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3 For, without His blesséd teaching,

All our reading must be vain :
And but foolishness all preaching,

Till the Spirit make it plain.
4 He would show the young beginner

That in him there's nothing good ;
He would lead the vilest ginner

To the Saviour's precious blood. 5 Deeply are our hearts polluted :

Le would cleanse and keep them clean,-
To His holy nature suited,

While His witness dwells within.
6 Lord, no longer would we grieve Thee,

Lest the day of grace depart;
But, at once, would each receive Theo

To a humble, willing heart!


"The manifestations of the Spirit."
1 COR. xii. 7.

4.6's & 2-8's.




THOU that hearest prayer!

Attend our humble cry;
And let Thy servants share

Thy blessing from on high :
We plead the promise of Thy word,

Grant us Thy Holy Spirit, Lord !
If earthly parents hear
Their children when they cry,
If they with love sincere,

Their children's wants supply,-
Much more wilt Thou Thy love display,
And answer when Thy children pray.

Our heavenly Father, Thou:
We, children of Thy grace :
0 let Thy Spirit now

Descend and fill the place --
That all may feel the heavenly flame,
And all unite to praise Thy name!



“Shew me Thy ways, O Lord."

L.M 1

E with us, Lord, where'er we go,

Teach us what Thou would'st have us do,
Suggest whate'er we think or say,
Direct us in the narrow way.

? Prevent us, lest we harbour pride,

Lest we in our own strength confide;
Show us our weakness,-let us see

We have our power, our all, from Theo.
3 Enrich us always with Thy love;

Our kind Protector ever prove;
Thy signet put upon our breast,

And let Thy Spirit on us rest.
5 Assist, and teach us, Lord, to pray;

Incline our natures to obey;
What Thou abhorrest may we flee,

And only love what pleases Thee.
5 O may we never do our will,

But Thine, and only Thine, fulfil ;
Let all our time, and all our ways,
Be spent and ended to Thy praise !

" The Spirit and the Bride say, Come."
REV. xxii. 17.

THE Spirit in our hearts

Is whispering, Sinner, Come!
The bride, the Church of Christ proclaims,

To all His children, Come!
2 Let him that heareth, say,

To all about him, Come!
Let him that thirsts for righteousness,

To Christ, the Fountain, come!
Yes I whosoever will,

O let him freely come,
And freely drink the stream of life:

'Tis Jesus bids him Come!
LO! Jesus, who invites,

Declares, “I quickly come;
Lord, even so ! I wait Thy hour :
Jesus, my Saviour, Come!

"A still, small voice,"
I KINGS xix. 12.

O.M. 1

TAKE my poor heart, just as it is,
So shall I love Thee above all,

And live to Thee alone.
% Complete Thy work, and crown Thy grace,

That I may faithful prove:
And listen to that still, small voice,

Which only whispers-love;

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8 Which teaches me Thy sovereign will,

And tells me what to do ;
Which covers me with shame, when I

Do not Thy will pursue.
4 This unction may I ever feel,-

This teaching from the Lord;
And learn obedience to Thy voice,

Thy soul-reviving word.

"An habitation of God through the Spirit 104 EPH. 11. 22.

2-7'6.8&to 1 HOLY Ghost, dispel our sadness ;

Pierce the clouds of nature's night;
Come, Thou source of joy and gladness,

Breathe Thy life, and spread Thy light! 2 Author of our new creation,

Bid us all Thine influence prove;
Make our souls Thy habitation,
Shed abroad the Saviour's love.

“Early will I seek Thee." 105

PSALM lxlii. l.
Now, in my early days,

Teach me Thy will to know;
O Lord, Thy sanctifying grace

Betimes on me bestow !
2 Make an unguarded youth

The object of Thy care ;
Help me to choose the way of truth,

And flee from every snare, 3 My heart, to folly prone,

Renew by power divine;
Unite it to Thyself alone,

And make me wholly Thine. 4 Lord, let Thy word of grace

My warmest thoughts employ ;
Be this, through all my future days:

My treasure and my joy.
To what Thy laws impart,

Be my whole soul inclined ;
O let them dwell within my heart,

And sanctify my mind! 6

May Thy young servant learn

By theso tù cleanse his way;
And may 1 here the path discern

That leads to endless day.

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"The fruit of the Spirit."
GAL. v. 22.

D. 1 FAR too often men are crying-

" Who will show us any good ?"
While on their own works relying,

They neglect a Saviour's blood :
Broken cisterns ever hewing,

On the banks of living streams;
Ways of error still pursuing,-

Where the Holy Spirit beams. 2 For the fount of living waters,

For the day-star's heavenly rays,
Lord, assist Thy sons and daughters

Still to give Thee fervent praise :
And, while Holy Scripture reading,

Or beneath the Gospel's sound,
All their hearts Thine influence leading,-

May the Spirit's fruit abound;
3 Love, joy, peace, enduring patience,

Temperance in every thing,
Kindness, meekness in all stations,

Faith, whence other graces spring;
These are riches worth possessing,

And the Spirit makes them mine;
Help me, Lord, to win the blessing,

And the glory shall be Thine!



"Three that bear record in heaven." 107

1 JOHN V. 7.
MEET and right it is to sing,

In every time and place,
Glory to our heavenly King,

The God of truth and grace:
Join we, then, with sweet accord,

All in one thanksgiving join;
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,

Eternal praise be Thine!
2 Father, God, Thy love we praise,

Which gave Thy Son to die;
Jesus, full of truth and grace,

Alike we giorify;
Spirit, Comforter divine,

Praise by all to Thee be given,
Till we in full chorus join,

And earth is turned to heaven!

"All spiritual blessings." 108 EPH. i. 3.

FATHER, Thy heavenly gifts afford-

Thy Son, Thy Spirit, and Thy word :
--Thy word to teach our wayward youth
Thy pure commandments, God of truth!
-Thy Spirit, to dispel the night
Of sin and error, God of light!
-Thy Son, to raise our minds above

This world's affections, God of love!
3 For all the good Thy grace imparts,

What shall we give Thee ?-take our hearts;
O seal them by Thy power divine,
In life, in death, for ever Thine!

"Making melody in your heart."

EPH. v. 19.
1 To

Grateful anthems let us raise ;
Holy joy, our souls possessing,

Swells the tribute of our praise.
2 Glory to the Almighty Father,

Fountain of eternal love :
Who, His wandering sheep to gather,

Sent a Saviour from above.
8 To the Son all praise be given;

Who, with love unknown before,
Left the bright abode of heaven,

And our sins and sorrows bore ! 4 Equal strains of warm devotion

Let the Spirit's praise employ;
Author of each holy motion,

Source of wisdom, peace, and joy!
6 Thus, while our glad hearts ascending,

Glorify Jehovah's name,
Heavenly songs with ours are blending ;

There the theme is still the same.

"I will sing and give praise." L.M. 110

PSALM cviii. l.
LMIGHTY God, Thy name I praise

For Christian parents, Christian friends,
For peaceful nights and happy days,
And every gift Thy mercy sends.

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