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are sharing in is not a little helpful in keeping the mind alert and the ideal high. Yet the missionary in China cannot help feeling that no plans for the uplift of the empire will be thoroughly effective which fail to make use of a greater knowledge of actual conditions in regard to place and people than special commissioners who are without China experience can possibly give. In any plans for large develpement of work for the good of China the man on the spot commands the situation, and when he is backed by the large knowledge of the specialist something more effective than has yet been seen should result.

Meanwhile there is another element in the situation which may not be ignored. We refer to the Chinese government. Their point of view has to be both heard and considered.

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ONE of the pressing duties of the leaders of Christian thought in China is to preserve, by all the means within their

power, the internal unity of the church militant. Tbe 1deal

The failure of the church Catholic in Western of service.

lands to sustain full orbed, the complete ideal of service for the spiritual and social welfare of mankind, has resulted in the uprising of numerous organizations, loosely affiliated with the Christian church as such, drawing their membership chiefly from the church community, and upon these seems to devolve, by common consent, responsibility for certain forms of work which should be definitely Christian and an integral part of church service; for instance, temperance, civic righteousness, social purity and the like. In other words, the very existence of these societies as separate entities working for the cause of Christ in the world is, in itself, an evidence of the failure of the organized Christian community to meet the needs of the age.

In China the opportunity lies before us to give to every member of Christ's church a full knowledge of individual responsibility for the perfect obedience of the Christian man and the fulfilment of the whole law of Jesus Christ. It will be therefore a matter for regret if, at the outset of the church's career in this land, responsibility for any form of work is apparently to be delegated to a section of the Christian community, either within the church or affiliated to it by the formation of societies calling for a separate membership for special service, thereby lessening the sense of duty which the Christian profession must lay upon all followers of our Lord.


EVERY suggestion which comes for the establishment of separate societies, the members of which bind themselves to a

work which is the normal duty of every church Deepen or

member, should be carefully considered in the light Diffuse?

of its possible influence on the common ideal. Evangelization is not the special duty of any one section of the church, or any society within it, but is a charge laid upon all, to each according to his several ability. Temperance and purity crusades may not be handed over to a coterie, however earnest and energetic, to the weakening of the sense of responsibility on the part of the rest ; they are the plain duty of every disciple. There is an atmosphere of spiritual specialization abroad which makes for the efficiency of the few in the sphere of Christian service and the degeneration of the many. It is the general standard of service that tells most and finally after all, and at the present time we need in our Chinese churches intensification of spiritual energy rather than ramification. The help which specialists in Christian work coming from the home lands may render and which is to be thankfully received is the iteration of the duty of every Christian and the whole Church to every form of service which the ideal of the Kingdom contains.

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MEANWHILE we are pleased to see that the work of federation and consolidation is making progress, though slowly,

in some parts of the land. Recently we note in More con

Shantung that the Anglican Mission, of which the solidation.

Right Rev. G. D. Iliff is Bishop, has joined the Union Arts College at Weihsien in connection with the Shantung Protestant University, and is sending a representative of the Mission to teach in that institution. The University now comprises the Union Arts College in Weihsien, the Gotch Robinson Union Theological College in Tsingchowsu, and the Union Medical College in Tsinan. Originally embracing but the English Baptist and American Presbyterians, this now includes the Anglican Mission, and the basis of union has been amended so as to include other Missions in Shantung or neighboring provinces. Every work of this kind is a step in the right direction.

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P. 73

The Sanctuary
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.-St. James v. 16.

For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them.-
St. Matthew xviii. 20.

“ The world just now is sadly in which is becoming apparent among need of better service, but before this the young women of China may be can be rendered there must be better

real and may be turned to true ends. prayer. A low standard of prayer means a low standard of character That Chinese mothers, wives, sisand a low standard of service. Those ters and daughters may become so alone labour effectively among men ennobled as to command the conwho impetuously fling themselves sideration and respect of the men of upward towards God. In view of this it their households, and so be able to is a comfort to feel that no earnest man, influence them to higher and holier whatever be the stage of his spiritual lives. Pp. 69, 72. development, can be satisfied with

That increasing numbers of chil. his present attainments in the life of

dren may daily be brought under prayer. Fortunately for us, here as Christian influence. P. 77. well as in other departments of life, For such resources as will make it the ideal is always pressing itself possible for every new opportunity upon our notice and making the for work among women to be acceptactual blush with shame for what it ed immediately. Pp. 78, 85. is. And it is just because this is so For increased numbers of women that there is hope of better things. missionaries of discretion and tact The ideal beckons as well as

who shall disarm criticism, avert demns. What if long steeps of toil, suspicion, and turn enemies into strewn with the stones of difficulty, friends. P. 73. lie in between! God's home is far For more and more of successful up on the hills, and nowhere is He house visitation so easily found as in a difficulty. As has been said, prayer is quite the

GIVE THANKS most difficult task a man can undertake, but it has this gracious com- For the longed-for transformation pensation that in no other duty does

that has come and still does come God lend such direct, face-to-face after the “ long struggle." P. 80. help. Man may speak wise words For the many homes that are cenabout prayer, the church may bid to ters of light and joy and for the men prayer, but God alone can unfold to and women of transformed lives who souls the delicate secrets of prayer.

make them so. P. 68. The best help is for the hardest duty - For the willingness to endure hard. the help that comes straight from the ship which has from the first char.

From “ With God in the acterized the women who have assistWorld", by Bishop Charles H. Brent. ed in the task of evangelizing China. PRAY

For the hospitals, schools, and inThat the civilization of China may stitutions for the afflicted, where the be so transformed as to make for the Chinese girls and women have been development, expansion and ennoble- taught by the examples of consecrated ment of Chinese womanhood. P. 79. Christian love and devotion. Pp.

That for the welfare of China a 74, 75. separate home for each family may That the young women trained in become the rule, and that the center Christian institutions have been able of each home may be the Christian so to approve themselves as to be held wife and mother. P, 68.

in high regard by their own people. That Chinese women may no longer

P. 81.
be satisfied with the conditions that For the encouragement given by
shut them in and the world out, or the numberless instances of husbands
with jewels, money, novels, slaves, who now provide instruction for their
and gossip—but may learn the highest wives. P. 69.
ideal. Pp. 79, 80.

For the many and great opportuni.
That the spirit of patriotism, of ties for Christian work in the homes
reform and of heroic self-sacrifice of both rich and poor. P. 76.
Will all missionaries remember in prayer throughout this month

the labours of the International Opium Commission.

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