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3 Though young in years, yet O how hard A heart I have within!

My punishment, dear Lord, is mild,
Nor equals half my sin.

4 Then let me blush with holy shame,
And mourn before my Lord,
That I have lived to Thee no more,
No more obeyed Thy word.



"He rested on the seventh day."
GEN. ii. 2.


HOW sweet is the Sabbath, the season of rest, The day of the week I love dearest and best; This morning our Saviour arose from the tomb, And broke all its fetters, and brightened its gloom. 2 O let us be thoughtfully cheerful to-day,

Nor throw e'en a moment in trifling away;
Still let us remember these minutes were given
To meeten, instruct, and prepare us for heaven.

3 In the house of our God, in His presence and fear, We worship to-day; may we all be sincere ;

In the school, when we learn, may we do it with


And be grateful to those who watch over us there. 4 Instruct us, great God,-for, though young we may be,


We are not too young to be pitied by Thee.
Renew all our hearts, keep us firm in Thy ways,
And we'll love Thee, and serve Thee, and give Thee
the praise.

"This day is holy unto the Lord."
NEH. viii. 9.

1 JESUS, we love to meet,

On this Thy holy day;
We worship round Thy seat,
On this Thy holy day:
Thou tender, heavenly Friend,
To Thee our prayers ascend,
O'er our young spirits bend,

On this Thy holy day.

2 We dare not trifle now,

On this Thy holy day;
In deepest awe we bow,

On this Thy holy day;


3 We listen to Thy word,


Check every wandering thought
And let us all be taught
To serve Thee as we ought,
On this Thy holy day.

On this Thy holy day;
Bless all that we have heard,
On this Thy holy day;
Go with us when we part,
And, to each youthful heart,
Thy saving grace impart,

On this Thy holy day.



"Divers of them came from far."
MARK Viii. 3.


are they whose little feet, Pacing life's dark journey through, Now have reached that heavenly seat, They have ever kept in view ?"I from cold Siberia's land;" "I from India's sultry plain "I from Afric's barren sand; "I from islands of the main."

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2 All our earthly journey past,
Every tear and pain gone by,
Here together met at last,
At the portal of the sky;
Each the Judge's welcome waits,-
Conqueror over death and sin;
Lift your heads, ye golden gates!
Let the little travellers in!

Happy is that people whose God is the Lord."
PSALM CXliv. 15.

THANK the goodness and the grace,
Which on my birth have smiled,
And made me, in these favoured days,
A happy Christian child.

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2 I was not born, as thousands are,
Where God was never known,
And taught to pray a useless prayer
To blocks of wood and stone.

3 I was not born a little slave,
To labour in the sun,

And wish I were but in the grave
And all my labour done.


4 I was not born without a home,
Or in a broken shed;

Like some poor children, taught to roam
In search of daily bread.

5 My God, I thank Thee, who hast planned
A better lot for me;

And placed me in this happy land,
Where I may hear of Thee !

The word is nigh thee."
ROM. X, 8.


1 WHILE each wretched heathen nation

Nothing knows, O Lord, of Thee,-
In this happy land, salvation
Richly is revealed to me.

2 What a blessing, what a treasure,
I possess in Thy dear word!
Here I read, with holy pleasure,
Of the love of Christ, my Lord.


3 Thy blest words reveal the Saviour,
Sinful children deeply need;
O, what mercy, love, and favour,
That for sinners Christ should bleed!

4 O, the blessedness of knowing
All a tender Saviour's love,-
Freely on a child bestowing,
Grace and mercy from above!

5 Heavenly Father! give thy Spirit,
To each child who looks to Thee;
May we Thy rich grace inherit,
May we like our Saviour be.


"Declare His glory among the heathen."
1 CHRON. xvi. 24.


ND are there countries far away, Where Bibles never go? Fruitful, and beautiful, and gay, But lost in sin and woe!

2 "Go preach My gospel," Jesus said; To every creature bear

The stream of life, the living bread,
And I will bless yora there.

8 Lord, let us go, or let us send
This word of truth abroad;
Gladly our little help we'll lend,
That men may know the Lord.


4 Some childish pleasures we'll resign,
And this one pleasure choose,—
To teach the heathen they are Thine,
And send the gospel news.



"The idols will I lay desolate."
MICAH 1.7.

think of heathen lands, far

Where high the pagan temple stands; far away!
And there each hapless child is led
To bow to idol gods its head,

While many muttering charms are said-far away!


2 Oh, how I pity children there,-far away!
Although the clime be passing fair;-far away!
I would not leave my British home,
In fields of richest fruit to roam,

If there no gospel light should come-far away! 3 But I will pray that God should send-far away! Glad tidings of my Saviour Friend-far away! And every little I can spare

Shall help to send the Bible there,

And men of God, the truth to bear,-far away!
And when the silver trumpet swells,-far away!
And all the love of Jesus tells,-far away!
Then idols shall, like Dagon, fall,
And many a child on God shall call,
And own my Jesus, Lord of all-far away.


"Lord, teach us to pray."



1 LORD Jesus, teach a child to pray,
Who humbly kneels to Thee;
And every night, and every day,
My Friend and Saviour be.

2 While here I live, give me Thy grace;
And, when I'm called to die,
O take my soul, to see Thy face,
And sing Thy praise on high!

"I am with thee, and will keep thee."
GEN. XXviii. 15.



THOU, who, when on earth didst take
The infants to Thy sheltering breast;
Keep me, dear Saviour, while I wake,
And guard me in my hours of rest.

2 Best, highest Friend, Redeemer dear!

So fold me in Thine arms of love;
As Thou didst bless their weakness here,

So bless me ever from above.
3 Teach me my hands to daily raise

To God, in late and early song,—
Thou, who dost tune to perfect praise

The lisping of an infant's tongue.
4 And 0, if sin, or sinful men,

Shall bid me e'er depart from Thee,
Do Thou, in tenderness, again

Say—“Suffer them to come to Me." 299

"Every day will I bless Thee."
PSALM cxiv. 2.

LMIGHTY Father, heavenly King,

Who rul'st the worlds above,
Accept the tribute children bring,

Of gratitude and love.
2 Teach us, each morning, when we rise,

Our early vows to pay ;
And ere the night has closed our eyes,

To thank Thee for the day.
3 Our Saviour, ever good and kind,

To us His word hath given,
That young ones, such as we, may find

A certain path to heaven.
4 Stretch out, O Lord, Thy gracious hand,

To guide our erring youth;
And lead us to that blissful land,
Where dwells eternal truth.

"Thou shalt not be afraid 300

by night." PSALM Xci.5.

GOD the Father, be thou near;

Save from every harm to night:
Make us all Thy children dear;

In the darkness, be our light.
3 God the Saviour, be our peace:

Put away our sins to-night :
Speak the word of full release ;

Turn our darkness into light.
8 Holy Spirit, deign to come;

Sanctify us all to-night:
In our hearts prepare Thy home,
Then--our darkness shall be light.

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