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§ 1. HAVING proceeded thus far in ascertaining the general laws of Value, without introducing the idea of Money, (except occasionally for illustration,) it is time that we should now superadd that idea, and consider in what manner the principles of mutual interchange of commodities. are affected by the use of what is termed a Medium of Exchange.

In order to understand the manifold functions of a Circulating Medium, there is no better way than to consider what are the principal inconveniences which we should experience if we had not such a medium. The first and most obvious would be the want of a common measure for values of different sorts. If a tailor had only coats, and wanted to buy bread or a horse, it would be very troublesome to ascertain how much bread he ought to obtain for a coat, or how many coats he should give for a horse. The calculation must be recommenced on different data, every time he bartered his coats for a different kind of article;

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