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2 Let the seed which has been scattered

Bring forth plenteous fruit to Thee;
Let this day be crowned with praises

Now, and in eternity.
3 Keep us through the week from danger;

May we all by Thee be led ;
Grant that for our souls and bodies

We may still have daily bread.
4 Clothe and feed us, guard and bless us,

Bless our friends and all we love;
All through life wilt Thou be near us,

Then receive us all above.
5 Then we hope to praise Thee better,

When we join the heavenly host :
But we now our praise would give ibee,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 658 “Sing praises to His Name,"

Ps. lxviii, 4.
1 GOD who hath made the daisies,

And every lovely thing,
He will accept our praises,

And hearken while we sing.
He says though we are simple,

Though ignorant we be,
Suffer the little children,

And let them come to Me.
2 Thought we are young and simple,

In praise we may be bold,
The children in the temple,

He heard in days of old.
And if our hearts be humble,

He says to you and me,-
Suffer the little children,

And let them come to Me.


3 Therefore we will come near Him,

And solemnly we'll sing,
No cause to shrink or fear Him,

We'll make our voices ring ;
For in our temple speaking,

He says to you and me,-
Suffer the little children,

And let them come to Ne,

“He shall give His Angels charge over thee."

Ps, xci. 11.
ROUND the Throne of God a band

Of glorious Angels ever stand ;
Bright things they see, sweet harps they hold,

And on their heads are crówns of gold.
2 Some wait around Him, ready still

To sing His praise and do His will ;
And some, when He commands them, go

To guard His Servants here below.
3 Lord, give Thy Angels every day

Command to guide us on our way,
And bid them every evening keep

Their watch around us while we sleep.
4 So shall no wicked thing draw near,

To do us harm or cause us fear;
And we shall dwell, when life is past,

With Angels round Thy Throne at last. 660

“Growing in Grace.”

2 Peter, iii. 18.
1 THE roseate hues of early dawn,

The brightness of the day,
The crimson of the sunset sky,

How fast they fade away!
O, for the pearly gates of heaven!

O, for the golden floor!
O, for the Sun of Righteousness

That setteth nevermore!
2 The highest hopes we cherish here,

How fast they tire and faint!
How many a spot defiles the robe

That wraps an earthly saint!
O, for a heart that never sins,

0, for a soul washed white,
O, for a voice to praise our King,

Nor weary day nor night.
3 Here faith is ours, and heavenly hope,

And grace to lead us higher
But there are perfectness and peace,

Beyond our best desire :
o, by Thy love and anguish, Lord,

O, by Thy life laid down,
O, that we fall not from Thy grace,

Nor cast away our crown!


No. of

Author. Hymn. A beautiful land, by faith I see

405 A charge to keep I havo..

Wesley 375 A few more years shall roll

Bonar 393 A home in heaven! what a joyful thought

501 A little pilgrim on life's way

I. P. C. 265 A little ship was on the sea

..D.A. T. 406 A sinner, Lord, behold I stand

Taylor 284 Abide with me, fast falls the eventide ;..

487 Accept our glad thanksgivings, Lord I. P. C. 404 All the words which God hath spoken .

4 All ye Gentiles, praise the Lord Montgomery 347 All ye that pass by, to Jesus draw nigh Wesley 468 Almighty Father, heavenly King

299 Almighty God, in humble prayer Montgomery 209 Almighty God, Thy name I praise

110 Almighty God, Thy piercing eye


119 Almighty God, while earth and heaven

37 Almighty God, who dwellest high

..Taylor* 255 Am I a soldier of the cross

Watts 373 And are there countries far away Taylor 295 And now, my soul, another year

217 And shall we dwell together

477 And will the mighty God

G.R. 95 Another six days' work is done

Stennett 129 Around the throne of God in heaven Houlditon 312 As the sun's enlivening eye

Newtor 360 As the winged arrow flies

Newton 192 At Thy footstool, lowly bending

330 Author of life, with grateful heart Pearce 174 Awake, my soul, and with the sun

Kenn 167 Awake, our souls, away our fears

Watts 368 Awake, sweet harp of Judah, wake Kirke White 62 Away with needless sorrow


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Be with us, Lord, where'er we go
Beauteous scenes on earth appear
Beautiful Zion! built above
Before Jehovah's awful throne
Pegone, my worldly cares, away
Begone, unbelief
Pshow's stranger at the door..

