, then tempora mutantur; Style's out of date, and love, as a profession, Acquires no aid from beauty of expression.

"The men who think as I, I fear, are few," (Cynics would say 'twere well if they were fewer);

"I am not what I seem,"-(indeed, 'tis true; Though, as a sentiment, it might be newer); "Mine is a soul whose deeper feelings lie More deep than words "-(as these exemplify).

"I will not say when first your beauty's


Illumed my life,”—(it needs imagination); "For me to see you and to love were one,❞—

(This will account for some precipitation); "Let it suffice that worship more devoted Ne'er throbbed," et cetera. The rest is quoted.

"If Love can look with all-prophetic eye,”(Ah, if he could, how many would be single!)

"If truly spirit unto spirit cry,"

(The ears of some most terribly must tingle !) "Then I have dreamed you will not turn your face."

This next, I think, is more than commonplace.

"Why should we speak, if Love, interpreting, Forestall the speech with favour found before?

Why should we plead? it were


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an idle

If Love himself be Love's ambassador!" Blot, as I live! Shall we erase it? No ;'Twill show we write currente calamo.

"My fate, my fortune, I commit to you,"

(In point of fact, the latter's not extensive); "Without you I am poor indeed," — (strike


'Tis true but crude-'twould make her apprehensive);

"My life is yours-I lay it at your feet,"
(Having no choice but Hymen or the Fleet).

"Give me the right to stand within the shrine,

Where never yet my faltering feet intruded; Give me the right to call you wholly mine," (That is, Consols and Three-per-Cents included);

"To guard your rest from every care that cankers,―

To keep your life," (and balance at your banker's)

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66 Compel me not to long for your reply; Suspense makes havoc with the mind "(and muscles);

Winged Hope takes flight"-—(which means that I must fly,

Default of funds, to Paris or to Brussels);

"I cannot wait! My own, my queen


Write by return." And now for a Manila !

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"Miss Blank," at "C Jemima, let it go; And I, meanwhile, will idle with "Sir Walter"; Stay, let me keep the first rough copy, though— 'Twill serve again. There's but the name to alter ;

And Love, that starves,—must knock at every portal,

In formâ pauperis. We are but mortal!



BE seated, pray. "A grave appeal”?

The sufferers by the war, of course ; Ah, what a sight for us who feel,—

This monstrous mélodrame of Force! We, Sir, we connoisseurs, should know, On whom its heaviest burden falls; Collections shattered at a blow,

Museums turned to hospitals!

"And worse," you say; "the wide distress!" Alas, 'tis true distress exists,

Though, let me add, our worthy Press

Have no mean skill as colourists; Speaking of colour, next your seat

There hangs a sketch from Vernet's hand; Some Moscow fancy, incomplete,

Yet not indifferently planned;

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