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Prince Ch'un, the New Regent of China Frontispiece to January number.
Hospital of the Rhenish Mission, Tungkun. Facing p. 9.
New Dormitories of the Soochow University.
American Presbyterian Mission Buildings,

Frontispiece to February ,
Shantung Protestant Christian University, Facing p. 67.

Lecture Hall of Women's Medical College,

p. 114. His Imperial Majesty, Hsuan T‘ung, Empe

Frontispiece to March
ror of China
Leper Home, Rhenish Mission, Tungkun

General View of Rhenish Mission. Tungkun. Facing p. 195.
The Late Ernest John Eitel, Ph.D.

p. 214.
Tabernacle Erected for Special "Revival
Meetings at Nanking

p. 229. Y. M. C. A. Conference at Kiukiang

Frontispiece to May
North-China Union College of Theology and

Facing p. 243.
Women's College and Academy,

Women's Training School, Peking
Children's Ward, St. Luke's Hospital, Frontispiece to June

New Ambulance of St. Luke's Hospital, Facing p. 307.

Tibetan Camp at the Batang Autumn Festival.

p. 334.
A Mongolian or Tibetan) Lama
Putung Middle School, Tientsin

Frontispiece to July
Recent Meeting of the Presbyterial Union, }

Facing p. 366.
Pavilion of the Christian Endeavor Conven-
tion, Nanking

p. 393. En Route to theEndeavorConvention, Nanking p. 393. Another View of the Pavilion ...

p. 393. The Late Rev. William Ashmore, D.D. Frontispiece to August Lhassa People in Tachienlu

Facing p. 455. The Late Mrs. T. W. Pearce “Fruits Meet for Repentance"

Frontispiece to September,, Basel Mission Chapels, Kudat and Sandakan, }Facing P. 487. Aborigines, Formosa

p. 494. First Protestant Christian Baptized in Formosa. Tainan Theological College, Formosa

p. 499. A Few Central Buildings of the Litang Monastery

p. 514. Hinghwa Revival. Sunday Morning Congregation

p. 527. Cascade at Mokanshan

Frontispiece to October
London Mission Normal School, Hankow Facing p. 565.
Staff of Workers Among Chinese Students in /

} p. 570. The Late Chang Chih-tung

Frontispiece to November ,, Tablet erected to the memory of Mrs. A. P.

Lowrie by the non-Christian residents of Facing p. 612.




p. 462.


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p. 498.


the city and suburbs of Paotingfu The Late Mrs. A. P. Lowrie St. John's University, Shanghai

Frontispiece to December
Reduced Facsimiles of pages from Hwa Miao
St. Mark and Manchu St. John

Facing p. 672.
Main Building of Seminary, Scandinavian
Alliance Mission, Hsianfu, Shensi

Facing p. 725.

p. 654.

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