101 R. Robinson 475



182 Newtom

384 Gregg



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Author. Hymn.
Behold the morning sun

Watts 156
Behold the Redeemer of man ..

Behold the throne of grace

Newton 317
Beset with snares on every hand Doddridge 196
Bless'd Saviour, hear our hymns of praise 408
Blest are the sons of peace

Watts 352
Blest be the dear uniting love :: Wesley 361
Blest be the tie that binds

Fawcett 362
Blest is the work in wisdom's way Straphan 329
Blow ye the trumpet, blow

..Toplady 162
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning.. 494
By cool Siloam's shady rill


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Captain and Saviour of the host

G. R. 395
Chief Shepherd of Thy chosen sheep Newton* 342
Children of God-O blessed name

Children of Jerusalem

Children of the heavenl King

Cennick 206
Children who are gone to glory

Burton 233
Children ! you have gone astray

Children's voices high in heaven

Christ is merciful and mild

Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day C. Wesley 524
Come away from the train

. I. P. C. 131
Come, children, join the angelic throng

Come, gracious spirit, heavenly dove Browne 98
Come, happy children, come and raise..

Come, Holy Spirit, calm my mind

Come, Holy Spirit, come

Hart 93
Come in, thou blessed of the Lord Montgomery 353
Come let us join our cheerful songs Watts 84
Come, let us join the hosts above Wesley 303
Come, let us leave the world awhile

Come, let us sing of Jesus

Come, my soul, thy suit prepare

Newton 116
Come, sing to me of heaven

Come, sound His praise abroad

Watts 40
Come, we that love the Lord

Watts 149
Come, ye that love the Lord

Watts 334
Command Thy blessing from above Montgomery 321
Conducted by Thy hand

Creator, Preserver, Redeemer of men ::

Creator, Redeemer, and Spirit of truth

Day by day the manna fell

Conder 410
Days and years glide swiftly by

Dear Jesus, ever at my side

Taber 488
Dear Jesus, whose servants we are

Death has been here, and borne

away :: Taylor 226


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Delightful work, important charge
Dismiss us with Thy blessing, Lord
Do not I love Thee, O my Lord

Author. Hymn.

340 Hurt 164 Doddridge 381

Earth with her ten thousand flowers
Ere childhood ripen into youth
Eternal God! before Thy throne
Eternal God ! incline Thine ear
Every morning the red sun


309 Deacon 214

146 500


Faint not, Christian, though the road

212 Fair waved the golden corn

510 Far too often men are crying

.: I. P. C. 106 Farewell, my friends, beloved, &c. J. Hardottle 496 Father and Friend, Thy light, Thy love

10 Father, I know that all my life ..A.L. W. 211 Father in heaven, for Jesus' sake I. P. C. 402 Father, in high heaven dwelling

G. R. 175 Father, let Thy benediction

411 Father of all, in whom alone

Wesley 5 Father of heaven, to Thee we raise

27 Father of love and power

G. R. 177 Father of love, our Guide and Friend

486 Father of mercies, in Thy word

Steele 3 Father, Thy heavenly gifts afford Montgomery 108 Father, whate'er of earthly bliss

Steele 26 “For ever with the Lord !

Montgomery 413 From all that dwell below the skies Watts 166 From Greenland's icy mountains

:: Heber 163 Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

Wesley 260 Give dust to dust, and here we leave G. R. 398 Give to the Father praise

Watts 114 Glad was my heart to hear Montgomery 138 “ Glory to God," the angel said

56 Glory to Thee, my God, this night Kenn 180 Go, labour on, spend, and be spent Bonar 387 Go when the morning shineth Tuckermann 414 God bless our native land

Hickson 165 God entrusts to all

Edmeston 415 God is goodness, wisdom, power

Wesley 34
God is in His holy temple

G. R. 140
God is in heaven !-can He hear
God is love, His mercy brightens

490 God loves the child that humbly prays..

252 God moves in a mysterious way

Cowper 390 God of Love ! before Thee now

512 God of mercy, throned on high

307 God of my life, another yeri





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