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"Being ensamples to the flock."
1 PETER v. 3.


T Thy footstool lowly bending,
See a few poor sinners, Lord;
Thou art kind and condescending,
Now Thy gracious aid afford;
Thou hast promised;

We rely upon Thy word.

2 May we deeply be concernéd
All Thy precepts to obey;
And, by Thy good Spirit turnéd,
Jesus, make our trust and stay:
Thus preparéd,

Lead the children in Thy way.

3 Can we tell them of a Saviour

We ourselves have never known?"
Can we recommend behaviour

We ourselves have never shown?
Double portions

Of Thy heavenly grace send down.
4 Let our secret chambers witness,
Where no eye but Thine can see,-
While we feel our own unfitness,
We are seeking help from Thee;
From declining,

By Thy grace, preserve us free.
5 May we ever be maintaining

Holy intercourse with heaven; Christian characters sustaining, Cleansed from earth's polluted leaven: To Thy glory,

Hearts, and lives, and all be given.

6 Let a band of sacred union
Mark of our religion prove;
And a mutual, kind communion
Edify us still in love:

Sweet resemblance

To Thy family above.

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has undone our fallen race, But Jesus has restored;

And brought the sinner face to face
With his forgiving Lord.



2 This we repeat from year to year,
And press upon our youth;
Lord, give them an attentive ear,
Lord, save them by Thy truth.

3 Blessings upon the rising race!
Make this a happy hour,
According to Thy richest grace,
And Thine almighty power.

4 We see, though they perceive it not,
The approaching awful doom;

O make them tremble at the thought,
And flee the wrath to come!

5 Dear Saviour, let this new-born year,
Spread an alarm abroad;
And cry in every careless ear,
"Prepare to meet thy God í "
"In this place will I give peace
HAGGAI ii. 9.

WITHIN these walls be peace,

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Love through our borders found;

In all our little palaces

Prosperity abound!


God scorns not humble things:

He makes the simple wise;


And children here, the King of kings

Is training for the skies.

3 May none, who thus are taught,
From glory be cast down;



But all, through faith and patience, brought
To an immortal crown.

"Thy children shall be taught of the Lord."

ISAIAH liv. 13.

GREAT All-in-All, Eternal Power!

On us Thy richest blessings shower;
Inspire our hearts with ardent zeal,
And let us now Thy presence feel.

2 Bless this assembly; Lord, to Thee,
In faith, we bend the suppliant knee;
Our prayers receive, Thy grace impart,
And let Thy love fill every heart.

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While for the children we implore
The choicest blessings of Thy store,

With quickening power Thy Spirit send,
And all its sacred influence lend


4 Shed on our schools Thy heavenly light,
And give them favour in Thy sight;
May each young learner early find
A Saviour, merciful and kind.

5 Direct their footsteps, God of grace,
Teach them to seek their Maker's face,
Let them Thy great salvation know,
And be their portion here below.

6 And O, may we, who teach them, share
In our almighty Father's care;

In zeal and love may we be found
And in each Christian grace abound.

7 Then, when the last great trumpet's sound
Shall call us from beneath the ground,
May we, with these dear children, rise
To dwell for ever in the skies.



"Sing.. for the young of the flock."
JER. XXXI, 12.

COME, ye that love the Lord I

With us your voices raise,

To sing the triumphs of His word,
The wonders of His grace.


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The lambs He condescends to feed,

Nor suffers them to stray.

O what a lovely sight,

To see our tender youth

Follow the Saviour with delight,

And tread the paths of truth!


They who begin so soon



With swifter speed shall run;

More bright and warm shall be their noon,

More fair their evening sun.

When we can work no more,

They shall the cause extend;

Till every knee, from shore to shore,
At Jesus' name shall bend.

"I must work ..."


ORD, we meet to pray and praise,

1 Lo

Teach us now our hearts to raise;

We have much to ask of Thee,

May we earnest pleaders be.


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Lord, we meet, a working band,
One in purpose, hand in hand;
Make us, as we tread life's way,
More like Jesus every day.

2 May we each, with loving heart,
Choose, and teach, the better part;
Seek ourselves the heavenly prize,
Training others for the skies.
In Thy fold may these be found,
Gathered from the world around;
Some have listened to Thy call,-
Saviour, Thou hast room for all!
8 Lord, the bread of life is cast
On the waters, wild and vast;
Thine "the seed in weakness sown,'
Wilt Thou not our labours own?
Teach us, O our Help and Stay,
We must work while lasts the day:
Toiling on in faith and love,
Looking for the rest above.



"God gave the increase."

1 COR. iii. 6.

GOD, by whom the seed is given;

By whom the harvest blest;



Whose Word, like manna showered from heaven,
Descends into the breast;

Though buried deep, or thinly strewn,

Do Thou Thy grace supply,

That hope in early furrows sown
May ripen in the sky.




"It is God which worketh in you
PHILIP ii. 13.

"TIS God the Spirit leads

In paths before unknown;

The work to be performed is ours,
The strength is all His own.

Assisted by His grace,

We still pursue our way;

And hope at last to reach the prize,
Secure in endless day.

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'Tis He that works to do;

His is the power by which we ant
His be the glory toc!


"The entrance of Thy words giveth light."
PSALM CXix, 130.

1 THE Spirit breathes upon the word,
And brings the truth to sight;
Precepts and promises afford
A sanctifying light.

A glory gilds the sacred page,
Majestic like the sun;

It gives a light to every age;
It gives-but borrows none.

339 1

3 The hand that gave it, still supplies
The gracious light and heat;
His truths upon the nations rise,-
They rise, but never set.

5 My soul rejoices to pursue
The steps of Him I love;
Till glory break upon my view
In brighter worlds above.

Let everlasting thanks be Thine
For such a bright display
As makes a world of darkness shine
With beams of heavenly day.

"It is the Spirit that quickeneth."
JOHN Vi. 63.

TIS not by power, 'tis not by might,
But by Thy Spirit, Lord,
The heart receives the sacred light
That beams upon Thy word.

2 Come then, O sacred Spirit, down,
Our feeble efforts bless;

Our souls refresh, our labours own,
And crown them with success!

3 And when, within the silent tomb,
We with our fathers rest,
May generations yet to come,
Arise to call Thee blest!

"His work is honourable and glorious."




1 DELIGHTFUL work! important charge!

To teach for God the rising race,
Instruct their minds, their hopes enlarge,
And lead them to a Saviour's face.


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